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Maurice Benard: 25th Anniversary

Maurice Benard: 25th Anniversary

Maurice Benard: 25th Anniversary

A full-sized must-have special bookazine celebrating Maurice Benard's 25th anniversary at General Hospital. Read all about his greatest loves and hottest storylines, and get the inside scoop from his co-stars!

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a leading man among men

There is — and only ever could be — one Maurice Benard. Over the last quarter of a century, the Emmy-winning member of the prestigious Actors Studio has created in GENERAL HOSPITAL made man Sonny Corinthos not just a one-of-a-kind character, he’s also established himself as one of the finest performers working in daytime TV (or, for that matter, any genre — stage or screen, big or small). He’s struck up enviable chemistry with one leading lady after another, delivered time after time in his show’s most challenging storylines and earned the respect of all those with whom he’s worked (or who’ve watched his work). So, on the momentous occasion of Maurice’s 25th anniversary with GH, we’re celebrating his accomplishments — both on screen and off. In a series of deeply personal,…

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birth of a legend

JFK was president. “Walk Like A Man” by the Four Seasons was riding high on the charts. How The West Was Won was packing ’em in at the drive-in. And on March 1, 1963, a baby by the name of Mauricio Jose Morales was born in Martinez, CA, to a Nicaraguan father and San Salvadoran mother. If you don’t know the name Mauricio Morales, that’s okay — you certainly would after the tot in question broke into showbiz and, to avoid being typecast, changed it to Maurice Benard. Growing up primarily in San Francisco, he recalled in 2003 that he learned a great deal from his father, Humberto. In fact, “I learned pretty much everything from him, from watching him early on — emulating him in many ways. He always had…

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the part that started it all

Maurice will forever be associated with the role of GH’s Sonny Corinthos. But, in part, he owes his success on that daytime drama to the groundwork he laid on another one. In 1987, the future soap legend was cast on ALL MY CHILDREN as Nico Kelly, a bad boy with a heart of gold. (Sound familiar?) First, AMC paired Nico with good girl Julie Chandler in a highly popular opposites-attract romance. But when her portrayer, Lauren Holly, left the show to try her luck in Hollywood, the sweethearts were smacked with a double whammy: First, they discovered that their marriage was invalid, then Julie lost the baby they’d been happily expecting. Mind you, Nico didn’t lament the end of his relationship for very long before he found himself caught up in a…

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When Maurice joined GH, he “came in like a tornado,” Cari Shayne (ex-Karen) recalled in 1997. “He stirred things up and restored a false sense of power in Karen.” Karen Wexler was fresh out of high school in 1993 when new friend Stone Cates introduced her to his benefactor, Sonny Corinthos. Though at first the straight-laced co-ed was appalled that the older man had PYTs stripping at his Paradise Lounge, he soon had “Carrie The Schoolgirl” as hooked on drugs and dancing as she was on his bedroom eyes. After Karen reunited with her true love — Stone’s brother, Jagger Cates — Sonny turned his attention to the couple’s former high-school classmate, Brenda Barrett. “Is danger what you’re looking for?” asked the mobster, flashing the dimples that could melt even the hardest…

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moths to a flame

You could tell that night on the docks. The first time that GH’s Sonny Corinthos and Brenda Barrett actually spoke, it was there — the sparks that could in an instant turn into a raging fire. It wasn’t necessarily in the words that they said, though. It was in the looks that they exchanged, the way their bodies reacted to one another’s proximity, as if they knew more than the future couple’s heads or even hearts did. The Line Between Love And Hate Brenda was rushing away from Kelly’s with boxes full of her stuff. She and Jagger Cates had just broken up, and she was in no mood to make small talk with the hoodlum who’d turned high-school classmate Karen Wexler into a stripper. But Sonny was persistent. “I sense a…

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eternal flame

The first time Maurice said Vanessa’s name in the hair and makeup room, her reaction was much like ours might be. “I dropped all of my hair clips on the floor,” she recalls. “I’m pretty much a girl out of a sitcom, like the female Larry David around Maurice. And I never really changed. “When he said my name, it sounded exactly the way my Hispanic father sounded when he said it,” she adds, “so it would terrify me and then, at the same time, kind of make me blush and love him. And I feel like Brenda kind of had the same reaction to Sonny, although I think she was 18 when she met him. So I played it much more how he made me feel in real life, times…