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Personal & Home Defense

Summer 2017
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With its motto, "Prepare, Protect, Prevail," PHD's team of expert contributors is dedicated to delivering easy-to-digest content - both skills and the latest hardware - that can save you and your family during these dangerous times. PHD, published biannually, will ensure you won't be a victim.

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making hard choices

Overall, violent crime has been decreasing in the United States—except in some urban areas. Some folks outside of our industry claim we peddle in “fear mongering.” To that I say hogwash; we peddle in reality. Yes, crime has been decreasing, but it still exists. Random acts of violence can happen, and it is better to be prepared than caught with your pants down. And buying a gun doesn’t automatically make you ready and prepared for a violent encounter. You have to take classes, start observing people, play out “what if” scenarios, formulate a plan, have a backup plan and have a plan when all plans fail. This is a lifestyle change. It isn’t easy, but nothing worth it ever is. In these pages of Personal & Home Defense, we have compiled a…

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carbines for your home

It’s 3 a.m. and you are comfortably in bed. You sit straight up, however, as you hear the one sound you hoped would never happen—breaking glass. In a flash, you are thrown into a homeinvasion situation. But you are responsible and have done your homework. You have trained with professionals and even worked with your family to develop an action plan should this event occur. Now is the time to act and you reach down and grab your…? One of the oldest arguments in the firearms world—short of debating the effectiveness of the .45 ACP over all other ammo—is what weapon works best for home defense. There was a day when “shotgun” was the end of that sentence almost everywhere. The almost mythical power of the 12 gauge was understood by everyone.…

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patron saint

WHEN Springfield Armory unveiled the Saint late last year, the blogosphere blew up. Some asked, “Why do we need another AR?” while others applauded Springfield for bringing a really cool rise to the market. While it is another AR, it is not just another AR! Springfield Armory is setting out to change the narrative about black rises and redefine firearms ownership and personal responsibility. The company even launched a new website, defendyourlegacy.com, for “the willing and capable who refuse to give into the growing plague of believing somebody else is going to do it for me.” Springfield’s aim is to get us, and a new generation of shooters, back to our roots. We have no need to apologize for firearms ownership, regardless of what a firearm looks like. According to CEO…

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›››› more sub-$1,000 ars

MOSSBERG MMR CARBINE Mossberg is well known for building defensive shotguns, so it only makes sense that it would also build a highquality AR-15 suitable for protecting your home. The MMR Carbine has a free- floating, 16.25-inch barrel with a 1-in-8-inch twist rate for good accuracy with a range of bullet weights. The slim handguard has M-LOK attachment points, and Mossberg equips the MMR with the Magpul MOE pistol grip. The sights are adjustable and set far apart to help increase your precision at longer ranges. (mossberg.com) SPECIFICATIONS Caliber: 5.56mm NATO Barrel: 16.25 inches OA Length: 35.75 inches Weight: 6.75 pounds (empty) Stock: Collapsible • Sights: Adjustable Action: Direct impingement semi-auto Finish: Matte black Capacity: 30+1 • MSRP: $938 BUSHMASTER XM-15 STANDARD The AR-15 has long been associated with Bushmaster, and the XM-15 Standard is a prime example of the company’s guns.…

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silent defense

▸ Long-Gun Power MY working theorem for home defense is to use a handgun to gather my family to a safe room, then guard the safe room with a long gun. While it can certainly be useful, a safe room does not need to be fortified, nor does it have to be fancy. It just needs three things: 1) a location where all family members know to gather in an emergency; 2) has a continually charging cell phone, and perhaps also a land line, to call police; 3) contains a long gun. Eye and ear protection for the family and extra ammunition are also good to include. I prefer using a handgun when navigating my house because it requires only one hand to effectively aim and shoot. My support hand is available…

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out of harm’s reach

“ FBI statistics show that a HOME BURGLARY happens in America every 15 seconds… ” YOU HAVE NO INTENTION OF BEING A VICTIM. You have no intention of letting an intruder take advantage of you or your family. You live your life on the principles of self-defense and the protection of property and family, and there’s nothing about you that will compromise those principles. You have safeguarded your house against as many threats as you can think of, and you have reinforced all potential points of entry. You are confident that, while you investigate that bump in the night, you are prepared for what you might encounter. However, there might be a situation where you are outmanned, outgunned and outmaneuvered, and there is a possibility you might be forced to face something you…