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check out these super cool letters and artworks from maniacs around the maniaverse!

Benjamin, QLD Hi MANIA! I hope you like my drawing of Pikachu! Wow Benjamin! We think your drawing is terrific. Thanks a million MANIAC! James, NSW Hi MANIA! Check out my drawing of Kylo Ren! Yo James, this Kylo Ren is totally epic! We might have to keep our lightsabers ready in case he comes to life! Robert, VIC Hi MANIA! I drew this awesome picture of Timmy Failure. Timmy Failure is my favourite book series so far! Please tell me if more Timmy books are going to come out. Howdy Robert! Nice drawing bro! We’re as eager as you for more books in this wikkid series. We’ll keep you posted if we hear anything! Holly, VIC Hi Mania! I just watched the Minions movie it was awesome. Here’s my drawing inspired by the movie! Hello Holly, what an amazing Minions picture.…

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awesome amphibian adventures

ANNE BOONCHUY A 13-year old girl who is unsuspectingly transported to the world of Amphibia! She’s the only human in the secret frog world but adapting should be a piece of cake for this fearless ‘n’ frog-friendly gal. But we’re not sure we rate the one shoe look... FREAKY FROGGY FACTOID There are about 6000 species of frogs in the world! Now that’s a humungous load of toad! SPRIG PLANTAR Anne’s first AND best friend in Amphibia! Sprig is a pink frog dude who is always high energy and high spirits! He loves his friends and fam as well as hanging out and goofing off. And that’s one heck of a stylin’ jacket! MATT’S STATS Name: Matt Braly Age: 30 From: Davis, California Best anime: Nichijou, Fruits Basket, Dragonball Z Fave movie: Spirited Away, The Iron Giant, The Wrong Trousers Years in…

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a kermit cameo appearance

MANIA: WHAT GAVE YOU THE IDEA FOR THE SHOW? Matt: “When I was a kid, my mom would take me to Bangkok, Thailand during the summer to visit her side of the family. It was so different over there (the food, the culture, the heat) that I always felt like I had been transported to a different world. I would start each vacation feeling pretty uncomfortable, but by the end of the trip I always didn’t want to leave. I was looking to bottle up that magical sensation with this show!” MANIA: HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN WORKING ON THE SHOW? Matt: “I began working on Amphibia about three and a half years ago when Gravity Falls started to wind down. I came up with Anne as a character and the idea of…

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we go on a yeti-sized journey with the new animated flick abominable

AN ABOMINABLE STORY A teenager becomes unlikely buddies with a great, white Yeti on the rooftop of her family’s house. Along with two friends she sets off on a continent-crossing trip to take the not-so-mythical creature to his home in the Himalayas! EVEREST THE YETI Huge, furry and a little magical! Nicknamed ‘Everest’ by Yi, this big boy is really just an enormously curious kid. Everest quickly bonds with Yi after she realises that he’s more than just a dangerous beast, and they set off on a trip to get him back home! YI Young Yi lives with her mum and grandma in Shanghai, China but is feeling a little lost as of late. After making friends with a massive abominable snowman she makes it her mission to leave her home for the first time…

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dora’s big comeback

CHECK OUT THE CAST! This is a brand new take on Dora. She’s not a little kid anymore - she’s older and smarter and cooler than ever! Take a look! DORA Our hero! She can take on whatever comes her way! DORA’S PARENTS Cole and Elena have got to be the coolest parents ever! DIEGO Dora’s cousin Diego also had a show on Nickelodeon! DORA’S CREW From left to right: Sammy, Randy, Diego, Dora and Alejandro. LIVE-ACTION ANIMALS The movie has got re-designed versions of the classic Dora characters Boots the Monkey and Swiper the Fox! Funnily enough, these two are voiced by movie stars Danny Trejo and Benicio del Toro! Now we wanna see a live version of Dora’s trusty Map! EXPLORING THE GOLDIE Dora and the Lost City of Gold, despite being set in South America, was filmed much more locally.…

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pet pals!

Our dog Possum has a really crazy hairdo Rose & Dave, NSW PERFORMER PETS! GRUMPY CAT This kitty is definitely one of the single most viral cats in the history of the Internet! Tardar Sauce, better known as Grumpy Cat became famous through funny memes on the web and got so popular that she got to star in her very own movie in 2014! CRYSTAL THE MONKEY Oh man, Crystal has gotta be one of the coolest pets! This bananas-talented primate has got an impressive resume, including appearances in all three Night at the Museum movies, the Big Bang Theory and even a short film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! RICOCHET THE SURFING DOG Beach-lovin’ Ricochet was raised as a service dog and first learnt to ride waves while helping a paraplegic boy to surf. After a video…