Minecraft World Magazine Issue 53

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21 tricks every minecraft builder needs to know

GENERAL BUILDING ADVICE 1 BUILD IN CREATIVE MODE This one might seem obvious, but when you’re building it makes sense to switch to Creative mode or, at the very least, Peaceful difficulty. Fending off bad guys mid-project is one thing, but an errant creeper exploding a half-finished base is probably the worst thing Minecraft can do to you! 2 PLAN YOUR BUILDS Before you start construction, always plan your builds out on the floor. Construct the exterior walls just one level high, so you can get a sense of the building’s footprint, then start growing it up from there. This way, you get a good idea of room sizes, and you can figure out if you need more or less space around the building to make it look good. 3 START SMALL When you’re making any…

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minecraft’s big party

Lots of things happened on 17 May 2009. An alleged UFO, for instance, was seen over the country of Turkey. Manchester United celebrated winning the Premier League, following a goalless draw with Arsenal the day before. In the newspapers, headlines were about the expenses claimed by MPs, and on the TIGSource forums, the very first version of Minecraft was made available for people to play! VERSION ONE The game wasn’t in its proper release state then, and was more of an early testing version. It was described as a developmental release, and for the next year or so a stream of refinements and updates shaped it more into the Minecraft we know and love today. But still, the core building blocks – hee hee – were very firmly in place. That said, just…

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happy 10th b’day

Well, we say finished, but as you know Minecraft is never really finished! It’s always being updated, and that’s commonplace in games now. But it certainly wasn’t back then. Look at FIFA: a new version of that comes out every year, and people have to pay for it again from scratch. With Minecraft, you’re asked to buy it just once, then you benefit from year after year of updates, developments and brilliant additions to the game! WHAT HAPPENED NEXT? The story of Mojang and Minecraft over the decade that followed that initial release has been a dramatic one, of course. Milestones? Well, there’s been the release of the game on lots of other formats. The Minecon conventions. The moment when Microsoft paid $2.5bn for the rights to publish Minecraft in 2014. Heck,…

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work stations

CARTOGRAPHY TABLE Crafted from two paper and any four planks, cartography tables can be used for copying, expanding and zooming out maps. You can also apply a glass pane to a map to lock it permanently, so it can’t be altered or updated. They’re more efficient than standard crafting tables, as you can combine a map with a single piece of paper to expand it, rather than eight paper! They generate in cartography houses. BREWING STAND Generating in End ships, igloo basements and village temples (previously churches), a brewing stand can turn unemployed villagers into a priest. When powered by blaze powder, they can filter ingredients into glass bottles to produce potions. There’s nothing new about brewing stands in the workstation update, other than the link to priest villagers, and potion brewing takes…

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item of the month

COLLECTING BONES It’s not hard to get hold of some bones, mainly because skeletons are one of the first mobs you’ll encounter. Skeletons (and skeleton variants, such as strays, skeleton horses and wither skeletons) will drop up to two bones when killed, so you only have to kill a few to collect several bones. On the Bedrock and Legacy Console editions, salmon, cod, pufferfish and tropical fish all have a chance of dropping bones when killed. It’s also possible to find bones as loot in chests. Desert temples, jungle temples, dungeons and woodland mansion chests can all contain a varying number of bones. Finally, bones can be caught as junk while fishing. Unenchanted rods have a 1.1% chance of catching a bone, so on average one in 91 catches will be a bone. BONE…

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news round-up

FIVE-YEAR QUEST THAT ENDED UNEXPECTEDLY You may have heard of the story of Phil ‘Philza’ Watson, a streamer who’s spent much of the last five years playing the same game of Minecraft in Survival mode. In that time, he’s been playing the game’s Hardcore mode – and we all know how tough that is! – and charting his progress on his YouTube channel. But then in April, his quest suddenly came to an abrupt end. Philza was killed by a baby zombie. And whilst we won’t post the link to the clip here – there’s some very bad language in it – it’s still worth noting that his world record game is going to take some time to beat. Not that Philza is letting it get him down for long. He’s already planning…