Mania December 2019

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these maniacs are 100% awsm! send us your letters and artwork to win big!

Tyrrheanna, NSW Hi MANIA, I love your mags, they’re the best! Hope you like my pic too! Yo yo Tyrrheanna! Nice to see your pics again, this Simba pic is ROARSOME! Hamish, SA Hi MANIA! Chewbacca rules and so do you! Hope you like my pic! Sup Cody! Grrrrgghhhhh - that’s Wookie for we dig your Star Wars sketch! Nicholas, Vic Hello MANIA! Here is a handful of fish I done drew for ya! Love the mag! Hey Nicholas! These are some tasty looking fish, thx for the art pal! Cedar, NZ Hi MANIA! This is my drawing of a Minon! Love Cedar. Woah, Cedar! That is one magnificent Minion! Gru would be jealous. Thanks for the art! Sam, NSW Hey MANIA! My fave things to read are Ook and Gluk and MANIA mag! Cheers for the rad art Sam! We’re big Ook and…

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across the universe

All the previous seasons of Steven Universe have been building to this point and we are really excited to see how it goes down! Will we finally get a showdown with White Diamond? Are we gonna see some brand new fusions? Fingers crossed! STEVEN & THE GEMS Our half-human, half-gem hero Steven leads the Crystal Gems on an adventure to get amongst the Great Diamond Authority. We wonder what the head of those guys is gonna be like? Hopefully they play ball with Steven and friends! THE SWEETEST SINGERS IN THE UNIVERSE Steven Universe boasts a super musical cast of actors, who all do AWSM solo stuff too! And who knows what they’re gonna do after SU! Are we gonna see them form a musical supergroup!? Deedee Magno Hall has played Princess Jasmine in the…

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mighty motorbike man

PAT BOWDEN’S STATS Name: Pat Bowden From: Gold Coast, QLD Age: 25 Ride: Yamaha 250 2 Stroke Most Fave Trick: Double Backflip Least Fave Trick: is crashing a trick? Biking: 22 years MANIA: HOW’D YOU GET INTO FREESTYLE MOTOCROSS? Pat: “After watching my first Crusty Demons movie as a kid I was instantly hooked! I decided I would do whatever it took from that day on to be a ‘famous dirt bike rider, as my three-year-old self would’ve called it.” MANIA: SO DID YOU THINK YOU’D BE A MOTOCROSS PRO WHEN YOU WERE A KID? Pat: “Yep! I don’t know where I got the confidence from, but I just always knew one day I would be living my dream and it was just a matter of time. It’s been a hard road to where I am now, but looking back now…

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star wars trailer breakdown

BIGGEST PARTY IN THE STAR SYSTEM Check out the size of this celebration! We’re not sure exactly what is being celebrated but it looks like a heaps good time! Bring out the vuvuzelas, team MANIA is in party mode! BIG BATTLE WITH THE BADDIES The Resistance is getting ready to take on the First Order . They look like they’re gonna have a bad time considering the Star Destroyer is one of the most powerful ships in the galaxy and there’s a tonne ready for battle. We’re keen to see how this plays out! NEWEST STAR WARRIOR The newest addition to the good guy gang is Jannah, who we spotted for the first time in this vid. Riding right up behind Finn in the Falcon, Jannah looks right at home with the Resistance buddies. Apparently…

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pet pals!

Josh, NSW SPEEDY PUPPIES GREAT GREYHOUND Greyhounds are well known worldwide for their high speeds and running prowess, not to mention being cute to boot! They are so built for speeding about that they can actually find it tricky to sit comfortably. SWIFT SALUKIS Now these dogs are well impressive! Salukis are believed to be one of the first dog breeds to have been domesticated in all of history. Not only that but Salukis are super speedy too; the Guinness World Records say the quickest one ran 68.8 k/ph! Zoom! WHIPPET GOOD These guys are a bit littler than the other high-speed doggos, but they’re the speediest of their weight class. Whippets are often confused with greyhounds, which they’re descended from but we reckon they’re just that little bit cuter hehe. LOL PETZ FREAKY FACTOID: A prawn’s heart is…

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meeting with the muscle mountain

STRONGEST MAN AIN’T JUST A TITLE Mark won the Arnold Strongman Classic strongman comp back in 2002 and was awarded the prize by the comp’s founder Arnold Schwarzenegger! MARK’S STATS Name: Mark Jerrold Henry From: Texas, U.S. Bday: June 12 Height: 194cm Weight: 163kgs Signature Move: World’s Strongest Slam Accolades: World Heavyweight champ, WWE Hall of Fame, Olympic weightlifter SAM: WHEN WERE YOU IN AUSTRALIA LAST? Mark: “Oh, golly. It was 2006 or 2007 last time I was over here; it’s been a long time.” SAM: WHAT DID YOU GET UP TO LAST TIME? Mark: “Last time I was here I ate real good which is important hehe. And we hung out in the hotel lobby and made a scene. All the boys sitting there, laughing real loud and telling stories and hanging out. It was like the hangout tour!” SAM: WERE YOU STRONG…