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Old Cars Report Price Guide

Old Cars Report Price Guide March/April 2019

Old Cars Report Price Guide is the nation’s most respected authority for pricing of collectible autos from the turn of the century to 2009; it is the first choice of insurers, appraisers, lenders, dealers, and collectors. The extensive price guide section rates cars on a scale of 1 to 6, from museum-quality vehicle down to parts car. Marques run from AMC to Willys, and sections on foreign makes and light-duty trucks are also included.

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how to use price guide

The worth of an old car is a “ballpark” estimate at best. Our prices come from compilations of national/regional data by the editors of our weekly publication, Old Cars Weekly News & Marketplace. These data include prices from collector-car auctions, verified reports of private sales and input from experts. We list values for vehicles in six different states of condition as explained on this page. Values are for complete vehicles, not parts cars, except as noted. Modified-vehicle values are not included, but can be estimated by figuring the cost of restoring to original and deducting from the figures shown within this publication. Old Cars Report Price Guide condition codes fit the following descriptions: 1) EXCELLENT: Restored to current maximum professional standards of quality in every area, or perfect original with components operating and appearing…

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1956 ford thunderbird 102" wb

FEATURES THUNDERBIRD SERIES — (V-8) — Although the 1956 Thunderbird shared the same body as the 1955, there were a few significant changes that make the 1956 model unique. Probably the most visible change is the outside location of the spare tire, which gave much more room in the trunk and, unfortunately, put so much weight behind the rear wheels that handling and steering were adversely affected. Also, the 1956 Thunderbird included wind wings on the windshield, cowl vents on each fender and a different rear bumper configuration with the simplified dual exhaust routed out the ends of the bumper. THUNDERBIRD V-8 I.D. NUMBERS: Thunderbird models began with the des ignation “P6” followed by assembly plant code “F” (Dearborn), body type code “H” (Thunderbird) and, finally, the production number beginning at 100001…