Minecraft World Magazine Issue 48

Minecraft World is the essential monthly guide to the planet’s best videogame: Minecraft! In each issue, we’ll be keeping you bang up to date with what’s happening in Minecraft, as well as sharing secrets, essential tips, advice and the very latest news. We'll be also serving up brilliant Minecraft constructions, expert hints, answering your questions, and packing page after page with as much as we possibly can about the game! Whether you're playing Minecraft on a computer, a portable device or a games console, Minecraft World is going to be your essential independent guide to getting as much out of the game as possible. And none of the game's monsters will be safe from us either.

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Happy New Year and a very warm welcome back to Minecraft World! You join us at the start of what should be ANOTHER fantastic year for our favourite game! We’re kicking off the first issue of the year by looking at just what amazing features are heading to the game over the coming months. Also, as lots of you have been asking how to access some of those features early, you can find our guide to beta versions and how to use them on page 10! Don’t forget, though, that Minecraft World is very much your magazine, and we want to know what you’d like to see in it! If there’s an article you’d like us to run, or an area you want us to cover specifically, why not write in and…

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minecraft’s incoming features

Note that these features are still in development, so some may change or be removed before release! MAIN UPDATES The main update is the addition of the new type of illager – the PILLAGER! This evil mob roams around in packs alongside the new super-strong ILLAGER BEAST, attacking villages, killing the inhabitants and destroying the crops. Pillagers carry crossbows and have 24 health points. But there’s an upside too! The game now features a PANDA mob, which spawns in jungles and eats bamboo. They can roll around playfully, and when killed they drop bamboo. They’re usually passive, and can breed to create baby pandas. VILLAGES has been given a complete overhaul: you’ll find them in more biomes and they’ll look different and be more varied. You’ll also encounter PILLAGER OUTPOSTS in any biome that…

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how to play the latest version

WARNING But first, a warning. If you follow these steps, you could permanently corrupt any Minecraft worlds you load. You should NEVER enter a world using a snapshot version of the game unless you’re prepared to lose it forever! At the very least, ALWAYS back up your world before you enter it in a pre-release build of Minecraft. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. HOW TO ENABLE SNAPSHOTS Note that this works for the Java Edition only. No other version can run snapshots! First, open the Minecraft launcher and click on the “Launch options” button at the top. In there, you can turn on a number of different settings, but the one you need to change is “Enable snapshots”. “Historical versions” allows you to access old versions of Minecraft, and “Advanced settings” allows you to…

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exploring the end

TRAVELLING AROUND THE END Actually getting around the End is extremely difficult. Because the islands are spaced so far apart, you have to teleport between them, and that means you need tonnes of ender pearls. Luckily, there are LOTS of endermen around. While it’s possible to build bridges between islands, this is an extremely slow process, and one that’s very dangerous when you’re surrounded by hostile endermen! Throwing pearls is the only reasonable way to get between islands at first. The FIRST pearl you throw will have to be into an End gateway. This appears when you defeat the dragon, and transports you from the End’s centre island to its outer islands. Again, it’s technically possible to build a bridge, but it’s also extremely difficult, dangerous and would take a huge amount of…

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news round-up

MINECRAFT: STORY MODE IS NOW ON NETFLIX! The world of Minecraft continues to expand, and there’s now a version of the game – well, sort of! - available via the Netflix streaming service. Season 1 of Minecraft: Story Mode, inspired by the videogame series of the same name, is available to control now. At the time of writing, a decision hadn’t yet been made over whether to adapt Season 2 into a Netflix version as well. Unfortunately, the end of the road looks nigh for Minecraft: Story Mode. Telltale Games, the company that made it, went bankrupt, so Season 2 (which came to an end in December 2017) is likely to be the last ever season of the game. NEW DLC ADDED FOR NINTENDO 3DS It’s busy times for owners of the Nintendo 3DS…

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block of the month

CONCRETE WHERE TO FIND IT Concrete blocks form when concrete powder comes into contact with water. However, concrete and concrete powder aren’t generated anywhere in the game, so the only way to get either is to craft it yourself! To craft concrete powder, you need three ingredients: sand, gravel and dye. To craft concrete powder, you have to place a block of sand in each corner of the crafting grid, a block of gravel between each of those, and one piece of dye in the centre. This will create eight blocks of concrete powder in the colour matching the dye. You can then turn the concrete powder into concrete by mixing it with water (or lava). HOW TO MINE IT Concrete powder is most correctly mined with a shovel, but it will drop itself regardless of…