Outdoor Magazine November - December 2016

Widely regarded as Australia’s premier adventure magazine, Outdoor features human-powered experiences such as hiking, mountain biking and paddling; road trips and iconic destinations; as well as an array of technical features and how-to guides. It’s a respected brand with a rich heritage that captures the spirit of adventure through inspiring content, top-notch images and great practical tips.

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best of both worlds

THIS ISSUE OF AG Outdoor features extensive guides to two of my favourite destinations:Tasmania and Canada.Yep, they are – geographically and literally – a world apart, but both offer the same thing we all crave when we head outdoors: that chance to immerse ourselves in wild and untamed places, far removed from the cold and sanitised world most of us spend our working lives in. These two destinations offer the perfect mix for all outdoor fanatics, regardless of age or preferred activity, with the variety of easily accessible adventures making them a true smorgasbord for those who visit. Tasmania would, without doubt, have to wear the Aussie adventure state crown. For example, the Apple Isle’s many multiday walks are all world-class, with a mix of challenging (think: the Mt Anne Circuit…

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outdoor letters

COOL CAMPING GUIDE Just rocked into our local newsagents and spotted your Camping Guide magazine. Pretty awesome read and impressed that you have put this out; camping is so big these days I am surprised a magazine guide has not been published earlier. Am only halfway through it but am already drawing up a gear wish list, and trying to decide on a destination. Nice work, Outdoor! Steve Bennett, VIC GEAR TEST KUDOS About two years ago (I think!) I read Justin Walker’s initial review of a Whispbar WB201 roof-mounted bike carrier. I was impressed enough from the review to buy a WB201 unit myself and, since then, have had a trouble-free experience with it. I am mainly writing to say thanks for the magazine’s continued expert advice when testing outdoor equipment. Having a…

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letter of the issue

AFTER 20YEARS WORKING in the outdoor industry I thought your readers might find the following story interesting in the least; and useful at most. Most of my work outdoors has been in hot tropical climates and over the years I have had a lot of my equipment, in particular waterproof›seam sealing on tents and Gore jackets, fall apart due to humidity and generally high ambient›temperatures. A friend of mine, who has been in the industry for a similar amount of time, told me that he had very little of his equipment fail in the same way that I had. On further inquiry, he shared with me that when his gear was not in use he stored it in his second fridge! It seems that the cool environment and low humidity of…

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the north face turns 50!

IN 1966, A driven young climber (the late Douglas Tompkins) tired of scavenging for quality gear from mail order and army surplus, took a few thousand dollars and created a global cultural institution. The North Face retail store at 308 Columbus Avenue in San Francisco’s bohemian North Beach neighborhood was a tiny space between blue-collar bars and Beat hangouts, but it was from here that the brand first really came to life. It’s not every retailer that has an opening event that includes the Grateful Dead playing a live gig while members of the Hells Angels acted as doormen to the opening event, but it certainly can be classed as memorable! From the start,The North Face store served as a meeting ground for the day’s best climbers and adventurers. With an in-house…

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waeco releases new portable 12v battery

RESPECTED FRIDGE-FREEZER manufacturer, Waeco, has just released its new portable 12-volt battery pack in time for the summer camping season. For those camping families that use portable fridge/freezers or other powered appliances when out camping, the new CoolPower RAPS44 (indicating the pack’s 44Amp-hour deep-cycle battery cells) is a great alternative to fitment of a dual-battery system in their vehicle. The RAPS44 is a tough deep-cycle 12V battery pack that is portable (it weighs only 13.5kg and is easily carried around via its ergonomic handle) so can be moved in and out of your vehicle – and around the campsite – whenever power is required. The RAPS44 comes highly featured: dual output sockets (12V and hella so you can run both the fridge-freezer and LED camp lights); built-in 240V to DC charging posts;…

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newyakima gear

YAKIMA CONTINUES ITS growth in the Australian market with the release of three new bike-carrying products – the FullBack, LiteRider 3 and WheelHouse. These three products are just the beginning of a flood of new Yakima gear onto the Aussie market over the next six months, with more carriers on the way (hitch-mount, roof fork-mount and more), as well as some exciting camping based product, to expand its already impressive range of bike and watercraft carriers, rooftop cargo boxes and roof-rack systems. With summer’s Christmas/New Year holidays fast approaching, and the need to carry your family’s bikes to your favourite holiday destination, the release of these three Yakima products is timed perfectly – the LiteRider 3, especially, caught AG Outdoor’s eye. LiteRider 3 RRP$469 Touted as Yakima’s lightest 3-bike tow hitch rack (fits…