Minecraft World Magazine Issue 73

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A very warm welcome to the Christmas issue of Minecraft World! Given that it’s been quite a year, we figured we shouldn’t hold back on celebrating. You’ll find out how to make a festive build of your own, as well as discover some of the many favourites we’ve found on our travels! We’re thrilled that somany of you are sending us your builds and pictures, so we’ve added an extra page to try to squeeze in even more of them! We do read every letter, and itmay take awhile to fit in everyone’s, butwe do try to do so! The next issue goes on sale from 30th December. As such, on behalf of all of the team here, we wish you a wonderful Christmas, and here’s hoping 2021 is a slightly…

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build a christmas world

CANDY CANES One of the easiest ways to make the outdoor areas of your world look Christmassy is to decorate them with candy canes. You can make these relatively simply by alternating red and white concrete blocks. Different colours can also work – white and green is another classic Christmas colour scheme, but any combination of bright colours and white should look good! You can use stairs to give the curved areas as lightly more rounded appearance. We’ve actually used quartz blocks instead of white concrete on the smaller canes because you can’t make concrete stairs–at least, not yet! For larger candy canes, try to make the stripes spiral around the main body. This can be very tricky, but as you can see from our picture below it looks awesome once it’s done! Build several…

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frequently asked questions

HOW DO I FIND AN END CITY? Our favourite method is to travel to the outer islands of the End. The island you fight the dragon on is in the centre of a large doughnut-shaped void where there aren’t any islands, so teleport through the End gateway, then circle around the End, keeping the void on your left (or right). Before you reach your start point (remember to mark it!), you’ll probably spot an End city. HOW DO I GET DIAMONDS? The easiest way to get diamonds is to mine them from ore. You can mine diamond ore with an iron pickaxe (or better) and you’ll find it at levels 0-15 of the map. The easiest way to find some is to dig all the way to bedrock, head back up about five…

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minecraft dungeons howling peaks preview

The HOWLING PEAKS DLC pack is the first in a new “season” of downloadable content, and will be followed up by some Ocean themed DLC, some Nether-themed DLC and some End-themed DLC. This, the first of the four new packs, is also the first not to be included in the Hero Pass edition of the game which granted access to the first two DLC chapters. The Howling Peaks DLC is going to be released in December 2020. No information on pricing yet but it will likely cost the same are previous DLC packs, and be cheaper with the new season pass which includes the other three announced DLC chapters, to be downloaded when they are released. NEW LEVELS Like previous DLC packs, Howling Peaks introduces a new island with a pair of new…

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how to make poseable armourr stands

BEDROCK EDITION This is one case where Bedrock Edition players have it a LOT easier than Java Edition players. In the Bedrock Edition, armour stands come with arms by default. To make a poseable one, you just have to place the armour stand, then sneak next to it and look at the base. If you’ve done it correctly, this will give you the option of changing your armour stand’s stance to one of 13 predefined poses. You can cycle through them even after the armour has been added, so enjoy trying them out to see which looks coolest. JAVA EDITION If you’ve noticed that the armour stands in the Java Edition don’t have arms, well done! The first thing we need to do is learn how to change that. You can summon an…

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item of the month

ABOUT AXES Axes are common tools which have two main uses: as a bladed weapon for fighting, and for mining wood based blocks more quickly. Like many tools, axes can be crafted out of several materials – the simplest axe is made of wood, though you can also craft more durable versions out of stone, iron, gold, diamond and Netherite. As well as being used to collect wooden blocks, you can use the axe’s alternate function on a log or wood block to strip it of its bark, turning it into stripped version of itself. As with mining a block, this causes the axe to lose one durability point. GETTING AXES The easiest way to get an axe is to craft it directly using sticks and then necessary material, but there are other ways…