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Modern Living is a modern interior décor magazine, packed with inspiration, trends, style and shopping. Its focus is on aspirational homes across beach, rustic, urban and apartment living, with plenty of shoppable pages to help readers identify their style, be inspired by the spaces around them and invest in their favourite pieces.

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why your home space has never been more important than rn

Hands up who of you has spent more time at home this year than any other time in recent memory? Yep, us too. You can put your hands down now. Between our hard lockdown and the ongoing work from home scenario (hard to believe that in 2019, I barely recognised the acronym WFH), we’ve never been more ready to ensure our houses are both functional and beautiful… Functional because they’ve had to operate as a home, an office, a school room and a space that accommodates different people with various needs throughout a day in relative calm and privacy. Beautiful and comfortable because, heck, if you can’t go anywhere else, you may as well make your space the happiest it can be. And then there’s the blow-up of local – supporting…

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the décor memo

Elegant, Shellegant Forget about shells as a summer fashion trend (although we still love them, thanks Altuzarra and Etro) and invest in a collection for your wall instead… When illustrator Lucie De Moyencourt started experimenting with her shells back in 2018, she couldn’t have imagined they’d become a sell-out sensation… Now back for its third collection, Lucie’s beautiful, all-unique, glazed shells are housed under her new label Shellegance (the logo alone is enough to make you want to tuck into fish and chips at a tiny sea-swept vintage village, honestly) but the shells, gathered as a collection – big or small - on a wall, are too beautiful. Sign up to her mailing list so you’re the first to know when a new batch is released. It’s first come, first served and…

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the hot list

If you’ve heard the words ‘urban jungle’ bandied about of late, you’re stepping into a speedily growing trend for indoor plants that has been brewing for the last five years. It started as most things do nowadays – over on social media – when Euro-loving lifestyle bloggers started sharing pics of their homes filled with very Instagrammable plants. Yes, as Andreas Keller of Plantify says, “there had been a trend for house plants in the 70s, but young people hadn’t seen some species before, such as the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, with its outsized leaves.” Insta kicked off a search for quirky, cool plants, and a trend for nesting with them in our homes, at a time when the global ecological crisis became common knowledge. 1 FIRST TIME PLANT BUYER, LISTEN UP According…

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the décor memo

Wallpaper as art Capetonian wallpaper guru, Cara Saven’s new range takes armchair travel to new lengths with her Cape Town-centric collab. And we love the illustration, as much as we love the collaborative energy that has come out of 2020. “The artists and I were chatting about this collab before Covid hit,” Cara explains, “but 2020 has certainly made me more open to others and their incredible skills. I do think we’ve all looked within and around and felt very grateful for those within our orbit and network. I certainly am. I love authenticity in every respect and illustration embodies it. I can’t do fake. If I’m in a bad mood, you’ll know about it. If I’m cross or pissed off, there’s no smile hiding it. Illustration is authentic, it’s back…

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cool + collectible

Thembi Matroshe Art Curator “I am a Johannesburg-based independent art curator, art advisor and art project co-ordinator who is passionate about uplifting and empowering marginalised groups in society; particularly black, queer, femme and gender non-binary individuals. I was born in Mthatha, and pursued my tertiary studies at the University of Cape Town – a BA English Literature and Art History Honours Curatorship. I am currently a Masters candidate in Heritage and Public Culture at the University of the Witswatersrand. “I have always had a keen interest in the arts. From a young age I enjoyed drawing, painting and sculpting. I took visual art as a subject in high school and was encouraged by my high school teacher to take Art History in university. It was only later in my university career that I…

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100% collab

Customisation Station If this year of lockdown has taught us anything, it is the power of collaboration. And we are all over the collaborative nature of this dreamy partnership. Rosie Bradshaw from Airloom – a local rug (and a whole lot more) company has teamed up with two local designers. As she says: “Good design is good design, whether it’s born in the mind of a textile designer and graffiti artist or a fashion designer. Nothing excites us more than seeing how we can partner with South African designers from different disciplines, translating their vision onto rugs and fabric.” The first collab features Bonolo Chepape of Lulasclan. Rosie tells us: “She is really great to work with and her designs are an absolute hit on our rugs. We are busy producing…