Minecraft World Magazine Issue 46

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minecon round-up - the future of minecraft

BIOME UPDATES A major part of Minecon Earth was the biome update. While the stream was live, viewers could vote for the biome they most wanted updating. Of the three choices – desert, taiga and savanna – the one with the most votes would get updated first! Well, we won’t keep you in suspense – taiga won the vote and, as part of the upcoming Java Edition 1.14 release, berries, campfires and foxes will be added to its biome-specific features. How cool does that sound?! Don’t worry if you wanted to see the other biomes updated, though, as the features promised will still be added, just at a later date. Deserts will get meerkats and a new type of tree – the palm tree – so you can finally live out your desert…

4 min.
minecraft dungeons

WHAT IS MINECRAFT DUNGEONS? So, Minecraft Dungeons is a role-playing game (RPG) being developed by Mojang. It’s based on classic Minecraft, with a similar look and feel, but it plays more like a traditional dungeon-exploring RPG. The game allows up to four players to party together and go exploring the world of Minecraft, looking for treasures and mobs in a series of playable worlds. If it’s anything like a traditional RPG, along the way you’ll be able to improve your stats and equipment, getting stronger and more deadly. Unlike a normal game of Minecraft, this isn’t an open-world challenge – you’ll have specific quests and a story to follow as you explore pre-built worlds instead of creating your own. Of course, the place will look familiar – you’ll recognise existing Minecraft biomes, blocks and…

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everything you don’t know about zombies

ZOMBIE SECRETS Zombies HATE turtles! If a zombie sees any turtle eggs, it will make a dash for them and then jump on top to try to destroy them! What have the undead got against sea creatures? Beats us! Zombies will also attack any iron golems they spot within 42 blocks of their own position, even though the golems are so strong they normally kill the zombie very quickly. On Halloween, zombies can spawn wearing a pumpkin or Jack O’lantern. If the zombie is killed with a weapon that has the Looting enchantment, the headgear has a 3% chance of being dropped (although there’s nothing special about it at that point). Because zombies are undead, the effects of Healing and Harming potions are reversed, so don’t throw a Harming splash potion at one because…

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news round-up

MINECRAFT NEEDS A NEW CAT! By the time this issue goes on sale, the latest contest from Mojang will sadly be coming to an end. But because it’s such a fun one and will eventually impact the game, we thought you’d want to know about it! The developers are on the lookout for a new cat to feature in the game! For inspiration, they asked the Minecraft community to send in entries via social media by 12 November. We all then get to vote on our favourite to be added to the game! It’s worth keeping an eye on www.minecraft.net from 16 November, when voting opens! The final votes will be tallied on 19 November, and the winning moggy will be added to the game next year. BYE-BYE APPLE TV! Over the time we’ve been…

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banner secrets

REMOVING DYE If you make a mistake while adding a pattern to a banner, you can remove the top layer of a banner’s pattern by dipping it in a cauldron. COPYING BANNERS Made the perfect pattern but don’t want to spend ages making a second? Good news! You can copy a banner by placing two banners of the same base colour onto a crafting grid. The crafting grid’s output will contain a copy of the patterned banner, consuming the blank banner when you remove it. SHIELD APPLICATION You can use banners to apply a pattern to a shield. Just make the pattern you want as a banner, then craft it with a shield on a crafting grid. Note that shields are slightly smaller than banners, so the pattern may look a little different! Once applied…

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block of the month

ICE WHERE TO FIND IT Ice generates naturally in the world as part of snowy biomes, so you’ll find it where there was previously water: lakes, rivers and even the ocean will turn to ice in cold biomes. Water source blocks that have been placed under open sky in cold biomes will also turn to ice after a minute or two. There are ways to prevent this – raising the light level nearby with (for instance) a torch – but left alone ice will form on any block with a non-adjacent water block. This means ice forms at the edges of lakes and rivers, and then grows inwards. Ice is also generated as part of igloos, ice spikes and icebergs, although so are other variants of ice (packed ice and blue ice), which we’ll…