Minecraft World Magazine Issue 77

Minecraft World is the essential monthly guide to the planet’s best videogame: Minecraft! In each issue, we’ll be keeping you bang up to date with what’s happening in Minecraft, as well as sharing secrets, essential tips, advice and the very latest news. We'll be also serving up brilliant Minecraft constructions, expert hints, answering your questions, and packing page after page with as much as we possibly can about the game! Whether you're playing Minecraft on a computer, a portable device or a games console, Minecraft World is going to be your essential independent guide to getting as much out of the game as possible. And none of the game's monsters will be safe from us either.

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A very warm welcome to Minecraft World magazine! Just as this issue goes on sale, the clocks are about to go forward, which means we’re leaving winter behind and heading towards summer. Hopefully, we’ll all be able to get out and about a bitmore in the coming months. Whatever happens, there’s plenty going on with Minecraft to keep us busy! In this issue alone, there’s a pirate ship, a look at other games in Minecraft, April Fool’s gags and awhole lotmore! We’re squeezing in asmany of your letters, builds and questions every issue aswe can. If yours hasn’t been printed, please remember it generally takes an issue or two due to print deadlines! You all take care–we’re back againwith the next issue of themagazine on 22nd April – by then, spring should have…

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build a pirate ship

THE FRAME The first thing you need to do is pick the location where you want to build your ship, and begin putting together a frame. We’ve used logs (most of this boat is going to be wood!) and started with a long, curved strut that forms the bottom of the boat, facing forwards. Now, build off some ribs to either side. Make them symmetrical, and ensure all of the struts extend slightly above the surface of the water – you want the deck to be about two or three blocks higher than sea level! THE HULL Next, you need to fill in the gaps between these struts with wooden planks. As you can see from the picture, you want to try and keep the gradient fairly smooth rather than have a big,…

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among us and roblox in minecraft

AMONG US MULTIPLAYER SERVERS Good news for Java Edition players – you can play Among Us in Minecraft using these dedicated server links! Taking on the role of either a crewman or imposter, you can perform tasks in fully 3D realisations of the Among Us maps while playing online with real people! The good news about these servers is that playing them doesn’t require any mods or downloads – you just put in the server address and go: ⯀ Mineville: play.mineville.org (look for “imposter”) ⯀ Performium: amongus.performium.net (look for “Amongoose”) Remember to get permission from your grown-up before playing online! DOWNLOADABLE MAPS If you want the chance to play on some of the iconic Among Us locations in your own time, you can find tonnes of maps based on The Skeld, Polus, MIRA and even the…

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minecraft april fool’s jokes

2011 - LOCKED CHEST In 2011, Minecraft Beta 1.4 would randomly try to generate locked chests in every new chunk of the game. If you found one of the chests and clicked on it, you’d be invited by the “Steve Co. Supply Crate” to go and buy a key from a fake Minecraft Store (there wasn’t a real one at the time!). If you clicked the “buy” button, a velociraptor from Jurassic Park appeared on your screen and let out a huge scream. Terrifying! 2013 - MINECRAFT 2.0 On 1st April 2020, a fake announcement of Minecraft 2.0 was released along with a set of joke updates to the game, which are no longer available. Jokes included the Etho Slab (which was a super-powerful TNT slab), the Burnt-Out Torch (which torches randomly changed…

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lush caves preview

LUSH CAVE BLOCKS In the screenshots on this page, you can see some of the new block types! A DRIPLEAF can support a mob for 1.5 seconds and grows on water. They grow in large and small versions. AZALEAS are a new type of tree that grows above the lush caves biome. The dirt beneath them is the new ROOTED DIRT type, with the roots stretching down into the lush cave itself. CAVE VINES hang from the ceiling of caves and grow glow berries. They can’t be climbed. HANGING ROOTS and SPORE BLOSSOMS are decorative blocks that grow on the underside of rooted dirt. The MOSS block and MOSS CARPET are plant-like blocks found in lush caves. The blocks will grow azalea plants when fertilised with bone meal. NEW WORLD GENERATION The biggest change is that bedrock is…

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item of the month

ABOUT NUGGETS In Mine craft, there are two types of nugget:gold and iron. Both of them are smaller chunks of material that can be used in certain recipes. On their own, they aren’t a lot of use, but if you collect enough they’ll be come more useful! GETTING NUGGETS There are several ways to get nuggets: You can smelt many gold and iro n it ems into a nugget (e.g.a damage d pickaxe or worn armour). You can craft an iron or gold ingot directly into nine nuggets on a craf ting grid. Piglins will sell 9-36 iron nuggets in exchange for one gold ingot.Zombified piglins can drop uptoonegoldnuggetwhen they’rekilled. In the Nether, gold nuggets can be mined directly from Nether gold ore and gilded blackstone. Finally, you can collect both types of…