Outdoor Magazine January - February 2017

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a new year, a new adventure

IF YOU’RE like me, you will be still trying to figure out where 2016 went. I am writing this in early December, close to our Jan-Feb 2017 deadline, and am trying to understand how the past year seemed to have gone faster than ever. It would be easy to say it was spent wisely – tackling many adventures – but the reality is far different for me, and no doubt for you, too. Getting away and getting amongst it in the outdoors is our collective dream, but the reality for all of us is often quite different. Turning away from that slightly sobering statement, it is still great to look toward another year of enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. The great thing about a new year is the inevitable…

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outdoor letters

EXPERIENCE COUNTS Like many of your readers, I have been looking more and more at purchasing my outdoor equipment from online retailers. The main reason has been for the sheer variety of choices available – something you don’t see much in physical stores these days. In saying that, I still prefer a personal, face-to-face shopping experience. You really can’t go past the advice you get from the experienced staff at these stores. I have been fortunate enough to deal with many fellow outdoor enthusiasts when buying things like boots and technical equipment, and their advice on both the equipment, and on local destinations in which to use said equipment, is priceless. Sometimes we forget that. Lucy Wilson, VIC THE REAL WORLD I look forward to each issue of Outdoor arriving in my mailbox, and…

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letter of the issue

I HAVE BEEN INVOLVED in the adventure scene for decades now and am heartened to witness its growth – especially in regards to getting the “younger” generation out there and amongst it. It is interesting to see how each age group interacts with the outdoors and even though I am not a mad-keen “selfie” taker or Instagrammer, I still appreciate those who are.After all, it doesn’t really matter how we interact and appreciate the outdoors, does it? The main thing is we are all out there enjoying it in its many forms, from bushwalking and canoeing to cycling and climbing.There’s plenty of room out there for everyone to enjoy what Australia has to offer and I hope I continue to see each successive generation continue to do just that: enjoy…

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2017 the north face/ ag outdoor adventure grant winner!

IN USHUAIA,THE southernmost tip of South America, Lucy Barnard will take the gargantuan step of her lifetime, the first step in her journey to walk across the length of the earth. Over three years she plans to cover 30,000 kilometres, reaching the northern most point of North America in Barrow,Alaska. Impressed by the magnitude of this endeavour, The North Face and AG Outdoor are proud to award Lucy with The North Face Adventure Grant for 2017. In 1977 George Meegan began the journey from Tierra Del Fuego, South America to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. In 2000 he completed an additional 500km to reach Barrow, Alaska which marked him as the first person to walk the length of the world. At the time, no human had traversed the Americas on foot.Today, near three…

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the great aussie holiday – bigger than ever!

AN INTERESTING RECENT SURVEY showed that Australians are spending more of their holiday and leisure time than ever on camping.An example of this resurgence in connecting with the outdoors through caravanning and camping is in NSW, which recorded 15.7 million visitor nights caravan and camping in NSW in the past 12 months, according to the Caravan & Camping Industry Association NSW (CCIANSW). “In today’s busy life, many people find it difficult to wind down and disconnect from day to day demands, but caravan and camping holidays really help you take time out and relax,” CCIANSW) CEO, Lyndel Gray said today. For many of those surveyed, bushwalking and the beach were two of the main focuses of their respective camping adventures, with holiday periods in particular driving up the overall domestic visitation figures.…

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outdoor books

WILD BEAUTY A book four years in the making. Journo Graham Lloyd and photographer Vanessa Hunter travelled to some of Australia’s wildest and least known regions to capture in words and photos the natural phenomena found there. A beautiful book that contains both amazing images and insightful text. RRP $50 www.hardiegrant.com.au GREAT SOUTH LAND This book, by Rob Mundle, covers the pre-English settlement period of Australian history, namely the early 1600s discoveries by Dutch mariners. In 1606 Willem Janszoon sailed and mapped the Gulf of Carpentaria, and was later followed by Hartog and Tasman, all of whom mapped other parts of Australia before James Cook arrived on the east coast in 1770.A true ripping yarn. RRP $30 www.harpercollins.com.au LIVING WITH THE LOCALS John Maynard and Victoria Haskins reveal the amazing story of escaped convicts and shipwreck survivors…