Minecraft World Magazine Issue 83

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ultimate expert crafting guide

EVERLASTING FIRE Fire is dangerous, but it also has lots of uses. The problem is that unless you keep re-lighting them, fires burn out eventually. Or do they? YOU’LL NEED: At least one Netherrack block Some way of lighting a block, such as a flint & steel (1 x flint + 1 x iron ingot) Start by placing Netherrack where you want the fire to be, then light it with a flint & steel. The fire will then burn until a player strikes it. Set the Netherrack into the ground, so it’s disguised, but make sure it’s surrounded by fire-resistant blocks to stop it from spreading! A LIGHT SWITCH Making a light switch is a simple way to understand redstone circuits and make a house feel more like a home. YOU’LL NEED: A redstone lamp (4…

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fast food tips

SCAVENGING APPLES Apples restore four hunger and 2.4 saturation, so they’re good for keeping hunger at bay once you stock up on them. If your home biome has oak or dark oak trees, you can break their leaves to collect apples. You only get one apple in every 200 broken leaves, on average, but the apples appear even if the leaves decay on their own - destroy the tree trunks and wait! Note that the apples don’t appear if leaves are burned. FINDING MELONS In Jungle biomes, melons grow in patches, and to eat them, all you have to do is break the melon block. It will drop 3-7 slices, and each slice restores two hunger points and 1.2 saturation. That means a minimum of six hunger points – and possibly up to…

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minecraft dungeons – echoing void secrets

ABOUT ECHOING VOID In case you didn’t guess from the name, Echoing Void is based on the End dimension from Minecraft. You begin in a stronghold beneath a small island, and you have to activate the portal by collecting eyes of ender. Your goal is to enter the portal and defeat the Vengeful Heart of Ender – the DLC’s boss! This expansion pack for the original Minecraft Dungeons is available now and can be downloaded from the official store for your PC, tablet or console. ACCESSING ECHOING VOID To gain access to the Echoing Void levels, you first need to find six eyes of ender scattered throughout the rest of the game. These can be spotted in Soggy Swamp, Creeper Woods, Cacti Canyon, Pumpkin Pastures, Desert Temple and Highblock Halls. The location is (of…

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build a zen garden

WHAT IS A ZEN GARDEN? A zen garden is a small landscape surrounded by a low wall containing water, rocks, pruned trees, sand or gravel and other plants. Typically, they have very few plants and often contain running water. The idea is that you can go there to sit in peace and think about nature or meditate. They were initially created at Buddhist temples in Japan circa 1400, but have since been recreated all around the world, even into the present day, and now you can build your own in Minecraft! PICKING A LOCATION First, decide the perfect place to create your garden. You need a largeish, flat space in a temperate biome – a grass plains biome is perfect, but you could also clear a space in a forest/jungle or, at a…

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item of the month

ABOUT SPYGLASSES Spyglasses allow you to see long distances in high detail–they’re essentially small telescopes! When you zoom in using a spyglass, your view is reduced to a square by the shape of the spyglass lens. The spyglass has infinite durability, so you can use it as much as you like. However, you can only zoom in continuously for one minute, after which you’ll revert to your regular view. Note that while you’re using the spyglass, your movement will be restricted to creeping speed, the same as if you’re raising a shield or drawing a bow. GETTING SPYGLASSES The only way to get a spyglass is to craft one from scratch – at present, they’re not available as loot or naturally occurring in the Over world, though this might change in future! To craft a spyglass,…

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block of the month

AMETHYST ABOUT AMETHYST In case you missed it, amethyst is a new purple-ish mineral block that was added in the first part of the Caves & Cliffs update. It forms naturally as the interior of geodes, which are large, hollow spheres that form underground and near the sea bed. Amethyst itself is a decorative block, which means its main function is to look cool, but naturally occurring amethyst has some additional secrets… GETTING AMETHYST It takes 2.25 seconds to break an amethyst block with your hand or any non-pickaxe tool (which destroys it), 1.15 seconds with a wooden pickaxe, or 0.2 seconds with a golden pickaxe (the fastest). It’s also possible to craft amethyst blocks using four amethyst shards, which grow on budding amethyst and can be collected from the interior of geodes. GEODES Geodes are the only…