Minecraft World Magazine Issue 64

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nether update latest

WHEN’S IT OUT? The Nether Update is due out in 2020, although there are no specific dates available yet. If we were to guess, we’d say summer at the earliest and maybe later than that, but definitely this year. Traditionally, a new full release takes several months – 1.15 took around three months to go from its first beta build to a full release, and 1.14 took around six months. At the time of writing, the Nether Update has had only four builds and there are a lot of new additions to the game, so it seems unlikely it will be out before June, and probably even later than that. NETHERITE The latest snapshot update to Minecraft introduced netherite, a newtype of material that will come to the game properly in the Nether Update.…

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minecraft dungeons preview

WHEN IS IT OUT? Let’s start with the big details. Minecraft Dungeons will be released in April 2020 – mere weeks after the release of this very issue! You’ll be able to buy it on lots of different platforms, including the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Windows 10. No details yet on how much it will cost, but you can expect it to be a full-price game, so start saving your pocket money now. Sorry if you don’t have any of those systems available. We don’t know of any plans to bring it to Android or iOS devices yet, but we’ll keep you updated if and when we hear about it! WHAT’S IT ABOUT? The story of the game hasn’t been fully revealed yet, but we do know a FEW details thanks…

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netherite explained

WHAT IS NETHERITE? At its most basic, netherite is a material found in the Nether. It sits alongside wood, stone iron, gold and diamond in that you can craft with it, but it also has its own interesting properties. Here’s what we know so far: Netherite items float in lava Netherite items can’t burn Netherite items are more powerful than diamond Netherite’s blast resistance is higher than obsidian’s You can only mine netherite blocks with a diamond pickaxe This may not be everything yet, and it’s at an early stage so things may change! WHEN WILL NETHERITE BE AVAILABLE? Netherite and its related items are just appearing in pre-release Java versions, so it’s all but certain that they’ll be in the forthcoming Nether Update, which will be released this year, though probably not for…

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news round-up

MOJANG PUTS THE BRAKES ON THE MINECRAFT FESTIVAL As you’re probably aware, there are problems in the world at the moment with concerns over a virus. We don’t want to go on too A much about it, as you’ve probably heard about it already. But it’s had a knock-on effect for Minecraft now too, with the news that Mojang is postponing its Minecraft Festival. Tickets were set to go on sale for Festival in March, ahead of the event actually happening in September. But because lots of things needed to be organised ahead of that, Mojang has decided to wait for things to settle a little before deciding when to move forward with another event. Instead, it’s confirmed that it will be sticking to its Minecraft Live plans, its annual event that’s streamed…

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item of the month

GETTING KELP Kelp generates as a plant in most oceans. It’s a type of seaweed that grows on the ocean floor and typically stretches very high up – almost to the surface in most cases. Breaking any part of a kelp stalk will break all of the pieces of kelp above it, causing them to float to the surface of the water, so it’s extremely easy to harvest large amounts! Kelp does NOT generate in frozen or warm oceans. It can also be bought, in its basic form, from wandering traders, who’ll sell one piece of kelp for three emeralds. To grow kelp, simply place it underwater in a source block and it will naturally grow to the maximum possible height. It doesn’t require light to grow, and can be planted on many…

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block of the month

CACTUS WHERE TO FIND IT Cactus blocks grow as part of cacti, which you can find in desert and Badlands biomes. Cacti are considerably more common in normal deserts than Badlands – you’ll find almost twice as many there – but they’re still very easy to spot given how open the landscape is! Each cactus is anywhere from 1-3 blocks high. Cactus blocks can also be found in four out of five desert village house chests in stacks of up to four. On the Bedrock Edition, they sometimes appear in bonus chests in stacks of up to two. Wandering traders will also occasionally sell a cactus for three emeralds, though that’s quite expensive given how easy they are to find usually! You can also find potted cacti (a single cactus block in a plant…