Minecraft World Magazine Issue 54

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minecraft earth & other spin-offs

WHAT IS MINECRAFT EARTH? Minecraft Earth is a new Minecraft spin-off game that you play on mobile devices. Specifically, it’s designed to be played on phones while you’re out and about in the real world, a bit like Pokémon GO. Pretty that you play on mobile devices. Specifi cally, it’s designed to be played on phones while you’re out and about in the real world, a bit like Pokémon GO. Pretty cool, eh?! The game is completely separate from the existing versions of Minecraft, and will be compatible with iOS and Android devices. At the moment, there aren’t any details about which devices it will be available on, but we DO know that it’s going to be free to download and play, although of course you’ll be able to buy things…

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making underwater conduits

WHAT YOU NEED To build a full conduit, you need a heart of the sea, eight nautilus shells and up to 48 prismarine blocks. Although they’re arguably the rarest items on the list, collecting a heart of the sea is fairly simple. They’re found in all buried treasure chests, so you only have to get hold of an explorer map from a shipwreck, then dig up the chest. Feed cod to a dolphin for help doing this! Nautilus shells are the hardest to get hold of, but only because they aren’t guaranteed to appear anywhere. You can collect them by killing a drowned carrying one, as a treasure item when fishing (roughly once per 125 successful catches!), in some underwater treasure chests, or by trading with a wandering trader. The prismarine…

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mob: new mob: foxes ffo fo fo fo o o

SPAWNING Foxes are generated in two places: Taiga and Snowy Taiga biomes. Those that appear in Taiga biomes have an an orange orange coat, while those that hat form form in the snowy region n have have a white coat – otherwise erwise they’re the same. Foxes spawn in groups roups of 1-3, and more commonly appear at night, when they y generate asleep in their forest homes. They can also spawn as babies, and one in six six naturally spawned foxes foxes will be a baby regardless rdless of of which biome you’re in. FOX LOOT One cool thing foxes can do is hold items in their mouth. These items are there when they spawn, and there’s an 8.5% chance of this happening, so about one in 12 foxes will be holding an…

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minecraft’s deadliest weapon: the crossbow crossb crossb rossb

DAMAGE STATS The damage of arrows fired by crossbows varies, depending on how far they travel before they hit their target. The MINIMUM level of damage a crossbow arrow can do is six points (three hearts). The MAXIMUM level of damage a crossbow can do is 11 points (5.5 hearts). On average, a crossbow does nine damage (4.5 hearts). If you shoot a firework from your crossbow, the firework itself will do no damage, but the explosion it causes when it hits can do 5-6 points of damage. You can make fireworks deadlier by adding additional firework stars, which do 1-2 points of damage each. You can add up to seven firework stars to one rocket, making one firework do up to 20 points of damage! DURABILITY STATS The crossbow has a durability…

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item of the month

COLLECTING CHARCOAL Charcoal doesn’t spawn naturally anywhere in the game, but it can easily be created by smelting a log, stripped log, wood or stripped wood block. You can use any source of fuel to do this, and each block will create a single unit of charcoal. However, campfires – which were recently added to the game – are a new source of charcoal. If you break a campfire without using the Silk Touch enchantment, it will drop two pieces of charcoal. Finally, if you’re playing the Bedrock Edition and the Education Edition chemistry features are enabled, you can craft charcoal out of its basic components: seven carbon, four hydrogen and one oxygen. Ooh, science! USING CHARCOAL In many recipes that call for coal, you can easily substitute charcoal instead. Campfires can be…

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news round-up

GAME OVER Those of you who have enjoyed the Minecraft: Story Edition series of games may already know that there are no plans for a third season. But worse than that, the company behind the games has now gone out of business. The upshot is that official support for Story Edition will come to an end on 25th June 2019 – just after this issue goes on sale. So if you’ve bought the games, you need to download them by that time. If you don’t, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to again. Check that you’ve downloaded them, and even if you think you already have, do it again to be sure. MINECON CHANGES ANNOUNCED The annual official Minecraft convention has now become synonymous with new announcements and the chance to find out just…