Outdoor Magazine January - February 2016

Widely regarded as Australia’s premier adventure magazine, Outdoor features human-powered experiences such as hiking, mountain biking and paddling; road trips and iconic destinations; as well as an array of technical features and how-to guides. It’s a respected brand with a rich heritage that captures the spirit of adventure through inspiring content, top-notch images and great practical tips.

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a paddler’s dream never ends

YIELDING TO THE UNSTOPPABLE flow of a river’s current or the ocean’s tide is one of the best ways to fully reconnect with the great outdoors. A paddling adventure, whether it is just for a day, a week or more, not only offers a unique chance to bond closely with our planet, but it also provides a chance to forge (or re-forge) relationships, introduce others to the joys of paddling and marine life, and share unforgettable and fantastic times. I have spent the majority of my life living on Australia’s coast, enjoying much of my childhood at the beach and in the surf, with only a six-year hiatus out in the central west of NSW briefly breaking the coastal link during my formative years. Even then, rivers could be found. It was…

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letter of the issue

I was diagnosed with non-hodgkin’s lymphoma a month ago. I’m currently undergoing treatment at the Peter MacCallum Institute. My passion and occupation is all to do with the outdoors. Although the diagnosis has slowed me down, AG Outdoor has given me inspiration to get back out there doing what I love – camping, mtb, hiking and paddling. Whilst undergoing chemotherapy, reading AG Outdoor helps me stay positive and optimistic about my recovery back to the recreational pursuits I love. Thanks for providing an inspirational magazine to get outdoors despite the challenging ‘weather’ people are experiencing in life Tim Luszczak, via email Congratulations and best wishes Tim, you’ve won an awesome The North Face Duffel bag (RRP$170). THE LONG WALK I read with amazement the young lady’s adventure walking the full distance of the Te…

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the ultimate journey

NOBODY REALLY NEEDS any extra motivation to plan a trip to Everest, but Cancer Council Queensland have added a bloody good one, running a trek to Base Camp in 2016 as a fundraiser. They’re hoping to raise more than $40,000 for cancer research while sending a team on the 19 day trek that allows hikers to camp at Base Camp and explore the foot of the Khumbu ice fall. The trek will be led by Sharon and Allan Cohrs, experienced mountain-climbers who became the first Australian-born couple to reach the summit of Everest in 2011. Sharon was also the first breast cancer survivor in the world to make it to the top, after being diagnosed with the disease in 2007. They’ll be leading trekkers to a height of 5550m above sea…

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all-new mountain designs pack and bag range

AG OUTDOORS WAS given a sneak peek of the exciting new pack and bag range from Mountain Designs. The range is a product of the all-new MD Product Innovation Team, headed by Mountain Designs CEO, Caroline Machado Campos. This team’s focus is the development of new, innovative apparel and gear. The range caters for a choice of end use needs – Travel, Active Trail, Adventure, Alpine and Everyday Outdoors – with features tweaked specifically to each use. Many of the packs have been designed with degrees of overlap, giving the range multi-functional use. To drive home the effectiveness of their design process, the MD Product Innovation Team surveyed more than 1000 pack users, collating insights into what features users wanted in their packs. The Mountain Pony 30L and 20L packs are ideal…

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awesome guides, awesome adventures

Two wheels high Adventure cyclist Kate Leeming, who has cycled across Africa, Australia and the new Russia, will lead a new Trans-Himalayan cycling expedition in June next year, that traverses the West Himalaya. Freewheeling on the World’s Highest Motorable Road: Cycle Leh to Manali is a 15-day expedition that will take experienced cyclists across a vast wilderness on the borderlands of Tibet, cycling the high passes that link Ladakh to the Kullu Valley and freewheeling from the Kardung La, the world’s highest motorable road to the hill station of Manali. This amazing adventure departs June 25, 2016, from $3,290 per person. Intro to Indian trekking Lonely Planet author Garry Weare has devised one of the finest introductions to trekking in the Indian Himalaya with his Nanda Devi Alpine Trek. This adventure includes walking…

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project grovel – building an adventure bike on a budget

IT’S AN IDEA that’s been floating around in my head for a couple of years now; build my own personal version of the ultimate budget touring bike, pick a destination, give myself a month and just... go and ride. And to be honest, for me, it’s always been more about the bike itself. I’ve been building up bikes for myself and my mates for the better part of 20 years, and I’m still learning tricks and tips from those far smarter than me. Having been focused on the racing side of the mountain bike fence for a while, it was very interesting to read about Curve Cycling’s Jesse Carlsson’s transition from out-and-out racer to ultra-distance competitor – and it flicked a switch for me. Jesse, as you may have read a couple of…