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OBJEKT International March 2017

OBJEKT©International, the leading interior design magazine in the world, is proud to present you with our latest publication. OBJEKT©International is the authoritative and bespoke title for the upscale urban modernist with a passion for interiors, art/antiques, modern design and outstanding architecture. An unique fusion of classic and modern styles.

Hans Fonk Publications B.V.
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(photo: Alaïa Fonk)Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom, according to Francis Bacon. Silence is an essential life ingredient in a world dominated by unceasing noise. It is, for sure, a much-needed new trend in the world of interior design and architecture.In his Histoire du Silence, Alain Corbin wrote: “Silence is not merely the absence of noise. It is all but a forgotten notion nowadays. Our auditory markers have been distorted, diminished, they are no longer sacred. The intimacy of a place, a bedroom and the objects that inhabit it, or a home, used to be defined by the silence that prevailed there.”According to the architect Renzo Piano, silence is, together with contemplation and abstraction, the pillar underpinning enjoyment of the arts. Art is a key element in an interior.…

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beijing rocks series ii from the forbidden city

Traveling to Beijing frequently in the past years, the artist and photographer Hans Fonk has gone everywhere: from the Royal Palace (Forbidden City) to the local small streets (hutong). He got so inspired by Beijing’s rich traditional culture yet international lifestyle that he created several new art series.Through his artworks, we can see an unique and colorful mix of the two different sides of contemporary China.As a child peeking into a kaleidoscope for the first time, the artworks are meant to leave a long-lasting impression on the viewers. One of the series he made was BEIJING ROCKS. From Emperors to farmers, there is a rock in every Chinese's heart. It symbolizes the idea of beauty and Zen, a washed-off look for the forever-curious mind.The ingenious created and prepared images are…

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jean paul gaultier les papiers

Fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier is a breath of fresh air in the world of interior design. He has worked with the French textile house Lelièvre since 2012. This has resulted in a number of remarkable textile collections that reflected the spirit of Gaultier. His latest inspirations: Oxydation, Azulejos, Botanique, the celebration of his marinière stripe and the spirit of Paris.These are all recognizable areas of expression used by the famous fashion designer who has played out his creativity on the fabrics, accessories and now on wallpapers. ■…

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17th-century bottles from amsterdam

Bottles from the end of the 17th century found during the excavation of the Amsterdam canals have got mysterious colors.Buried for centuries in the Amsterdam peat, the glass has taken on the most splendid colors.It is a phenomenon called iridescence.The over 300 year old bottles and other items found were mainly for everyday use.They were thrown away after use, but because of their splendid colors, these glass items are highly appreciated by collectors. Collection: Ruud van der Neut. ■…

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museum voorlinden, the netherlands an oasis for the arts

Joop van Caldenborgh, one of the world’s biggest art collectors and initiator and builder of Museum Voorlinden. On the right: Andrea Milani, architect from Siena, Italy, who, in cooperation with Caldenborgh, was the creative force behind the looks and appearance of the museum.“Giving many people the opportunity to see and experience our art is a good thing. All are invited to come to the Museum and to the nature surrounding Voorlinden, to share in this new adventure. You don’t have to be a connoisseur of art; all ‘art watchers’ are welcome,”Joop van Caldenborghthe inaugural collection presented at the opening of the Museum Voorlinden started with the painting Maannacht IV (1912) by Jan Sluijters (1881-1957). This seemingly-realistic nocturne marks the starting point for a voyage of visual discovery curated by Suzanne…

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the house of an actor

architect and designer Oshir Asaban who designed the N.A. residence in Tel Aviv, Israel.the new living area created in an old apartment building.the lay-out of the apartment.architect Oshir Asaban furnished the entire residence in a 50’s look furniture in combination with modern design pieces from brands like, Foscarini Diesel, Tom Dixon, Flos, Jonathan Adler, Missoni, Starck, Hay, Linteloo, and others. The150 sqm. apartment has an open kitchen and living space plus 2 bedroom with bathrooms. The balcony connects the green exterior directly with the interior.The original structure included a closed kitchen, 4 bedrooms and one bathroom. For the new apartment, the entire interior had to be demolished. The new plans by architect Oshir Asaban included a large open family room and a wide, open kitchen with a direct entrance to…