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letter from the editor

THIS ONE’S for my son. The 11-year-old flips through the magazine each month, but reserves comment for this page only: “When are you going to write about me?” He’s noticed a few mentions of his older sister, a line about his mom here and there, and various other acquaintances of mine who have somehow wormed their way onto this page. His patience is wearing thin. As an adoring dad, I could easily oblige. Perhaps build a column around his Little League team’s recent championship (he played short and batted third), or the perfect report card, or his voracious reading habit. (Who reads books a second and third time?) Nah, that stuff’s boring, I suppose I need to embarrass him a little, so I’m thinking: sleep-away camp drop-off. In the weeks leading up…

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field notes

Feedback ON THE FLIP SIDE “The Sure Shots” (June 2019) rekindled my interest in pinball machines. In the 1970s, I won several tournaments. Can you imagine a 65-year-old world champion? I can. BILL TRAYLOR INDEPENDENCE, MO SEAT CHECK “A Bonkers Plan to Save Pro Baseball” was entertaining. But I take issue with the premise that MLB is “inching to a slow, lonely death.” The league still gets far more people in seats than the NBA, NFL, or NHL. RL RO, OCEANSIDE, CA Corrections “The Sure Shots” (June) misstated that no women played in the 2019 Stern Pro Circuit Championship; there was one. The article also incorrectly asserted that a tilt results in no points, instead of no bonus points. Crazy-Early Poll MJ readers vote on which NFL team looks poised to win the Super Bowl. #MJwild In the Clear @OR.MSBY Mount Rainier…

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jump shot

IN THE FRENCH ALPS, a granite spire known as Le Trident du Tacul towers some 800 feet above the Glacier du Geant. Though beautiful, it’s not the typical spot for a birthday celebration. But Tim Howell, a former British Royal Marines commando, wanted to ring in turning 28 with something a bit more thrilling than a round of pints. The accomplished BASE jumper has leaped off bridges, amusement-park rides, and a Portuguese cliffside chapel. Above all, though, he relishes venturing into the backcountry to reach natural launch points, such as Le Trident du Tacul, which offers views of the 12,440-foot La Tour Ronde. “I think the reward is always a lot more satisfying when the challenge is greater,” Howell says. Along for the multipitch climb up the steep spire that…

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new fall favorites

A FRESH START IN THE CARIBBEAN U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS WHEN AN ISLAND gets mowed down by back-to-back Category 5 hurricanes, you can forgive the locals for taking some R&R. Not U.S. Virgin Islanders, who steadfastly refused to let those dark clouds damper their perennial sunshine. Before the 2017 storms, there were just three craft breweries on this series of small islands 50 miles east of Puerto Rico. Now there are five, including Leatherback Brewing Co., on St. Croix, where you can play cornhole while downing a saison inspired by local bush teas. There’s also a new vodka distillery, Arc Vodka, from a pair of St. Thomians fed up with all the rum-guzzling pirate stereotypes. Over in Frederiksted, chef Digby Stridiron recently opened the West Indian kitchen Braata, which is a short stroll…

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a gentleman’s guide to forever

But then, there are all of those things you don’t know, like what style of ring to choose and how big the diamond should be. And you’re probably stressing about the 4Cs: carat weight, cut, color and clarity. Searching for an engagement ring shouldn’t be stressful—it should be one of life’s great joys—and Forevermark is here to make things easy for you. The brand ensures that all of their diamonds are beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced, and less than 1% of all of the diamonds in the world meet the requirements to become a Forevermark diamond. THE FOREVERMARK PROMISE When your diamond is inscribed with the Forevermark Icon and its unique identification number, you’ll know that the ring is uniquely yours and one that you can feel proud to wear. At 1/5000th the…

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the deadly myth of the bush pilot

THE KETCHIKAN skies were clear on the afternoon of May 13, and Mountain Air Service’s owner and sole pilot, Randy Sullivan, was doing what he did every spring: flying tourists through Alaska’s Misty Fjords National Monument. His four passengers that day were off the Royal Princess, a megaship carrying nearly 5,000 guests and crew, and they’d purchased their tickets for Sullivan’s air taxi service while the ship was docked in the coastal community. The passengers, ranging in age from 37 to 56, wanted a bird’s-eye view of the monument, an unspoiled wilderness teeming with wildlife, waterfalls, and towering granite walls. This was Sullivan’s backyard, a place the 46-year-old pilot knew intimately, having grown up in a nearby logging camp, and his experience promised a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. After a 90-minute tour, Sullivan turned…