Mania February 2020

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charmed by the farm

FRESH AIR, ROLLING GREEN HILLS AND PLENTY OF CUTE CRITTERS TO PET AND FEED.IF THIS SOUNDS LIKE YOUR IDEA OF A FUN GETAWAY WITH YOUR FAM, THEN A FARMSTAY EXPERIENCE IS FOR YOU. MANIA’S EDITOR DOM, ALONG WITH HIS PARTNER-IN-CRIME BONNIE AND DAUGHTER JASMINE (2 YEARS OLD) DECIDED TO SKIP TOWN AND HEADED TO EDEN FARM ESCAPE FOR THE WEEKEND. FAST FACTS Where is it? Eden Farm Escape is located in Bilpin, NSW, about a 1.5hr drive from Sydney. Type of farm: 90 acre hobby farm What makes it unique: Horse-assisted learning and therapy Who lives here: Deborah, Michael and their kids Meshi, Lily and Noa live between here and Sydney. Find out more: At…

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meet the animals

SIR RUSSELL PIGSLEY THE III (RUSSELL FOR SHORT) This rescue pig is like a dog – he’s super smart, he’ll follow you around and he likes playing with his soccer ball. His favourite foods are watermelon and pineapple. MONTE & COCO THE COWS These miniature Dexters are smaller than normal cattle. They have four stomachs, so they can tolerate more types of pasture than horses. These two have been known to escape their fenced area and munch the flower gardens! WATSON, CINNAMON AND CAPPUCCINO THE ALPACAS Watson the black alpaca’s job is to guard the miniature goats from predators such as foxes. He’ll chase away any creatures that try to harm ‘his’ pet goats! Cinnamon and Cappuccino are on sheep-protecting duty. FIONA, SHREK AND DONKEY THE DONKEYS These miniature donkeys are very gentle – feeding them is…

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farm life: the inside story

“IT’S NOT EVERY DAY A CHEEKY HORSE SPITS A MOUTHFUL OF WATER ON YOU MID-INTERVIEW, BUT THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED WHEN BONNIE SAT DOWN TO CHAT TO DEB, THE OWNER OF EDEN FARM ESCAPE, ABOUT LIFE ON THE FARM.” Q: WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO CREATE EDEN EQUINE AND FARMSTAY IN THE FIRST PLACE? A: “We wanted an escape from busy Sydney life, and our youngest son Noa had a lot of behavioural issues so we needed a place to destress. The farm gave our family a sense of connectedness and a chance to spend time together.” Q: WHAT DOES A NORMAL DAY ON THE FARM INVOLVE? A: “The animals come first so they always need to be fed in the morning. We also do things like check for any fallen trees or fence repairs, mow…

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other fun things to do in the area

TRY SOME APPLE PIE: Bilpin is famous for its delicious apple pies. Our pick of the pies is at Tutti Frutti café on the Bells Line of Road. GO FRUIT PICKING: There’s plenty of orchards in Bilpin where you can pick everything from peaches and nectarines to apples, plums, pears and persimmon (depending on what’s in season). HAVE A TREE TOP ADVENTURE: You can explore the forest at canopy level at Trees Adventure, a series of flying foxes, cargo nets, rope bridges and wooden obstacles, built up high in the gum trees at a property in Yarramundi, 40 minutes drive from Bilpin. Call (02) 4776 1226 for info. GO ON A GLOW WORM TOUR: Discover a colony of these bio-luminescent creatures in a canyon in Berambing, about 10 minutes drive from Bilpin. You…

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k.o. meets the blue blur

K.O. The hero with the small stature and the big dreams! K.O. is keen to take on any challenge that comes at him! SONIC & TAILS ARE IN TOWN The blue speedster and his foxy pal are here to chill. When Sonic and Tails land in Lakewood Plaza they link up with K.O. for a romp of EPIC proportions! RAD An out-of-this-world alien with big muscles and a bigger ego who is buds with K.O. and Enid! ENID The brains of the K.O. crew. This fiery lady is tough as nails and works with the guys at Gar’s Hero Supply & Bodega!…

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WHO’S DOLITTLE? If you could talk to your pet dog, cat or goldfish what would you say? And, more importantly what would they say to you? In this epic adventure tale, Dr John Dolittle a veterinarian (played by Robert Downey Jr.) talks to ALL creatures great and small. A VET LIKE NO OTHER… Dolittle is as eccentric as they come. His Victorian manor house includes gadgets like a little steam-powered train set that can deliver his tea and it is filled with every kind of animal you can imagine – monkeys, birds and even an octopus. Being friends with so many animals has its benefits – he’s even been known to hitch a ride on the back of an ostrich! ADVENTURE AWAITS There are dangers lurking around every corner. Get ready for fierce sea battles,…