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Born from a passionate desire to dispel the negative perceptions which the world has held of the African Continent, and to replace it with a positive focus, Nomad Africa magazine celebrates life on the African continent. Covering stories from all countries and all cultures, it strives to include unique tourist attractions, business development, technology and investment opportunities as well as looking at the continent's cultural heritage. Nomad Africa inspires and breeds a conscious, knowledgeable generation of visionaries among our own, and influences positive perceptions and appreciation for the true worth of Africa worldwide.

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welcome to africa!

a concept was born from a passionate desire to dispel the negative perceptions, which the world has held of the African continent, and to replace them with a positive focus. That concept took form in the launch of the Nomad Africa project in 2012. The project involves using several media platforms to promote and celebrate the African continent. Nomad Africa celebrates life on the African continent and promotes its vibrant pulse through our Pan-Africanist ideology, to encourage the solidarity of Africans worldwide. It aims to foster a strong interest in the continent's cultural heritage, unique tourist attractions and countless business development and investment opportunities, with the millions of people living in, investigating or visiting Africa. Nomad Africa inspires and breeds a conscious, knowledgeable generation of visionaries among our own, and influences positive…

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MARTIN CHEMHERE Martin is a South Africa-based Zimbabwe-born Journalist, Media Consultant, Arts Writer & Critic with many years' experience working in Zimbabwe, South Africa and across the African continent. He is the founder of Tipindewo Afrika Media, a Johannesburg-based new entry in the arts, events, media consultancy and entertainment production space. Martin Chemhere has for more than 20 years worked in public relations and media, as well as written on arts, culture, entertainment. cultural tourism, and aviation and travel and tourism. MAPASEKA SEKGALA Mapaseka is a johannesburg based content creator for Nomad Africa Magazine. Her love for content creation sparked when she realised the beauty of the African continent and the endless places awaiting to be explored across Africa. Mapaseka's passion for African travel and cuisines has generated her interest in writing. She believes…

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editor’s note

Managing Editor editor@nomadafricamag.com A new perspective on the way we travel Epic adventures. We dream about them, save for them - plan for them months in advance. For many of us, getting out of our comfort zone and seeing how the rest of the world lives is a form of escapism. It brings us down to earth to appreciate the communities just out of our reach and the realities they face every day. The real question is, what is ethical and responsible when dealing with tours or experiences of this nature? Is it giving humanity a glimpse into the lives of the poor? To draw compassion and support for the injustices they face? Or are we in actual fact abusing poverty for our own pleasure? Sure, you can say township tourism plays a…

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at a glance: mauritius

With a population of almost 1.3 million, you would expect Mauritius to feel crowded, but it doesn’t. Although the main towns are frequently teeming with pedestrians and the roads jammed with cars, deserted areas of beach and forest are easy to find. Each of Mauritius’s ethnic groups and religions brings its own unique qualities to the island’s rich and varied culture. An exciting variety of cuisine, musical styles and languages are a part of everyday life. Music Mauritians grow up with music and dancing playing an important role in their lives: at family gatherings, festivals and celebrations. Ubiquitous is the séga (pronounced ‘say-ga’), which evolved from the spontaneous dances of African and Malagasy slaves. At night, after a day’s toiling in the cane fields, slaves used improvised instruments to create a primitive music…

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this year’s global travel trends

across new frontiers in technology, brands are focusing on strategic expansion beyond traditional boundaries; travel’s purpose is growing with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion; improvements in disruptive technology; operators are finding new ways of bundling in travel while new unbundling continues to change how travel gets sold; and innovators are taking new approaches to creating immersive experiences in hospitality in the face of increased digitisation, among others. Here’s a quick dive into what to expect in the coming year 2020. Hotels: Everything to Everyone The rise of alternative accommodations like AirBnB has loomed over the hotel industry for a while now and despite the threat, the hotel industry continues to thrive. But hotels are finally beginning to understand consumers’ growing desires for alternative lodgings — and why they sometimes choose to stay…

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how to spend five incredible days in the seychelles

For the honeymooners and romantics of the world, sunset horse rides along beaches on La Digue Island are an absolute must. And a photo adventure around Coco Island cannot be missed, especially when armed with the knowledge that most travel companies and locals use photographs taken on this particular island to promote the Seychelles. It’s an instagramers dream! St. Anne Island is home to some of the best snorkelling, swimming and boutique restaurants in the area. And if you’re lucky enough to be invited, head to the privately owned Grand Sour Island for a quiet place to enjoy the sun. Even if you think bird watching isn’t your thing, go to Cousin Island! This bird watcher’s paradise, home to rare birds such as bulbul, black parrot and the fruit pigeon, will change…