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the archives

1964“The Communist world is no longer a single flock of sheep,” Newsweek reported in 1964. “Once a unified world force, Communism has now become a thing of infinite variety,” banding together to create a red spectrum of parties across Europe and Asia. As socialist movements sweep across borders today, the debate about what socialism means in relation to the United States’ free-market economy and democratic values is a major point of contention between the political parties, and it is becoming ever more likely that the country will craft its own version of Marx’s ideology.(CARLOS OCHAGAVIA)1978“The once-familiar face of death has become increasingly remote and frightful to most Americans,” said the magazine. As Americans grappled with their mortality through aids like medicine and therapy, more came to realize “there is no…

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in memoriam

A mourner attends a night vigil and prayer on April 7 as Rwanda began its 100-day commemoration of the 1994 genocide. Twenty-five years ago, 800,000 people were killed in about three months when Hutu extremists systematically attacked their neighbors in the Tutsi minority. An estimated 250,000 women were raped and the nation traumatized. Former President Bill Clinton has called not intervening one of his main foreign policy failings, and France recently ordered a two-year government study into its alleged role in the massacre. “In 1994, there was no hope, only darkness,” Rwandan President Paul Kagame said at a commemoration event. “Today, light radiates from this place. How did it happen? Rwanda became a family again.”…

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nailed it

A Lambadi tribeswoman shows her ink-marked finger after voting on April 11 during a general election in the world’s largest democracy. Almost 900 million voters are expected to participate in the six-week, seven-phase election, which is widely seen as a referendum on Narendra Modi, the country’s polarizing prime minister, and his nationalist “Hindu first” agenda.…

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bibi boom

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu waves to his supporters at a post-election event on April 10. Netanyahu won a fifth term as prime minister, defeating his centrist rival, former military chief Benny Gantz, on a right-wing platform touting security and economic prosperity. With indictments from Israel’s attorney general likely in the months ahead, Netanyahu is now expected to try to persuade lawmakers to grant him immunity from prosecution.…

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marathon men

Kenyan Marius Kipserem, No. 1, runs past daffodils on his way to winning the 39th Rotterdam Marathon on April 7. Kipserem, who also won in 2016, set a course record of two hours, four minutes, 10 seconds. He told reporters he feared a record was out of reach. “Thankfully,” he added, “I was able to speed up.”…