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OBJEKT International June 2018

OBJEKT©International, the leading interior design magazine in the world, is proud to present you with our latest publication. OBJEKT©International is the authoritative and bespoke title for the upscale urban modernist with a passion for interiors, art/antiques, modern design and outstanding architecture. An unique fusion of classic and modern styles.

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scavenger studio

the scavenger studio in the middle of the woods in the northwest point of the USA.The cabin made of reclaimed materials, was designed by Les Eerkes of Eerkes Architects (the project was completed while Eerkes was Design Principal at Olson Kundig. Olson Kundig was Architect of Record). It is an artist studio situated in the woods. It was built using as much free-cycled material as possible. Scavenger Studio is a 693-square-foot studio designed for an artist/activist. The little structure is situated in the woods in rural Washington state, USA. Scavenged materials, ranging from cabinetry to plants, were salvaged from homes slated to be demolished. The kitchen and living area occupie the ground level of the double-height interior, while a floor-to-ceiling window-wrapped sleeping loft, accessible via a steel staircase,…

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diego giacometti at the musée picasso, paris

the great salon at the first floor of the hôtel Salé Diego Giacometti at the hôtel Salé, June, 1983. (©Laurence Berthon-Marceillac/Musée national Picasso-Paris.) The art works at ‘Diego Giacometti at the musée Picasso in Paris’ includes chairs, benches, lamps and tables, exclusively created for the hotel Salé. They represent the climax of Diego Giacometti’s work by executing its last commission before his death in July 1985. “Artisan-poet” according to the expression of Jean Leymarie, Diego Giacometti offers in this furniture a range of different facets of his universe: the taste for nature and plants, the reading of the ancient sources, Greeks and Etruscan, the aspiration of creating a real ‘geometry in the air’. ‘Lanterne’ in the stair case of the Hôtel Salé. (photo: ©LaurenceBerthon-Marceillac/Musée national…

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noma opens doors to new nordic cuisine

the barn like structure in which the newly opened Noma is located. The interiors are designed by David Thulsprup. famous chef René Redzepi. The name Noma is synonymous with international fame. The restaurant opened in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2003 and was ranked as the Best Restaurant in the World in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014. The word Noma comes from the Danish words "nordisk" (Nordic) and "mad" (food). The original restaurant was located in an old warehouse on the waterfront in the Christianshavn neighborhood of central Copenhagen. The building was situated by the Greenlandic Trading Square which for 200 years was a center for trade to and from the Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, and in particular, Greenland. Dry fish, salted herring, whale oil and skins are among…

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gentle monster in artistic ruins

the entrance of the Gentle Monster flagship store in Sanlitan, Beijing looks like demolishing in progress: ruins as basic display for the eyewear collections. (text: Feng Huiphotos: Hans Fonk) the façade of the Gentle Monster flagship store in Sanlitan Beijing. This a shop for eyewear fashionados pur sang. behind the entrance this freestanding toilet bowl and behind that the corridor to the artist atelier. a gigantic red object hoovers of a volcanic landscape. When entering the flagship store of Gentle Monster in Beijing there is no direct sign that this an eyewear specialist. A big red object is floating in the air over a volcanic landscape. On the right, white garments are hanging with a freestanding toilet bowl on white tiles in the corridor behind…

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new york city here we come

Dorothee Junkin of DJDS New York, who designed this spacious loft in New York City. The slender blackened steel staircase leading up to the private rooftop acts as a partial screen between the dining and living area. Upon being gut renovated, the 3,800 sq ft loft this is the client’s secondary residence. It serves as both a calm and airy space to come home to after a hectic day: a versatile private space to entertain friends and guests in the great room or on the private rooftop. The great room now spans across forty percent of the overall square footage and offers a seamless open living concept between the living and dining area as well as the kitchen. A generous master suite is located on the opposite end…

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no limits to the sky

owner of the penthouse, Amir Tukulj. (photos: Alaïa + Hans Fonk) with help of Goran Tijanic of Line to Line, the kitchen space was opened up to the living room to allow unobstructed views over the city of Toronto. Furniture is by Minotti and the antique bronze rain drum is from Korea. A gold coined Turkish inspired chandelier is hanging over the dining table. The interior look of the apartment was already established. The floors in the kitchen and bathrooms, and the sizes of the rooms were already in place. The designers of Studio Pyramid Inc. from Toronto, notably Elaine Tan and Alexander Sasha Josipovicz, put their efforts to defining the entrance space and making it more exquisite by using rich cerused eucalyptus wood paneling on the…