Minecraft World Magazine Issue 44

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13 big improvements to minecraft, but will we ever see them?

One of the great things about Minecraft is that it’s constantly being updated, and mostly for free! Of course, only the developers at Mojang know what’s coming up in the game, leaving everyone else to wonder. As the source for all things Minecraft, we frequently get asked what features are being added to which version, whether we’ll ever see certain things added, and how, when and if Minecraft will be made better in the future. Read on to find out more! 1 4K PLAY Ever wanted Minecraft to look even better? Well, wonder no more. A 4K update is coming, along with a new texture pack to go with it! Look elsewhere in this issue for a feature on Minecraft’s new look, which will be available for everyone soon! 2 CARS A favourite addition…

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minecraft’s new look

Part of Minecraft’s original appeal was its simple, low-resolution look that made it accessible and visually appealing on a huge number of devices and to an extremely large audience. Minecraft could never look bad or confusing just because it was too basic! But things change, and almost a decade after Minecraft’s first release, there are a number of graphical updates in the works to change the look of this iconic game. TEXTURE UPDATE Some of Minecraft’s textures have been in the game virtually unchanged since it was first released, which means they’re getting tired. Resource packs can allow some alterations to be made by fans, but the game’s default textures are full of inconsistencies, with designs by loads of different people left unchanged for years. Minecraft’s blocks all look good, but they…

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the minecraft movie: what’s going on?

It’s been a year or two since it was first announced that a major movie studio was interested in making a film based on the Minecraft game! The announcement came in the aftermath of the success of The LEGO Movie, and it was the studio behind that film – Warner Bros – which secured the rights to make a Minecraft film. The adventures of Steve and Alex would be coming to a multiplex near you! THE BASICS The project was first announced back in 2014, though. A year later, we also first heard that Warner Bros had hired the filmmaker it wanted to make the film, and who has been developing it for the past few years. Rob McElhenney, who is best known for the popular American comedy series It’s Always Funny…

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what is the chemistry update?

Don’t be upset if you missed the Chemistry Update – it was only easy to spot if you were already playing Minecraft: Education Edition, where it was a separate update to the game. However, the Chemistry Update’s features were also added to the Bedrock Edition in version 1.4! ENABLE EDUCATION EDITION FEATURES If you’re playing on the Bedrock Edition, you can toggle on the Education Edition features in the options menu. However, if you’re playing on the Java or Legacy Console Editions, this is one update you’ll have to live without. Sorry! To turn on the Education features in the Bedrock Edition, go into the settings for your world BEFORE you load it and then scroll down to the “Cheats” section. In there, first click “Activate Cheats” (beware – this will disable advancements…

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block of the month

REDSTONE LAMP WHERE TO FIND IT Redstone lamps are one of the few blocks not to occur naturally, which means you can’t find them anywhere in the game! To get hold of one, you have to craft it from its raw materials: a glowstone block and redstone. Glowstone can be collected in the Nether by breaking glowstone blocks, which hang from the ceiling of cave structures. Each shattered block will drop 2-4 piles of glowstone dust, and you can then craft four glowstone dust back into glowstone blocks. Glowstone dust is also dropped by some witches when they’re killed, so it can be obtained in the Overworld as well! Redstone can be collected by breaking redstone ore with an iron pickaxe (or better). Redstone ore is found in the bottom few levels of the Overworld,…

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news round-up

MINECRAFT IS CHANGING ITS MENUS! Those of us who have been playing Minecraft for years have probably seen the opening screen to the game thousands of times by now. However, it looks as though things are set to change! On the official Minecraft website, Mojang revealed that it’s looking into an overhaul of the game’s menu. This will affect the Bedrock versions, and it’s asking for your views and ideas! As such, there are some paper prototype kits for you to download. All instructions are included! Find them at minecraft.net/en-us/article/were-redesigning-minecrafts-menus. There’s no timescale yet on when to expect the changes. EDUCATION ON THE IPAD The Education Edition of Minecraft is intended to be used in schools and colleges, as you probably know. As such, it’s a good excuse for us all to play the…