Minecraft World Magazine Issue 50

Minecraft World is the essential monthly guide to the planet’s best videogame: Minecraft! In each issue, we’ll be keeping you bang up to date with what’s happening in Minecraft, as well as sharing secrets, essential tips, advice and the very latest news. We'll be also serving up brilliant Minecraft constructions, expert hints, answering your questions, and packing page after page with as much as we possibly can about the game! Whether you're playing Minecraft on a computer, a portable device or a games console, Minecraft World is going to be your essential independent guide to getting as much out of the game as possible. And none of the game's monsters will be safe from us either.

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A very warm welcome to Minecraft World magazine! It’s a very special issue for us as it’s our 50th birthday! No, not 50 years old – we’ve not been going that long! – but this is the 50th issue of the magazine. And on behalf of all the team of Minecraft addicts here, we can’t thank you enough! It’s people like you who have bought and supported the magazine, and it means the world to us that you do! What’s more, we’ve only just begun! As this issue was going to the printers, Mojang released the Bedrock Update, the latest in a collection of exciting, big updates coming to the game! We’re going through it at the moment, even as you read this! You’ll be able to read loads more about that in…

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50 minecraft secrets & tips

1 Snowballs do three points of damage to blazes, but don’t injure any other mob. They also deal no knockback to players! 2 Shulkers are the only aggressive mob that doesn’t drop experience when you kill it. Don’t waste time fighting them! 3 If you power up an enchantment table with bookshelves, only the first 15 will improve it. After that, it doesn’t matter how many more you add! 4 You can quickly harvest a large number of crops by dropping a water bucket nearby, which will cause them to get washed away. Make sure they’re fully grown! 5 The mountains biome (formerly extreme hills) is the only place where emerald ore can generate. 6 You can use shears to carve the pumpkins off snow golems, revealing the face of a normal snowman. 7 There are…

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build a giant birthday cake

CHOOSING YOUR MATERIALS Minecraft does already have cakes in it, but they’re not really big enough to celebrate an anniversary like this. So we decided to make our own, recreating Minecraft’s normal cake in giant size! And if you want to build a huge version of this or any other Minecraft block, here’s what to do. Start by looking at the block you want to rebuild and seeing how many colours it has in it. We used a mixture of orange and brown terracotta and concrete to recreate the sponge of the cake, copying the darker edges of the cake texture and the uneven colouring in the middle. We also needed something white for the icing, so picked wool because it has a less smooth appearance, and finally redstone and red concrete for…

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how to find rare structures

WITCH HUTS Witch huts only generate in swamp biomes, and you’ll find at least one in most swamps. They appear on dry ground or in shallow water, but are always positioned on tall stilts that extend down to the ground, and you can only reach one by building your way up to the entrance. Inside, you’ll find a few rare items. They’re one of only two places you can scavenge a flower pot, so don’t leave without one! They also contain a cauldron that might have a potion in! As for other items, the flower pot will have a red mushroom planted in it, and they also contain a crafting table. Cats spawn with a witch hut – and so does a witch! DESERT WELLS Desert wells are very rare structures made of sandstone and…

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news round-up

NEW FEATURES NOW BEING TESTED Those of you who play Minecraft on Xbox One, Android or Windows 10 can get access to unfinished, early features of the game that aren’t yet available to everyone else. These are known as beta versions, and if you’re interested in signing up for a beta, this is the web link you need: minecraft.net/article/howget-minecraft-betas Beta versions give us an idea of just what’s heading to Minecraft shortly. The latest features being tested? For a start, there’s a wandering trader mob, who moves around villages and stops for a couple of days. They often trade quite rare items, so are worth looking out for. Mojang is also trying out the mob previously known as the illager beast, but now called the ravager. Beware of this one, as it…

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block of the month

DIORITE! WHERE TO FIND IT Diorite is a type of stone that can spawn anywhere normal stone does – just like its cousins andesite and granite! You can easily spot it in cliff faces and on mountains, and you’ll regularly find it in underground caverns too. However, diorite only forms in the Overworld! There are several places where it generates as part of existing structures too. On the Bedrock Edition, polished diorite can be found in igloo basements, while regular diorite sometimes forms parts of coral reefs in tropical seas. In the upcoming Village and Pillage update, diorite blocks also form parts of buildings in villages that generate in snowy tundra biomes. It’s pretty common! HOW TO MINE IT Diorite can be mined like most stone blocks: all you need is a pickaxe of any…