Minecraft World Magazine Issue 75

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summon secret mobs

GIANTS Giants are an unused form of zombie found in the Java Edition. They’ve been in the game since its earliest development version, but don’t spawn naturally. You can’t put a giant in as pawner because their spawning conditions are that the light level has to be higher than 11 AND lower than eight, which is impossible! When they spawn, giants have no AIand will simply face south without moving. They don’t burn in sunlight, but can be set on fire. In one development build – version 18w50a – giants were imbued with normal zombie AI. They burned in sunlight, moved twice as fast as regular zombies, and could attack the players and villagers. There was even a baby variant! These changes were removed from version 19w03a onwards. GIANT STATS Giants are 12 blocks high…

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caves & cliffs latest

AXOLOTLS Perhaps one of the most exciting things to come out of this update, axolotls have now been added to the development version! We’ve played around with these new mobs, which are based on the real-life salamander, and they’re looking great. Their appearance and behaviour may change between now and the final release, but here’s what we know so far! First up, axolotls need to be in water regularly to survive. If placed on dry land, they start taking damage after five minutes and can die of dehydration. At the moment, they’re passive towards players and can be caught using a water bucket to create a bucket of axolotl, which you can use to move them around in the same way as fish. Speaking of fish, axolotls are hostile towards all fish and…

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minecraft dungeons: howling peaks secrets

ALL ABOUT HOWLING PEAKS Available on the DLC store for your console, Howling Peaks has the most new gear and artefacts of any DLC released for Minecraft Dungeons so far. New skins include llama and emerald, and new wearables include emerald gear and climbing gear. It’s also the first place you’ll encounter goats, which are coming to Minecraft soon, plus it has wooly cows, which you might remember from Minecraft Earth! With three levels, it’s the same size as previous DLCs and should take a couple of hours to finish. COLOSSAL RAMPART The secret location in Minecraft Dungeons’ latest DLC is the Colossal Rampart. It’s a huge fortress on the edge of the mountain which has been damaged over the years, but is still full of mobs! Inside, you’ll find all kinds of…

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make a mob spawner

You’ve probably seen mob spawners – those black cages with a small, spinning mob inside, which appear in dungeons, mineshafts, strongholds, fortresses and mansions. Breaking a mob spawner with a pickaxe gives you tonnes of experience, but it doesn’t allow you to collect and place the block unless your axe has Silk Touch. If you want to do that AND customise which mob it spawns, keep reading! BEDROCK EDITION In the Bedrock Edition, it’s pretty easy to make a mob spawner. If you look in the Creative mode inventory, you’ll find an empty spawner. Simply place it in the world to create an empty spawner. Now, go back into the Creative inventory and select a spawn egg. Use the spawn egg on the empty spawner to create the mob spawner of your…

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item of the month

ABOUT CHORUS FRUIT The only food item that exists in the End, chorus fruit grows on chorus trees, and can be harvested and eaten, cooked, or used for crafting recipes. When eaten, it restores four hunger points, and unlike most food it can be eaten with a full health bar due to the teleportation effect it causes! It can be stacked in groups of 64, so make sure you stock up when you’re in the Nether! GETTING CHORUS FRUIT Chorus fruit grows within chorus trees, and can be harvested by breaking the tree. For this reason, the easiest way to get the fruit is just to break the very base of a tree, which causes all the blocks supported by the base to break and the fruit to drop. Notall chorus trees will…

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block of the month

STONECUTTERS ABOUT STONECUTTERS The stonecutter is a job-site block for the stone mason. It resembles a large slab of stone with a circular spinning saw placed through it. It’s used for crafting and, like other workstation blocks, it’s a more specified version of the crafting table which can be used more efficiently. Stonecutters have a blast resistance of 3.5 and a hardness of 3.5. They’re stackable in groups of 64. GETTING STONECUTTERS Stonecutters automatically generate in villages with a stone mason’s house, and can be mined/collected from those houses. To collect a stonecutter without destroying it, you must use a pickaxe. It takes 17.5 seconds to destroy one without a pickaxe, 2.65 seconds to break and collect one with a wooden pickaxe, and 0.45 seconds to break and collect one with a golden pickaxe. Remember that…