Minecraft World Magazine Issue 58

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minecon 2019!

NETHER UPDATE The Nether might be Minecraft’s most intriguing dimension, but as updates go it’s been along time since anything new got added. In fact, the last time the Nether got anything approaching a new feature was in 2016 when magma blocks were added. That’s about to change! The new Nether Update will, first of all, add THREE new biome types to the Nether: Soul Sand Valleys are strange areas of terrain generated entirely out of soul sand. Here, a blue fog gives the whole place a strangely mystic and spookily calm feel, while the blue flames let you know that something really isn’t quite right here! A first for the Nether, you’ll find large fossilised structures of who KNOWS what scattered around the landscape. If it seems creepy, that’s because it is. Nether…

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halloween building tips

GHOST TRAIN (EXTERIOR) Nothing says Halloween like having the wits scared out of you, and what’s scarier than a ghost train? Minecraft’s built-in minecart system means it’s easy to put a train system on rails and let people ride it – you just have to think of ways to make it terrifying for anyone who’s brave enough to sit in the chair. To make it clear what people are letting themselves in for, we’ve built a skull at the entrance to our ghost train, and you have to pass all the way into its mouth to get started. Apretty scary way to go in! End rods make for perfect fangs, while redstone makes great glowing eyes. Note that we used quartz, rather than bone, for the blocks – it just looks a bit…

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horses secret

SKELETON HORSE The skeleton horse DOES spawn in the regular game, but only in rare circumstances – you have to encounter a skeleton trap, which is a regular horse that gets transformed when you walk within 10 blocks of it. Lightning strikes it and replaces the horse with three skeleton horsemen. Skeleton traps themselves are spawned by lightning strikes and hang around for around 15 minutes, so your best chance of finding one is to chase a lot of horses after a storm! Although you can kill the rider and leave the horse alive, skeleton horses can’t be tamed. You can, however, summon a tame skeleton horse in the Java Edition using the command /summon skeleton_horse ~ ~ ~ {Tame:1b} Skeleton horses always have 15 health points and a jump strength of…

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news round-up

THE BATTLE TO GET MINECRAFT EARTH MADE As you may know, Minecraft Earth is the new spin-off game that’s not a million miles away from Pokémon GO. Using your smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to go out into the real world and see Minecraft characters and goodies! It’s been announced that we’ll be able to o use Minecraft Earth in early access from this this month. But in an interview with Edge, the director of the game, Torfi Olafsson, has explained just what a difficulty job it was to make it in the first place! Olafsson revealed that when they were planning the game, they realised they needed “two-and-a-half miracles” to bring it to life. Thankfully, it looks like they’ve achieved just that! We’ll have more on Minecraft Earth next issue… DUCKTALES…

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item of the month

GETTING A PAINTING Paintings are one of a small number of items that don’t generate anywhere in the world of Minecraft. If you want one, you’ve got two options. The first and simplest is to craft one yourself. All you need to do is get a block of wool – it can be any colour you like – and eight sticks. Surround the wool with the sticks on a crafting table and, hey presto, a painting! The colour of the wool doesn’t have any effect on the eventual painting. We’ll explain that more later on… The second method for getting a painting is to buy one from a merchant. Master-level shepherds will sell three paintings in exchange for two emeralds. That’s a lot of money for something you can craft so…

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block of the month

WHERE TO FIND SANDSTONE Picking up sandstone is easy – it’s one of Minecraft’s more common blocks and can be found in most biomes. Anywhere you find sand, there’s likely to be sandstone – just dig afew blocks down and once the regular sand is clear you’ll probably hit sandstone. That’s as true on any beach as it is in the vast, sandy deserts! Sandstone also appears as part of desert structures, like villages, temples and wells, and as part of underwater ruins in warmer ocean biomes. It’s also possible to craft it. Simply combine four blocks of sand on a crafting grid and you’ll get a block of sandstone . SANDSTONE VARIANTS Like sand, sandstone comes in two colours: yellow (standard) and red. Red sandstone is formed from red sand, which is only found…