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Legends Of Sport
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The world of sport is one filled with excitement, intrigue and drama. Compelling protagonists, fierce rivalries and titanic battles abound throughout history, with every discipline contributing its own iconic moments and unforgettable characters. In Legends of Sport, we tell the stories of some of the most incredible athletes of all time. From the inspirational England team who won the World Cup on home soil in 1966, to the unparalleled basketball genius of Michael ‘Air’ Jordan, you’ll find dramatic retellings of events you know and love, as well as insightful features on extraordinary men and women with whom you may be less familiar. Whether you’re a seasoned sports fan or an enthusiast eager to learn more about the sporting icons of yesteryear, you’ll find a wealth of absorbing content to keep you occupied here. Enjoy the book.Featuring: 50 iconic sporting moments - We count down 50 of the most breathtaking events in sporting history. Legends of the ’66 World Cup - The story of England’s World Cup win is recounted by those who were there – including legendary goalkeeper Gordon Banks. The Rumble in the Jungle - Relive the late, great Muhammad Ali’s most iconic fight, round by round. Cheats – 10 sporting scandals that rocked the world - Doping, illicit payments, sabotage – discover the lengths that some athletes have gone to in order to win.

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50 iconic sporting moments

Sport has a way of confounding our expectations. Time and time again throughout history, underdogs have triumphed against impossible odds – see Leicester City’s recent Premier League win for a prime example – and larger-than-life personalities have earned their rightful place in the pantheon of all-time sporting greats. Over the course of this list we will celebrate an array of phenomenal sporting achievements, iconic moments and controversial incidents. You can expect appearances by some of the biggest names in sport, as well as some of the most unlikely stories in history – medals and trophies being won against all expectations and world records toppling like dominos. In sport, anything can happen and, as you’ll see, it quite often does. 01 CHAMBERLAIN’S 100-POINTER During a 169-147 victory over the New York Knicks in 1962,…

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legends of the ’66 world cup

Within hours, London’s Evening Standard had hit the streets. ‘Champions of the World’, ran the headline. ‘A dream come true. England have won the World Cup,” it began. The following day, the Sunday newspapers also picked up the news, inevitably splashing it across their front pages: ‘Golden Boys!’ the Sunday Mirror proclaimed, before adding a chirpy note to the world’s bankers: ‘Britain’s reserves went up yesterday by one valuable gold cup.’ There was no doubt this would be a day to savour for decades to come. On 30 July 1966, 96,924 people packed into Wembley Stadium and 32.3 million British viewers tuned in on their televisions to watch England take on West Germany in the World Cup final. Today, the names of the England players who took part that day can…

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road to the final

ENGLAND 0 – 0 URUGUAY 11 JULY, ATTENDANCE: 87,148 If there was any optimism that England would win the World Cup, it faded during this lacklustre opening game in which they came up against a disciplined Uruguay side that was so defensive minded, England failed to score for the first time at Wembley since 1945. For their efforts, Uruguay were booed from the field by frustrated England fans but their players celebrated as if they had been victorious because they sensed a draw against one of the favourites would help through to the next round. As it happened, England had only a handful of goalscoring chances, with Jimmy Greaves having the majority of them, but their build-up play was uninspired and lacking pace and they left the field looking exhausted. ENGLAND 2 –…

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gordon banks

GORDON BANKS Capped 73 times for England, Gordon Banks is regarded as one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time. He starred in every one of his country’s matches en route to the World Cup final victory in 1966 and kept a clean sheet in every game until the semis. He was also an FA Cup finalist in 1961 and 1963 for Leicester City and a winner of the League Cup in 1964 with the Foxes and Stoke City in 1972. “THERE WAS A BIG FURORE ABOUT GEOFF’S GOAL THAT HIT THE BAR [BUT] ROGER HUNT WAS RIGHT. IT WAS A GOAL” The 1966 World Cup started well from your perspective, but did you sense it could be an uphill battle from then on? When we drew 0-0, I thought, “Wow, we have our…

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america’s first cosmonaut

In 1975, the then 35-year-old Pelé was past his peak as a player, a factor that played on his mind during his long, protracted transfer to the New York Cosmos. Did they expect him to play as he had in the past? Was the move worth the risk? The Brazilian legend had always intended to wind up his playing career at his beloved Santos, but the lucrative deal on the table, which included $9 million for Pelé himself, ultimately proved too good to turn down. The move dragged on for six months, and involved telegrams, phone calls, endless meetings with lawyers, consultants and tax officials, and even the intervention of US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to ease the deal through. In fact, Kissinger issued a formal invitation to Pelé to…

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becoming the best

Bob Bishop was standing by the touchline on the playing fields in the midst of a working-class Belfast estate, watching the young footballers of Cregagh Boys Club. The surroundings were inauspicious, the facilities poor, but that didn’t matter, as the focus was on the pitch and, in particular, a small-framed 15-year-old whose natural twists, turns and runs were leaving his opponents standing in his wake. Bishop was Manchester United’s chief scout in Ulster. He left once the game had ended, and immediately sent a telegraph to United manager Matt Busby. “I think I’ve found you a genius,” it read. Within days an approach had been made to the boy’s parents asking for permission to allow him to cross the Irish Sea to the north-west of England for a trial. The boy’s…