Outdoor Magazine September - October 2015

Widely regarded as Australia’s premier adventure magazine, Outdoor features human-powered experiences such as hiking, mountain biking and paddling; road trips and iconic destinations; as well as an array of technical features and how-to guides. It’s a respected brand with a rich heritage that captures the spirit of adventure through inspiring content, top-notch images and great practical tips.

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immerse yourself in the magnificent kimberley landscape

WHEN YOU attend this year’s Australian Geographic Society Gala Awards in Sydney on 28 October, you will have the chance to win this exciting holiday. APT, our main sponsor, has generously donated this superb prize for our fundraising raffle to be held on the night. You have to be there to take part, but, with just 350 guests in the room, you are in with a real chance of winning. The trip is worth approximately $22,000! This is just another great reason to book your place at our night of nights. Don’t delay; see page 110 for more details on how to buy tickets or go directly to www.australiangeographic.com.au/awards2015 Proceeds from the raffle will go towards our AGS sponsorship program. Terms and conditions on our website.…

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twenty years exploring the outdoors

IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE it was five years ago that I first started as Editor of AG Outdoor – right when the magazine turned 15 years of age. Now, in what seems like a short blur of time that does prove the old adage of time flying when you’re having fun, five years have passed and we’re celebrating 20 years as the premier adventure magazine in Australia. It’s been an incredible ride; the magazine has maintained its prominence with readers and it has continued to sell strongly while also expanding into the digital realm with our awesome website, Facebook presence and digital edition. What is most satisfying though, is no matter how AG Outdoor is “delivered” to our readers in these changing and turbulent times for media, we’ve retained our true…

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letter of the issue

Our eight-year-old son, Charlie, picked up the July/Aug 2015 issue of Outdoor and yelled ‘Hey Mum, Dad look what a cool magazine; it says “Wild in Tasmania”, that was us!’ On June 1 he set off with family and friends on an amazing winter traverse of the Overland Track. On the first day it snowed and snowed and snowed, however for a kid from the Snowy Mountains of NSW, this just seemed like part of the fun. So when everyone else was inside the hut at night sheltering from the cold, Charlie was out doing snow angels and icicle sword fighting. He now reads every issue of your magazine for future adventure ideas. Thanks for providing inspiration to all ages to get outdoors and enjoy the elements no matter what the…

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adventure grant update

JORDAN SEARLE, RECIPIENT of The North Face Adventure Grant presented by AG Outdoor, will be attempting a first descent in New Zealand later this year. But a successful expedition requires a reliable team, and Ari Walker will make up one of those members. After meeting at the University of Canterbury, Jordan Searle and Ari Walker spent a lot of time paddling together. They have achieved first descents in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Brazil. Keen travellers in their sport, they have been to Brazil, the United States, Canada and Norway thus far in 2015 - and it’s only September. Jordan Searle is excited to have Ari on the team for the expedition to take place later this year. ‘In a lot of ways Ari and myself kayak in a similar fashion,…

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become a pioneer!

IT’S A DREAM WEEK of mountain biking: riding through New Zealand’s amazing Southern Alps. The Pioneer MTB race is going to make that dream a reality for riders early in 2016, when this all-new, seven-day stage race kicks off Sunday, January 31, 2016 in Christchurch, before finishing on Saturday, February 6 in the popular adventure hotspot of Queenstown. The Pioneer will take riders through some amazing landscapes, linking a series of previously inaccessible (private property) trails with NZ bike routes, including two of its famous Cycle Trails: the Alps to Ocean and Queenstown trails. Organiser, Lagardere Oceania Unlimited, is quick to point out that The Pioneer is for riders of all skill levels, and the aim is to attract outdoor enthusiasts from all areas – walkers, bikers, climbers, etc., who have a…

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pound the pedals

Bike events in spectacular locations are becoming a (welcome) theme around the world and the 2015 Flinders Ranges Outback epic Mountain Bike Race, on Saturday, October 24, is another example of this. The event incorporates three races of varying distances – 64km, 109km and 205km – all of which follow some or all of the Flinders By Bike Circuit, which links beautiful Wilpena Pound with Gum Creek Station. Having the Flinders Ranges as the backdrop as you ride is one of the big attractions of this event, offering a unique way to experience the South Australian outback while riding. Each of the three races finishes at Wilpena Pound Resort, with 10.30pm the offi cial cut-off time. The 64km race starts at Gum Creek Station at midday; the 109km will kick off at…