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October 2020

National Geographic Kids magazine - the perfect balance between learning and fun! A must-have for children ages 6 and up. Each issue is packed with colorful photos, games, puzzles, fun features and facts about animals, science, technology, and more.

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weird but true!

CHECK OUT THE BOOK! A giant fungus in Oregon covers an area the size of 20,000 basketball courts. Various hatch in the dad’s fish eggs mouth. A company in England created CHEESE-SCENTED perfume. A cow in Canada sold for 1.2 million dollars. Sea snail mucus was once used to make purple dye. A building in Poland looks like it’s melting. The oldest rocks in the Grand Canyon are almost 2 billion years old. In Japan you can buy octopus-flavored ice cream. Giraffe hooves are the size of dinner plates. © IMAGEBROKER / ALAMY (FUNGUS); SEBASTIAN_K / ALAMY (BOTTLE), © D. HURST / ALAMY (CHEESE), ALEXPI / SHUTTERSTOCK (SILK) IMAGE DIGITALLY COMPOSED; JULIDE DENGEL / NG STAFF (BANKNOTE WITH COW, DYE, ICE CREAM); PHOTOBLISS / ALAMY (BUILDING); ALEXEY STIOP / ALAMY (GRAND CANYON); JIRI HERA / ALAMY (PLATE)…

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guinness world records

Get more cool stuff in the new book GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2021! JACK-O’-LANTERNS INVADE PARK You won’t need a flashlight walking around these guys. With candles burning inside each gourd, 30,581 pumpkins became the largest display of lit jack-o’-lanterns. Volunteers gathered in Keene, New Hampshire, to carve letters to spell out the names of local businesses into the pumpkins, which were later composted. That’s a lot of pumpkin guts! WHO TURNED ON THE LIGHTS? SUPERSIZE CROC If you think regular-size crocodiles are scary, you’re definitely not going to like this one. Sarcosuchus (pronounced sar-COH-su-cus) was a 40-foot-long crocodyliform, or crocodile-like reptile, that roamed the Earth some 112 million years ago. As long as three small vehicles lined up front to back and weighing up to 18,000 pounds, it’s the largest crocodyliform ever. No wonder its…

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all about money

Denmark’s 50-ore coin has a heart on it. To spend $1 billion a dollar at a time, you’d have to pay a buck a second for nearly 32 years. A $5 bill from Australia uses special inks to make a bird “flap” its wings and change color when tilted. Jordan’s half-dinar coin has 7 sides. In Thailand, oval bars of silver once used as money were called “tiger tongues.” A 1913 U.S. Liberty Head nickel—one of only 5 in existence—sold at auction for more than $3.1 million. Potatoes were once used as currency on the South Atlantic island of Tristan da Cunha. MONEY TIP! WRITE DOWN THE ITEMS YOU’D LIKE TO BUY, SUCH AS TOYS AND GAMES. KEEPING A WISH LIST WILL MOTIVATE YOU TO SAVE YOUR MONEY. IVAN VDOVIN / ALAMY (50-ORE COIN); TAFFPIXTURE / SHUTTERSTOCK (AUSTRALIAN $5…

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this or that?

CHOOSE THIS: Have a sleepover in a vampire’s castle. or CHOOSE THAT: Play hide-and-seek with mummies. If you CHOSE THIS You’d never forget a night at BRAN CASTLE. This 13th-century fortress is thought to be the inspiration for the VAMPIRE’S HOME in Bram Stoker’s spooky novel, Dracula, even though THE AUTHOR NEVER ACTUALLY VISITED IT. Located in central Romania, a country in Europe, the castle is currently a museum that occasionally hosts overnight guests. Just remember to lock your bedroom door! If you CHOSE THAT The mummies are hiding and you’re doing the seeking if you pay a visit to the TIMBAC CAVES in the Philippines, home of the FIRE MUMMIES. (They’re called this because part of the process to create these mummies included setting the bodies over a fire to dry them out.) The mummies were stashed…

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halloween pet parade

You won’t get a sugar rush from these Halloween treats—just an overload of adorable. Millions of pet owners will dress up their furry friends this October, and Nat Geo Kids found a few of the silliest costumes. I’M GUILTY OF STEALING YOUR SOCKS. A BIRD? WHERE? These pets like wearing costumes, but your pet may not. Never force your pet to do something it does not want to do. I’M A VERY CUTE VILLAIN. GET ALONG, LITTLE DOGGIE. If you dress up your pet, check that the outfit is comfortable and allows the animal to breathe and walk safely. BEST-DRESSED PETS Check out the most-popular costumes worn by party animals last Halloween. 1. pumpkin 2. hot dog 3. superhero 4. bumblebee 5. cat 6. witch 7. lion 8. dog 9. devil 10. shark MAYBE I’LL CATCH A MOUSE WITH THIS DISGUISE. PLEASE CLAP FOR ME. ALL ABOARD! I ALWAYS FEEL LIKE THIS…

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tricks for treats

1 PUMPKIN PARTY BRISTOL ZOO BRISTOL, ENGLAND Every October Rocky the raccoon got to celebrate Halloween at the Bristol Zoo. But he didn’t dress up in costume—he played with pumpkins. In the wild, raccoons dig for food such as bugs and bird eggs. To encourage Rocky and his brother, Meeko, to mimic this natural behavior, keeper Precious Bayliss hid their favorite treats in pumpkins. First she drilled holes into the gourds, then filled them with mealworms. That way the raccoons had to use their opposable thumbs—or fingers capable of grasping objects—to dig out the insects. “Rocky was clever and a bit sneaky,” she says. “When he picked out mealworms from his pumpkin, he’d steal Meeko’s.” Bayliss also put the pumpkins at different heights to encourage the raccoons to climb, like they’d scale…