Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting

January/February 2022

Packed with patterns and designs, Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting puts great quilting tips and patterns with easy-to-follow instructions, diagrams, photos, and full-size patterns right at quilters' thimble-wearing fingertips! Master quilters Marianne Fons and Liz Porter guide you to quilting success with insider secrets and tips, fabulous quilting projects with step-by-step instructions, and lots of big, beautiful photos to inspire you.

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from the editor

I am honored to introduce myself as the new Editor of Love of Quilting. For me, traditional quilting embodies elusive emotions that are challenging to convey. It connects us to the past, present, and future; it is both creative expression and an expression of love in giving; it is a gentle art but can also be powerful; it is old, yet it is new. I can as quickly admire a vintage quilt as a fresh new collection of fabrics. How can all of these be so? If you are a quilter, you know! My very first attempt at making a quilt was as a young bride-to-be and involved tracing Double Wedding Ring templates onto newsprint—might a few of you remember those days? Never fear! We’ll inspire you with original patterns and…

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HAND SANITIZER Level up your portable hand sanitizers with Riley Blake’s Lemon Twist! The cheerful and colorful quilt design combined with the refreshing lemon scent will lift your spirits each time you use it. Small enough for a bag or pocket, each unit holds 0.5 fluid ounces and kills germs fast with 70% ethyl alcohol. Also available in pineapple scent and design. THIRD WEEKEND IN OCTOBER KIT Designed by Ruth Powers, this lustrous king-size (85" x 110") quilt kit showcases fabrics from the Kaffe Fassett Shot Cottons and Collective Classics collections. Challenge your creativity and build your skills as you create a quilt destined to become a family heirloom! Purchase of the kit will include access to a closed Facebook group for encouragement and sharing. Order from your local quilt shop by…

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sew many tips

KEEP IT TOGETHER I make project boards for projects with multiple small pieces. I cut a piece of foam board, cover it with felt, and secure it with duct tape. I also make alphabet pins and use earring backs to secure the beads to the pins. Carol Kobobel Decatur, AL HOLD EVERYTHING When you take your faceplate off your sewing machine to clean it, stick those tiny screws on your magnetic pin holder. They won’t get lost! Kathy Munkelwitz Isel, MN COLOR COORDINATE I store my fabric stash in clear plastic containers and label them with a paint sample card to indicate the color of the fabric stored in each container. Susan Halpern Dresser, WI GET THE POINT I received a bouquet of fruit on plastic skewers. I kept all the skewers, and now use them as stilettos for gently…

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winter sparkles

FINISHED SIZE: 78" x 88" FINISHED BLOCKS: 86 (10") blocks MATERIALS Fabric yardage assumes 40" usable width of fabric (WOF) unless otherwise noted. > 7 5/8 yards white print for blocks and border > 3/8 yard each ; assorted purple solids for blocks > 7/8 yard dark purple solid for binding > 7 5/8 yards backing fabric > 86" x 96" batting Fabric: Painter’s Palette Solids and Waved by Erin Borja, all from Paintbrush Studio Fabrics CUTTING Measurements include ¼" seam allowances. FROM WHITE PRINT, CUT: • 9 strips 4½"-wide for border • 8 strips 4½"-wide, subcut: • 28 rectangles 4½" x 5½" (I) • 28 squares 4½" (C) • 31 strips 3½"-wide, subcut: • 28 rectangles 3½" x 5½" (L) • 112 rectangles 3½" x 4½" (A) • 140 squares 3½" (D) • 11 strips 2½"-wide, subcut: • 28 rectangles 2½" x 5½" (H) • 112 squares 2½" (B) • 6 strips 2"-wide,…

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ice cubes

FINISHED SIZE: 60" x 72" FINISHED BLOCKS: 30 (12") blocks MATERIALS Fabric yardage assumes 40" usable width of fabric (WOF) unless otherwise noted. > 2 3/8 yards white solid for blocks > ½ yard aqua snowflake print for blocks > 1 yard aqua polar bear print for blocks > ¾ yard aqua penguin print for blocks > 7/8 yard navy print #1 for blocks > ¾ yard navy print #2 for blocks > 1¼ yards blue plaid for blocks and binding > 1¼ yards navy plaid for blocks > 4 1/8 yards backing fabric > 68" x 80" batting Fabric: Snowville by Sue Zipkin for Clothworks Batting provided by The Warm Company CUTTING Measurements include ¼" seam allowances. FROM WHITE SOLID, CUT: • 3 strips 7¼"-wide, subcut: • 15 squares 7¼" (C) • 6 strips 6⅞ "-wide, subcut: • 30 squares 6⅞ " (B) • 3 strips 3⅞ "-wide, subcut: • 30 squares 3⅞…

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songbird stars

FINISHED SIZE: 69" x 87" FINISHED BLOCKS: 12 (18") blocks MATERIALS Fabric yardage assumes 40" usable width of fabric (WOF) unless otherwise noted. > 2 3/8 yards navy print for blocks and border 2 > 3 1/2 yards white print for blocks, border 4, and border 2 > 1 1/4 yards pink print for blocks > 1¼ yards multicolor print for blocks > 1 7/8 yards aqua print for blocks, border 6, and binding > 5¾ yards backing fabric > 77" x 95" batting Fabric: Dance in Paris by Zen Chic for Moda Fabrics Batting provided by The Warm Company CUTTING Measurements include ¼" seam allowances. FROM NAVY PRINT, CUT: • 3 strips 7¾"-wide, subcut: • 12 squares 7¾" (A) • 4 strips 6"-wide, subcut: • 24 squares 6" cut to make 48 triangles (D) • 5 strips 4"-wide, subcut: • 48 squares 4" cut to make 96 triangles (H) • 3…