Minecraft World Magazine Issue 63

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57 things you didn't know you could do in minecraft

1 You can drink milk taken from cows in a bucket. It doesn’t replenish any hunger, but it will clear any negative status effects you currently have applied, such as Poison or Nausea. 2 Shears can be used to collect leaf blocks, plants and wool blocks without breaking them. They can also be used to shear sheep and mooshrooms, and to disable tripwires. 3 The best item of fuel for smelting is a lava bucket as you can smelt 100 blocks per bucket, and the great thing is that you get to reuse the bucket afterwards! 4 Coal blocks are slightly less efficient than lava buckets, but you can stack 64 of them in one furnace’s fuel slot, which will allow you to smelt up to 5120 items without refuelling. 5 As well as…

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zombie sieges explained

WHAT CAUSES A SIEGE? Unless you spend a lot of time hanging around in villages overnight, you probably won’t have experienced a zombie siege event because they’re quite rare. On the surface, they seem to happen almost at random, but certain things can trigger them. Sieges will only start in villages with 10 beds and 20 villagers, so make sure the villages you’re waiting in are quite large! A siege can occur in any village, no matter how well lit or well defended it is. Each night, at exactly midnight (18000 on the Minecraft clock), the game has a one in 10 chance of trying to start a siege. From that point on, it attempts to start one every second until dawn begins – or specifically when the light level reaches 12,…

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the rare mobs minecraftmof cr earth

MUDDY PIG Muddy pigs are very similar to normal pigs, although they LOVE mud and have a skin that shows it, with their bottom half covered in muck and a flflflower growing on their head. The pigs start out dry, but if they see wet mud they’ll head straight for it! CLUCKSHROOM A chicken version of a mooshroom, cluckshrooms leave a trail of mushrooms where they walk, as long as the light level is low enough for them to grow! They don’t like sunlight and will attempt to hide in the shade. MOOBLOOM Similar to mooshrooms, mooblooms are cows that have been infected with buttercups! They grow buttercups on their back and leave a trail of flowers – a mixture of sunflowers and dandelions – behind them when walking around on grass. You can shear…

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summon a super-creeper

WHAT IS A SUPERCREEPER? The super-creeper is a charged creeper that has an incredible explosive power – big enough to shatter the very land it explodes on. This mob will never appear naturally in the game, but by using the command we’ve set out below you can summon one whenever you like. If that sounds like a bad idea, just wait until you see the explosion! WHAT YOU NEED To summon a super-creeper, you need the following things to be true: You must be using the Java Edition. Sorry, this doesn’t work in Bedrock and we don’t know if it ever will! Cheats to be enabled in your world. If they’re not, you won’t be able to summon a mob! The difficulty should be set to higher than Peaceful. If it isn’t, the super-creeper will spawn,…

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news round-up

NETHER UPDATE LATEST The next big update in the world of Minecraft was teased and revealed at last year’s Minecon convention back in the autumn. It’s the Nether Update, and it’s going to be released this year. What’s more, Mojang has started teasing some of the things that are going to be in it. That’s because anewMinecraft snapshot has been released, an early test tversion of fthe new update. It’s the first glimpse we’ve seen in game of the new biomes in the Nether, as well asthe introduction of Netherite, anewmaterial. Hoglins, a new mob for the game, are also being tested. None of these are inthe official release ofthe game yet, butif they’ve made ittoone of the testing versions, they’re edging that bit closer. We’ll be covering the Nether Update more over…

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item of the month

GETTING GUNPOWDER Gunpowder is one of the most useful items in Minecraft, which is strange conside ring ther earen’t any guns! You can collect piles of gunpowder by killing various mobs: creepers and ghasts drop 0-2 piles, and witches drop 0-6 piles! It’s also possible to buy gunpowder from some wan dering traders (it costs one emerald), and you can find it in a number of chests. Shipwreck supply chests can contain stacks of up to five gunpowder, and it’s available in stacks of 1-8 from 57.8% of dungeon chests, 59% of desert temple chests, and 57. 8% of woodland mansion chests. In short, there’s tonnes of it around if you kn ow where to look! TNT On its own, gunpowder is pretty useless – it doesn’t do anything unless you craft with it. The…