Minecraft World Magazine Issue 69

Minecraft World is the essential monthly guide to the planet’s best videogame: Minecraft! In each issue, we’ll be keeping you bang up to date with what’s happening in Minecraft, as well as sharing secrets, essential tips, advice and the very latest news. We'll be also serving up brilliant Minecraft constructions, expert hints, answering your questions, and packing page after page with as much as we possibly can about the game! Whether you're playing Minecraft on a computer, a portable device or a games console, Minecraft World is going to be your essential independent guide to getting as much out of the game as possible. And none of the game's monsters will be safe from us either.

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Welcome to another packed issue of Minecraft World! As always, we’ve crammed as much as we can into our pages about the best videogame on the planet! Now that we’re into the summer, we’ve set you a test and a half with our bumper list of Minecraft challenges! How many of these can you do?! We’ve not been neglecting the brilliant Minecraft Dungeons either, as we explore the game’s new DLC. Then there’s your fantastic work! You continue to send us your amazing builds and ideas, and we’re printing them as fast as we can! We’ll be back with issue 70 on 10th September – until then, happy Minecrafting, and stay safe!…

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51 minecraft challenges

1. RAINBOW FLOCK Breed enough sheep so you can dye them every colour. Remember, sheep naturally come in white, brown, silver, grey and black (and, very rarely, pink!). 2. WALL STREET Surround a village with a defensive wall and lighting so that mobs can’t get anywhere near it at night. Remember to build an entrance for yourself! 3. TREE-T Plant and grow a tree underground. You’ll need to hollow out plenty of room for it to grow, and install lighting. 4. POOL PARTY Build a swimming pool for your local villagers. It can be outdoors, indoors, any thing you like! 5. BASEMENT DWELLER Move into a large house in a village, then extend it by adding a basement area underneath. If you manage one extra floor, try adding two or more. See how far you get! 6. GREEN FINGERS Build a…

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dungeons chest guide

LEDGE CHESTS If you’ve spotted some chests which are positioned across a gap and you’re wondering how to get hold of them, you’re not alone! Minecraft Dungeons doesn’t have a jump button, but to get chests like this you can instead use your roll-dash attack. This will spring you over short gaps so that you can reach those chests that have been eluding you! You’ll usually spot the first of these in Squid Coast, just of to the right of the main path, with no exploration required. In Pumpkin Pastures, a similar pair can appear on a floating island (overlooking the boat) and on the approach to the castle, where you can roll over the moat on the right-hand side of the drawbridge. In Cacti Canyon, after you’ve activated five beacons, there’s a floating…

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dungeons dlc

NEW AREAS There are two new levels in the Jungle Awakens pack, Dingy Jungle and Overgrown Temple, as well as an extra secret level, Panda Plateau. The first two levels are accessed normally, but to reach Panda Plateau you have to keep playing Dingy Jungle until a version of the level generates claiming to have zero secrets. In this instance, when you’re told to cross the canyon, ignore the marker and head over the rope bridge. You’ll find a creeper statue – walk past it and cross a log to reach an L-shaped area. You’ll either discover an obsidian chest or the entrance to the secret level – it’s random! HOW TO GET IT Jungle Awakens was released on 1st July for all platforms, but don’t worry if you haven’t got it yet. Unlike…

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nether’s newest mob - striders

HOW STRIDERS SPAWN Striders can spawn only in the Nether, and almost only ever in the lava ocean biome. Any block of lava that is two spaces tall and has an air block above it can technically spawn one, but it’s so rare that this mostly happens in oceans. When a strider spawns, there’s a one in 10 chance it will spawn with a baby strider riding it, and a one in 30 chance of a zombified piglin spawning on top of it. Striders with a piglin will automatically be wearing a saddle. WHAT STRIDERS DROP In the Java Edition, killing a strider will cause it to drop 0-5 string – useful if you need to craft a fishing rod while in the Nether! They’re the only source of string in this biome. In…

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item of the month

Carrots are a food item that can be eaten by the player and tame mobs such as rabbits. Eating one carrot will restore three hunger points and 3.6 saturation points. They stack in groups of 64. GETTING CARROTS The easiest way to get hold of a carrot is to collect one from a carrot crop. All village farms have a 20% (one in five) chance of having carrots in them, and breaking a mature carrot crop will cause it to drop 1-5 carrots. Zombies and husks have a one in 40 chance or dropping an item when killed, and there’s a one in three chance that item will be a carrot. That means you can expect to collect one carrot for every 120 zombies killed. It’s also possible to collect carrots as loot from…