Minecraft World Magazine Issue 57

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beat the bosses

BEATING THE ENDER DRAGON Before you can leave (or even truly explore!) the End, you have to defeat the fearsome ender dragon. It’s usually the first boss mob you’ll face in Minecraft, and it may also be the hardest, but the wither is probably scarier! The dragon is immediately nearby when you arrive in the End and instantly hostile to you, so before you enter the End make sure you have everything you need to defeat it. We recommend strong armour with some good defence enchantments, an Infinity-enchanted bow, plus plenty of healing potions and food! The first step in killing the dragon is to use a bow and arrow to destroy the End crystals. These floating blocks are found on top of the tall obsidian pillars dotted around the End. When the…

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treasure hunting guide

BURIED TREASURE True buried treasure generates in beach biomes only, so sometimes you’ll find it a little below the ground on land, and other times you’ll find it a few blocks below the sea floor. It can form in any beach biome, including Snowy Beach, Stone Shore and Mushroom Field Shore, not just the sandy ones! The only reliable way to find buried treasure is to use a buried treasure explorer map. These can be found only in underwater ruins chests and in shipwreck map chests. Around two in five ruins chests will contain a buried treasure map, and all shipwreck map chests contain one, though not all shipwrecks hold map chests! BURIED TREASURE LOOT Every buried treasure chest contains one heart of the sea. This is the only place you can find them…

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dungeons & diy

We’ve all been excited about the first new game to come out of Mojang since Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons. From what we’ve seen so far, it’s inspired by the classic “dungeon crawler” genre. Dungeon crawlers, inspired by tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons, see players take on the role of brave heroes, going deep into forbidden caves and temples to steal treasure, beat up monsters and dodge traps. We can’t wait to play it. And we mean that literally – we can’t wait! So we’ve decided to show you how to make your own dungeon-y Minecraft maps for you and your friends to crawl through while you wait for Minecraft Dungeons to come out. When it comes to constructing the maze, there are six important things to get right. 1: THE LAYOUT A dungeon is…

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character classes

One of the fun things about dungeon crawlers is picking your character class before you start. In Minecraft, it’s easy to give players class choices using labelled chests at the start of the dungeon. Here’s some suggested equipment for each one. You’ll notice it’s all low level – hopefully they’ll find better loot inside the dungeon! • Knight • Stone sword • Shield • Chainmail armour chest plate • Thief • Bow • 30x Arrows • Leather armour chest plate • Potion of Invisibility • Wizard • 3x Splash potions of Harming • 3x Potions of Healing • 2x Ender pearls • Enchanted book • Anvil • Wooden sword…

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upcoming featuresres

JAVA EDITION The Java Edition is where all the latest features get showcased (usually!) before making it into the Bedrock Edition, so it’s worth keeping an eye on even if you’re playing a different version! Version 1.15 will be the next major update, but its theme and features are being kept under wraps until Minecon Live 2019, which we’ll be covering in a future issue. Until then, here’s what we know! Firstly, the update will revise some of the new utility tables – in particular, smithing and fletching tables – so expect changes to the crafting recipes for arrows and tools, probably to make them use fewer resources and/or gain stronger functionality. The combat system will also see an overhaul, though maybe not in version 1.15! The Java Edition Combat Test was released this…

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news round-up

MOJANG ABANDONS SUPER DUPER GRAPHICS PACK UPDATE Since it was first announced back in the middle of 2017, the Super Duper Graphics Pack has been ‘coming soon’. For ages, in fact. In spite of an assortment of screenshots, though, there’s been no sign of an official release date. Now we know why: the Super Duper Graphics Pack proved too difficult to implement. Mojang has now announced that it’s abandoning the update altogether, saying it wasn’t happy with “how the pack performed across devices”. The Super Duper Graphics Pack, if you recall, was the update that was going to – as the title suggests – give Minecraft a shiny graphical upgrade. That idea isn’t entirely dead, with Mojang teasing that it is now “looking into other ways for you to experience Minecraft with…