Model Railroading: The Ultimate Guide (2019)

Model Railroading: The Ultimate Guide (2019)

Model Railroading: The Ultimate Guide Vol 2 (2019)
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This special issue is full of cool projects and tons of tips and techniques that modelers of all skill levels will find useful. Within the all- new features and videos, you'll find: Cody Grivno's best-kept painting secrets See him paint, weather, and detail a complete 1956 Chicago & North Western commuter train. Gerry Leone's great rural scenery building techniques Learn how to make roads, cornfields, a highway underpass, and more. Drew Halverson and MR Video crew's trackside adventures in the Show Me State. Find out about railroad hot spots and must-see locations. Copper Basin Railway track plan. Get access to an animated 3D track plan video that shows the layout in detail - and more!

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we’re back!

The Model Railroader Video Plus team is pleased to bring you The Ultimate Guide 2019! For those of you who’ve just picked up this magazine for the first time, you’re probably wondering what it’s all about. Well, every year we create more than 150 videos for ModelRailroaderVideoPlus.com, our subscription video website, and we cover a lot of ground in those 52 weeks. We always have one or more project railroads running to show layout-building techniques. We also have a team of contributing modelers who willingly share their best tips. And we take trips to showcase great layouts and full-sized railroads. There’s always something exciting to watch on MRVideoPlus.com! Although watching videos is a great way to learn how to do some things (I fixed my stove by watching a YouTube video), sometimes…

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2019 cast of characters

David Popp Producer JOB: Paints big pictures (and small models) FAVE: MINI Coopers FACT: Once directed “South Pacific” and used real sand on the stage! Kent Johnson Associate Producer JOB: New editor for “Garden Railways” magazine – congrats! FAVE: His big dog, Mack FACT: Has travelled by train in the former USSR Ray and Renee Grosser Awesome Layout Owners JOB: Provider for full-time wife FAVE: Building really big models FACT: Has parachute jumped out of aircraft 193 times JOB: Full-time wife FAVE: Wears flip-flops all year FACT: Has scratchbuilt more than 150 models, working from Z to O scale Ben Lake Associate Editor JOB: Plug stuff together and make it work FAVE: Seven Wonders board game FACT: Grew up with a BN main line in the backyard Jenny Freeland Assistant Editor JOB: Keeping MRVP running FAVE: Jamaica! FACT: Can deadlift 155 pounds Cody Grivno Group Technical Editor Job: Cody’s Workshop Fave: Happy Joe’s taco pizza Fact:…

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model a 1950s suburban service train

Model Railroader Video Plus producer David Popp designed a track plan based on the Chicago & North Western in Crystal Lake, Ill. A natural companion project was to model a 1950s-era suburban service (commuter) train in HO scale. One type of unit used on the full-size trains was an Electro-Motive Division GP7. Fortunately, we had an Athearn Genesis HO scale model in North Western colors, complete with steam-generator equipment and head-end power cabinets. But now we needed cars to put behind our four-axle unit. David and I talked about different options for cars. Then I remembered Rivarossi’s line of 60-foot heavyweights. The cars are based on C&NW prototypes. Better yet, we knew the company offered cars decorated for C&NW. That is, except when we needed them. Various searches for used cars came up…

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lake of plexiglas

Water features are always star attractions on model railroads. Our Canadian Canyons N scale project, featured on MRVideoPlus.com, has two rivers and a lake on it. I’d used two-part resin to make the rivers, but the lake was something of a special problem – it had to span two sections of the layout that needed to be separated. Resin wasn’t going to work well here. Enter Plexiglas, a brand of clear acrylic panels. I’ve used this transparent material before to represent water surfaces, and I thought it might be an ideal starting point for our Kamloops Lake project. THE PROTOTYPE David Says… As long as you can make straight cuts, acrylic panels are very easy to work with. A metal straightedge helps a lot. I’ve also used metal paint cans as a guide to…

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make a fast forest

When the MRVP team set to work on building our N scale Canadian Canyons, I signed up to work on my favorite part – scenery. The layout models the Thompson and Fraser River Valleys in British Columbia. These are heavily forested regions, so it was clear that I was going to need a lot of trees! Making trees Step 1: Soak trees in water For this project, I used several Timberline Scenery Grow-a-tree lodgepole pine tree kits. The tree armatures come flattened in the package, but they take their original tree-shape when placed in water. Step 2: Trim the trees Once the armatures had spread out, I pulled them out of the water and teased the branches to get the trees into their final shape. I trimmed any branches that were too long or out…

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the copper basin railway

Every prototype railroad has a unique character shaped by three things: Its location, its purpose, and its history. The Copper Basin Railway, located in southern Arizona, is no exception. If you’re interested in modeling passenger service, bridge traffic, or a wide variety of freight trains, the Copper Basin isn’t the prototype for you. But if heavy unit trains grinding through the spectacular landscape of the Sonoran Desert behind lashups of handsome Geeps appeals to you, read on. The Copper Basin Railway is a single-purpose transportation system, designed to move tons of bulk material between an open-pit mine at Ray, Ariz., and a smelter at Hayden in an endless industrial extraction process that yields up to 380 million pounds of 99.44 percent pure copper each year. The railroad, once a Southern Pacific branch line,…