Outdoor Magazine July - August 2016

Widely regarded as Australia’s premier adventure magazine, Outdoor features human-powered experiences such as hiking, mountain biking and paddling; road trips and iconic destinations; as well as an array of technical features and how-to guides. It’s a respected brand with a rich heritage that captures the spirit of adventure through inspiring content, top-notch images and great practical tips.

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adventure is just outside that door

WHEN IT COMES TO VARIETY of adventures, we are bloody lucky to live in Australia. Our country’s incredibly varied landscapes mean that whether you are a walker, climber, cyclist, camper, paddler or – like most of us – a combo of most of these, you will always be able to find something “new” in terms of fun and fulfilling outdoor adventures. And this still applies even if you narrowed it down to each state; you will find any number of activities and destinations that will deliver a memorable experience – and without having to book flights, or a month off work, these adventures can be had relatively cheaply. All you need is some spare time. The reason I am talking so much about this is that we often dismiss “home” as…

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your view

THE WAITING ROOM - WHY WAIT? Recently I was returning home from work with my mountain bike in the car when the smooth hum of the engine turned into a violent clucking jerking carnival ride. I limped the poor vehicle a few blocks to the mechanic where I was delivered the news. I’d thrown an engine belt and it would be a couple hundred dollars and require three to four hours of work. I was shown into the waiting room which was an air conditioned lounge complete with big screen TV, movies on demand and free tea, coffee and biscuits. I settled into a blissfully soft, cloud like recliner happy to wait. It was then that I picked up your magazine. I am a subscriber already and have been for awhile so…

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letter of the issue

As a regular reader of your fantastic magazine I eagerly read your Duke of Ed gear review by Justin Walker on his niece’s bronze trip. Having a daughter embarking on her first of many Duke of Ed adventures (pics above and right) I was disappointed that the gear tested and chosen represented the highest end of premium products that the average hiker starting out would never have the opportunity to use, let alone buy. With a basic kit that did not include boots, tent/bivy bag or many essentials the tally was in excess of $1400 for her first trip, including a $700 sleeping bag. I so dearly hope that my daughters inherit the love of the outdoors that both my wife and I share, but wish you would consider the real…

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alyssa azar youngest aussie to summit everest

ON HER THIRD attempt, Australian teenager Alyssa Azar has, at the age of 19, become the youngest Australian to reach the top of Mt Everest – a record previously held by Rex Pemberton, who summited at the age of 21. After having to postpone the previous two attempts due to the Khumbu Icefall avalanche of 2014, and then the Nepal earthquake of 2015, Alyssa didn’t lose sight of her goal and kept training for the third attempt this season. Even then, at one stage it looked like Alyssa would be foiled a third time due to a volatile weather forecast but this cleared in time for her to attempt the summit. Her success comes from years of dedication and some fantastic support, aptly enough, from one of Australia’s own outdoor gear companies:…

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world expeditions long-listed for world responsible tourism awards

AUSSIE ADVENTURE TRAVEL company World Expeditions has been announced as one of the 75 organisations long-listed for the 2016 World Responsible Tourism Awards, in the “Best Innovation by a Tour Operator” category. The nomination recognises World Ex’s “10 Pieces Litter Collection” initiative, with the awards scheduled for World Responsible Tourism Day (November 8, 2016), at a special ceremony at WTM London. This initiative has been put in place in some of World Ex’s litter hotspots, such as Nepal, Bhutan and Indonesia and the company also plans to add Peru to the program as well. The “10 Pieces Litter Collection” initiative works by inviting travellers to select walking tracks to become a part of that program. Then, the travellers are sent a rubbish collection bag and gloves for use in collecting the…

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suunto spartan ultra unleashed!

SUUNTO HAS RELEASED its new Spartan Ultra multisport GPS adventure watch and it looks like shaking up the GPS sportswatch market with its super-impressive feature set. The Spartan Ultra has upped the outdoor-tech ante with a colour touchscreen that offers a very wide viewing angle and is also easily viewed in bright sunlight. The watch is built tough (as you would expect from the Finnish brand) with a durable sapphire glass face, and the choice of a titanium (grade 5 level titanium) or steel bezel. It is also 100m waterproof and allows users to tweak settings to maximise battery life – all great features for a do-it-all timepiece that offers such a wide range of capability for the adventurer and outdoor fitness enthusiast. Speaking of outdoor fitness: the Spartan Ultra comes pre-installed…