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National Geographic Kids October 2018

National Geographic Kids magazine - the perfect balance between learning and fun! A must-have for children ages 6 and up. Each issue is packed with colorful photos, games, puzzles, fun features and facts about animals, science, technology, and more.

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weird but true!

IT WOULD TAKE YOU MORE THAN 1,000 YEARS TO WATCH ALL OF THE VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE. Young koalas sometimes smell like cough drops. A man in Indiana parachuted out of an airplane 640 times in 24hours. Certain species of birds can sing with regional “accents.” Only 12 people have walked on the MOON. A meatball weighed 109 pounds— that’s enough beef to make 436 hamburgers. If you lined up all the eyelashes a person loses in a lifetime, the hairs would stretch the length of 10 crocodiles. A howler monkey’s roar can be heard up to 3 miles away. CHECK OUT THE BOOK AND APP! JULIDE DENGEL / NG STAFF (YOUTUBE ART, COUGH DROPS); HAN NA JUNG / NG STAFF (PARACHUTE, MEATBALL, SEAL);NASA (ASTRONAUT); MENNO SCHAEFER / SHUTTERSTOCK (BIRD); © AMAZON-IMAGES / ALAMY (HOWLER MONKEY)…

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guinness world records

REALLY LONG LASHES You’ll definitely raise your eyebrows over this record. You Jianxia holds the record for the longest eyelash. While some of her lashes are a normal length, many of them extend nearly to her chin. The longest one measures 4.88 inches, about 10 times the length of the average human lash. Now that’s an eye-popping record. KILLER FUNGUS It’s no wonder this mushroom is nicknamed the “death cap.” Amanita phalloides is the most poisonous fungus on Earth. Found all over the planet, these mushrooms have enough toxin in one cap to kill a human. It’s best to keep this fungus as far away from your dinner plate as possible! SUPER-TALL CAT You would’ve had to hide the catnip really high up to keep it from the tallest domestic cat ever. Arcturus stood about…

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halloween pet parade

TOO BAD NONE OF THESE BONES ARE CHEW TOYS. VILLAINS FLEE WHEN THEY SEE MY SLOBBERING POWERS. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO FEED ME. These pets like wearing costumes but yours may not. Never force your pet to do something it doesn’t want to do. About 16 percent of Americans plan to dress up their pet this Halloween. I’M TOTALLY “JAW”-SOME! BEST-DRESSED PETS Which pet costumes did party animals wear last year? Take a look at some of the most popular. 1. pumpkin 2. hot dog 3. lion 4. pirate 5. dog 6. bumblebee 7. devil 8. superhero 9. ghost 10. witch LEARN HOW TO TAKE GREAT PICS OF YOUR PET! natgeokids.com/october WHERE’S MY KARAOKE MACHINE? I’VE GOT SOME ELVIS TUNES TO PERFORM. HEY, I THOUGHT FAIRY DUST CAME WITH THIS OUTFIT. JUST CALL ME CLEO-CAT-RA. I KNOW, I’M “SEW” ADORABLE. PLEASE PAY YOUR CAB FARE IN DOG BISCUITS. If you dress up your…

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protect your pet

It may be Halloween, but you don’t want your pet to get spooked. Follow these tips to keep your animals happy and safe this year. Some pets will make like a ghost and disappear through open front doors. Watch your animal carefully when you welcome trick-or-treaters so it doesn’t dash outside. Your furry family member should wear an ID tag with your address. That way if the pet does get loose, someone will bring it home. Doorbells may stress your pet. Consider putting a sign on your front door asking trickor-treaters to knock instead. Place nervous animals in a closed room so they don’t get upset by all the Halloween commotion. Fill the room with your pet’s favorite toys to keep it happy. Chocolate and other types of candy can…

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10 cool cats

A black cat crossed your path? It might be your lucky day! Cat lovers know that any kitty can bring good things like comfort and companionship. That’s why humans have lived with feline friends for thousands of years, and why cats are still popular pets today. Meet 10 kitties that prove cats are awesome animals all year long! 1 SURFER CAT THE CAT Nanakuli THE SPOT Honolulu, Hawaii WHY HE’S COOL Nanakuli the one-eyed cat knows exactly how to ride the waves: He lies down on his owner’s surfboard with his paws hanging ten. His owners think that taking baths as a kitten helped the cat, nicknamed Kuli, get used to the water. Eventually they gave Kuli a tiny life jacket and let him float on a surfboard while gently splashing seawater on his…

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big cat connection

BATH TIME All cats groom their fur to keep themselves clean. A good bath can take away that dirty-fur smell—from, say, an impala or a dead mouse—making the cats less noticeable to their prey. So both big and little kitties have rough tongues to get the job done. Just don’t let a tiger get close enough to prove it! SMELL CHECK Does your kitty rub its head against your legs? It may be signaling to other cats that you belong to it. Cats have scent glands near their ears and neck and on their feet; they mark their territory by rubbing or clawing. Big cats do this too, though they mark trees instead of you.(That’s a good thing!) CATCHING Z’S Depending on the species, cats can sleep between 12 and 20 hours a day. They…