Minecraft World Magazine Issue 66

Minecraft World is the essential monthly guide to the planet’s best videogame: Minecraft! In each issue, we’ll be keeping you bang up to date with what’s happening in Minecraft, as well as sharing secrets, essential tips, advice and the very latest news. We'll be also serving up brilliant Minecraft constructions, expert hints, answering your questions, and packing page after page with as much as we possibly can about the game! Whether you're playing Minecraft on a computer, a portable device or a games console, Minecraft World is going to be your essential independent guide to getting as much out of the game as possible. And none of the game's monsters will be safe from us either.

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Welcome to another jam-packed issue of Minecraft World. Like many of you, we’ve been playing lots of extra Minecraft over the last few weeks while most of us have been spending our time at home. We hope you’re staying safe and well. We’re taken aback at just how much amazing Minecraft building you’ve been doing, and how many fantastic questions you’ve been asking. We’ve tried to cramas many letters and questions into this issue as possible, and we’re sorry we couldn’t fit in everyone. But if you’ve not got in this issue, we’ll try to get you in a future edition. You all keep brilliant, and we’ll have another crammed issue for you on 18 June. We look forward to seeing you then.…

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everything about creepers

HOW CREEPERS SPAWN Creepers spawn in the Over world only, although they may travel to the Nether if pushed through a portal. Light levels of seven or lower are dark enough for them to spawn. Like all other mobs, creepers don’t spawn in the mushroom plains biome. CREEPER BEHAVIOUR Creepers will chase any target (player!) that comes within a 16-block radius, as long as that target is within four blocks up or down from them too. When the creeper gets within three blocks of its target, it begins to flash white, shiver and hiss, and will explode after 1.5 seconds. A standard creeper’s explosion radius is three blocks, meaning that when it goes off it will damage blocks within a six-block circle centred on itself. If the target leaves the blast radius of six…

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minecraft dungeons faq

WHAT IS MINECRAFT DUNGEONS? Minecraft Dungeons is a Role-Playing Game (RPG) being developed by Mojang. It’s based on classic Minecraft, with a similar look and feel, but plays more like a traditional dungeon-exploring RPG. The game allows up to four players to party together and go exploring the world of Minecraft, looking for treasures and mobs in a series of playable worlds. If it’s anything like a traditional RPG, along the way you’ll be able to improve your stats and equipment, getting stronger and more deadly. Unlike a normal game of Minecraft, this isn’t an open world challenge–you’ll have specific quests and a story to follow as you explore pre-built worlds instead of creating your own. Of course, the place will look familiar–you’ll recognise existing biomes, blocks and mobs–but the actual game…

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what’s new in minecraft earth?

BUILDPLATE SHARING As of version 0.16.0, you’re able to share build plates. This means you can show your creations to other players and let them interact with them even when you’re not in the same place! ADVENTURE CRYSTALS Added in 0.15.0, these crystals are a lifesaver for anyone who can’t walk far or is stuck somewhere remote, as they allow you to summon an adventure to play wherever you are! You can collect them from tappables and adventure chests, and while they’re rare, they’re not hard to come by. BLOCKS ADDED Minecraft blocks from other versions of the game are being added to Minecraft Earth! In 0.16.0 and newer, you can expect to see books, bricks, glowstone dust and paper, all looking and behaving the way they do in other versions of the game! In 0.12.0,…

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nether update latest

NEW BIOME The BASALT DELTA is a new Nether biome made entirely out of the new volcanic rock, basalt, and thick with ash particles that fill the air.I’s covered in a grey-purple fog. The terrain is jagged and hard to navigate, and filled with lava lakes, making it incredibly dangerous! NEW BLOCKS BLACKSTONE generates in the new Basalt Delta biome. It’sa type of rock similar to cobble stone, and can be used as a replacement for cobblestone in many crafting recipes, including furnaces and stone tools. There are slab, stair and wall variants, and it’s possible to craft it into polished variants (which also have their own slab, stairs and wall versions) and to create chiselled varieties of polished blackstone. Polished blackstone can be crafted into buttons and pressure plates. GILDED BLACKSTONE is a…

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news round-up

UPCOMING OFFICIAL MINECRAFT BOOKS If your bookshelf looks like it could use a few more Minecrafty things on it, then we might just be able to help you out! We’ve got word of a few new books heading to stores between now and the end of the year, all of them official. The Guide to Minecraft Dungeons goes on sale from 11 June, followed on 7 July by the Official Animals Sticker Book. The first official Minecraft Dungeons novel is released on 9 July. Written by Matt Forbeck, it’s called Rise Of The Arch-Illager. Now that sounds like it could be fun! An official guide to Minecraft Earth, including information and tips from the makers of the game, will be on sale from 4 August. Minecraft: Epic Bases arrives on 6 October, full of building…