Outdoor Magazine May - June 2016

Widely regarded as Australia’s premier adventure magazine, Outdoor features human-powered experiences such as hiking, mountain biking and paddling; road trips and iconic destinations; as well as an array of technical features and how-to guides. It’s a respected brand with a rich heritage that captures the spirit of adventure through inspiring content, top-notch images and great practical tips.

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outdoor inspiration

THE SEARCH FOR A memorable outdoor experience is eternal. And this, folks, is a good thing. In this crazy, sometimes scary, world that we live in it often feels like the safest thing to do is stay in our comfort zones. The nanny-state regulations in place throughout the world (and, sadly, most obviously here in Oz) for practically any activity that requires the use of oxygen are a huge barrier to overcome. Having spent the past few months trying to ignore said barriers and getting out on a few family camping adventures, some cool day hikes and spending a fair amount of time riding some local mountain bike trails, it is heartening to see that, in my experience, most of us are doing our best to ignore the naysayers. I reckon…

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your view

FEET FIRST First-time letter write, long-time reader and hiker. I was stoked to read the Best Hikes story in your Mar-Apr issue; the world is packed with any number of multiday hikes that it must have been hard to pick just a small number. I have actually walked the West Coast Trail in BC (which was fantastic) and have Mt Kenya on my bucket list. Thanks for keeping me inspired to tick off that list! Jacob Renshaw, ACT WHEELING IT OUT I have gone from a single, mad-keen long-distance walker, to an even more keen vehicle-based adventurer with my young family. As a result, I am loving the Road Trip section; the destinations are always varied and with many of them being so easy to do, I can see why more and more people…

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letter of the issue

The buildup to my 30th birthday was agonising. I looked at my life and found I wasn’t as happy as I should be. I needed a goal, something to improve my state of mind. This year I would become a hiker. My partner bought me a pair of hiking boots for my birthday. So far we have tackled hikes in the Mount Lofty Ranges, Barossa Valley, and the Fleurieu Peninsula, with Deep Creek [pictured above] being our favourite. Hiking has become my peace. While I’m scaling rock-faces or crossing creeks I’m not thinking about my job, I’m concentrating on my foot placement and thinking about that next drink of cool water. AG Outdoor provides the expertise I need to develop my hiking habit. Next month I plan to tackle Haleakala in Hawaii, geared…

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highland fling

I WAS 30KM into the 11th Highland Fling when I came out into a paddock to see a long line of motionless riders. In a race, you don’t stand still! About 100m away I spotted the 4WD belonging to Dai West, the event Course Director, and rode up along the stationary line towards him. “Hey mate, where you going? Get back in the line!” was the most polite thing I heard as I rode past riders to have a word with Dai. “Get back Huw. Back. Back. GET BACK!” an irate and under pressure Dai screamed at me. “Oi, it’s my bloody event,” I responded. “What’s going on?” Before he could answer I saw a herd of 50 or so angry cattle and a couple of farmers trying to contain them. Dai told me…

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mt stirling’s epic backcountry

THREE HOURS DRIVE from Melbourne and you are smack-bang in an unspoiled alpine wilderness at Mt Stirling. This resort contains some of Australia’s best – and easily accessible – backcountry skiing. Included in the same resort entry fee as Mt Buller, Mt Stirling offers opportunity for alpine touring or backcountry snowboarding. The resort can also be explored by snowshoe and for those who are keen, you can also learn to cross-country ski, opening up even more of the resort’s magic terrain for exploration. At 1749m, Mt Stirling’s summit offers magic 360-degree views across the surrounding mountain ranges that are covered in alpine ash and snow gums, only broken up by expansive alpine meadows. For skiers and snowboarders looking for backcountry adventures well off the beaten piste of the larger resorts, Mt…

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dog paddling

MILLIE AND RAMA are big-wave dogs. They perch on the nose of the 12-foot Hobie EVA-lution stand up paddleboard steered from the back by Chris de Aboitiz, 53. Together they ride a long, curling right at Tea Tree in Noosa, Queensland, all the way to the beach, zooming past bemused fellow surfers. They paddle back out and catch another wave as Chris smiles and Millie and Rama wag their tails. This time they’re all standing on the back of the board, but only until Chris crouches and taps his shoulder. With a leap, Rama jumps over Chris. Another shoulder tap and Millie hops onto Chris’ back, where she stays looking forward over his shoulder, a doggy grin on her face. Like human surfers, individual dogs have their own styles. “They want action.…