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Outdoor Magazine November - December 2018

Widely regarded as Australia’s premier adventure magazine, Outdoor features human-powered experiences such as hiking, mountain biking and paddling; road trips and iconic destinations; as well as an array of technical features and how-to guides. It’s a respected brand with a rich heritage that captures the spirit of adventure through inspiring content, top-notch images and great practical tips.

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remap your destiny

Life speeds up, then it goes away. Sage words indeed from The Church frontman, Steve Kilbey. Back before iPods, when cars were crammed full of CDs and cassette tapes, I had The Church stuck fast in the CD slot of my sky blue Datsun 200B. I couldn’t get it out. The eject button had come off and even a butter knife jammed into the slot and jiggled about wouldn’t dislodge the bounder. I’d insert and twist the ignition key and along with (hopefully) the engine starting up, the continuing strains of Steve Kilbey would recommence whatever it was he was singing when I’d removed the key earlier. So, regardless of lectures on political science, literature, art philosophy and the rest of it, a key plank of my subconscious now recalls the wisdom…

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this issue’s brazen vagabonds

ALEX BORTOLI When you’re born in Bermuda (yes, that tiny island in the Bermuda Triangle), you learn to live life to the fullest, ’cause you never quite know when things are going to dramatically change (or just outright disappear!). As a result, Alex has spent his life unravelling the mysteries of science through writing, research (he has a BSC from ANU), travel and by pursuing a career path that can only be described as wildly eclectic – bungy trampoline entrepreneur, adventure kayak guide, Whitsunday resort owner, journalist, marine park guide and Vanuatu ecotour operator to name but a few! He recently hiked into the middle of Espiritu Santo, the largest island in Vanuatu, ostensibly in search of a lost tribe of leprechaun - like creatures known as ‘lysepsep’ - and ended…

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environ-mental resources

I’m not blowing anyone’s mind when I say setting off on your first solo adventure can be terrifying. In this issue dedicated to expedition preparation, I offer this piece of advice: enlist the help of the environment to stay motivated. We need all the help we can get; just because we can do something, it doesn’t mean we will. Particularly because, no matter how much time and effort you put into training and preparation beforehand, things will go wrong. The valve on your mattress breaks. You lose your book. The weather gods curse you with lashings of wind and rain on the day you tear your pack cover. It might even be something like accidentally leaving your tea bags behind – seemingly inconsequential right now, but demoralising when all you want after a…

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summertime strolls

Summer heat, the great polariser – to trek or not to trek, that is the question. The answer is to trek smartly. This is no time to cross the desert, dodging the harsh driving sun by the brim of your hat and divining for water with a Y-shaped stick. This is a time to look to our cooler and more sheltered natural landscapes, where we can relieve our itchy feet without placing our sanity and health in peril (which is something we’d be doing if we locked ourselves up inside, anyway). One stellar choice is the High Country in our south-eastern states: ACT, NSW and Victoria. The mountains may, in theory, place you a little nearer to the sun, but don’t be fooled. The area operates at a lower temperature than average and…

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an adventure like no other

“Lord Howe Island strikes deep into the romantic ruminations of most, like some sort of epic fantasy land that time forgot" Lord Howe Island, a watery Atlantis-like community in the sea, is renowned the world over for its majestic prominence in the Pacific. A sea-mount surrounded by deep ocean, it's nearly 500 miles east of Sydney, with towering cone-like Mt Gower rising dramatically from the flatness of the surrounding sea to more than 800m on the southern promontory. To the north, crescent moon-shaped lowlands cradle an idyllic lagoon, before gently rising again to 200m. A banana-shaped saddle in the sea. It strikes deep into the private romantic ruminations of most, like some sort of epic fantasy land that time forgot. In Outdoor’s opinion, it’s the type of place Baloo sings about…

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the lord howe summer adventure festival:

• Intimate evening performances from multiple ARIA award winner, Jeff Lang, described by Rolling Stone Magazine as, “Australia’s best roots-music musician” (from 27-30 January inclusive) • Morning group yoga classes with yoga-guru to the stars, Charlotte Dodson (and options for private classes during the day) • Afternoon cooking master classes and wine tastings with Tom Kime, a protégé of Rick Stein, Ruth Rogers and David Thompson, and author of six excellent cookbooks - you'll taste at least five amazing dishes in each class. • An invitation to compete in the inaugural Three Peaks Adventure Race - a test of endurance, strength and navigation skills - for a chance to win a free stay at Pinetrees in 2020, with a friend, to defend your title. • Guided snorkelling, diving, kayaking, fishing and hiking (additional costs…