Minecraft World Magazine Issue 82

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Have you ever seen him? Despite the team at Mojang insisting that the ghostly Herobrine isn’t real, almost every issue someone tells us that they’ve seen him in the game somewhere. This issue then, we’ve decided to get to the bottom of the Herobrine mystery, and you can follow our investigation starting on page 4! Thanks too for all the feedback we’ve had on cover gifts, and we’ll have an update on those soon. Thank you also for all the brilliant builds and pictures you’ve been sending us. If yours hasn’t appeared yet, bear with us, we’re getting there. We love reading about what you’ve been doing in Minecraft! We’ll be back with the next issue on September 9th. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the summer break, and happy Minecrafting!…

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herobrine: the truth!

THE HEROBRINE STORY The first-ever word about Herobrine came from a text post in which a user describes starting a new single-player world and catching sight of something moving around in the distance. Upon chasing it, they found it was another character with the default Minecraft “Steve” skin, except that their eyes were blank – but this player quickly disappeared and was never seen again. The user checked, and they weren’t in multiplayer mode. As this player explored the world, they found things that seemed to be created by someone else: 2x2 tunnels in rocks, small pyramids of sand, and groves of trees with their leaves stripped off. To find out more, they posted on a forum asking if anyone else had found this other Steve, and their post was deleted twice.…

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build a supermarket

PLANNING Planning a supermarket build is easy: find a nice, flat spot that’s easy to clear, and mark the outline of your building using an easy-to-follow block. We’ve gone with orange concrete to make it simple to show you the scale of the place. Supermarkets are big, and yours should be too! FLOORSPACE Once you’ve flattened out the ground in and around your plan, you can start filling in the floor and building up the walls. What you make depends on the type of building you’re going for – we’ve used polished andesite tiles for the floor and red brick blocks for the walls. As you can see, we’ve also made sure to include some pretty large windows on most of the sides of the building just to let in lots of light.…

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axolotls in-depth

SPAWNING & VARIANTS Axolotls are underwater mobs, so they only spawn in water found below sea level where there is a light level of zero (i.e.complete darkness). They spawn in groups of 1-4. Although they come in five colours, only four can spawn naturally. Pink, brown, yellow and cyan axolotls can spawn anywhere. The fifth variety (blue) can only spawn when they’re bred by the player (by feeding two adult individuals tropical fish bucket each). There’s a one in 1200 chance of breeding blue axolotl! Blue ones can spawn from any coloured parents, and in the other 1199 cases the baby will be the same colour as one of the parents. BEHAVIOUR & EFFECTS Axolotls can’t be tamed, but they can be put on a leash or collected in a bucket. If you’re fighting…

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what’s coming in 1.18?

DEEP DARK BIOME This new cave biome will appear below even the existing caves, and feature sculk sensors and the terrifying warden mob. Wardens are completely blind, but will navigate through echolocation, inspecting any sound they hear – whether that’s you, another mob or something you’ve thrown. Wardens are the only mob to spawn in the Deep Dark biome and they’re incredibly strong – able to inflict more than 30 points of damage in a single hit while having super-high health themselves. We predict they’re going to be one of the more horrifying aspects of Minecraft as soon as they’re in the game! NEW WORLD GENERATION Originally, one of the reasons the new update was being made was to overhaul mountain and cave generation. This proved difficult, so it got held back, but…

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item of the month

ABOUT STICKS Despite their simple appearance, sticks are one of the most important items in Minecraft, mostly because you need to them craft all of the basic tools in the game, as well as arrows and torches. If you don’t get a stick crafted or collected early on, you’re going to struggle pretty quickly! GETTING STICKS Because they’re so useful, there are tonnes of ways to get sticks in Minecraft. Here are all the different ways you can collect them: You can craft any two wood plank blocks together to get four sticks. You can craft two pieces of bamboo together to get one stick. You can catch sticks while fishing – they count as a “junk” item. Witches can drop 0-6 sticks when they’re killed. Dead bushes can drop 0-2 sticks when they’re broken by any means. Leaves…