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September - October 2021

The Plant-Based Spotlight is the official magazine of the Plant-Based Network, a lifestyle and entertainment media network that promotes plant-based living. Enjoy plant-based / vegan recipes, interviews with influencers and celebrities, and articles on plant-based living and entertainment including cooking, travel, nutrition, fitness, family, education, music, shopping and more!

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what's new?

Oh, Snap! GET THE APP download for FREE on any device The Plant-Based Network (PBNet) has launched a brand-new version of its streaming TV app, PBNet TV, which features a redesigned interface providing a more “Netflix-type” navigation experience and faster loading of TV shows and movies. In addition, there will be special concerts, summits and conferences available as pay-per-view events. The new PBNet TV app is currently available on popular streaming platforms including Roku TV, Amazon Fire and Apple TV, as well as iOS (iPhones and iPads) and Android devices. Meat Me Halfway — Movie Rental on Amazon Prime The path to going plant-based has obvious upsides, but can also be isolating and difficult. Leader of the Reducetarian Movement, Brian Kateman explores a middle ground for people looking to make a change without totally upending their…

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an ocean of kindness

For Robyn, her editorial role combines two passions that support the Plant-Based Network: her professional expertise in visual design and personal commitment to plant-based nutrition. For more than three decades, Robyn has transformed complex challenges into creative solutions for a spectrum of industries. Today, she actively lives and advocates the plant-based lifestyle, striving to inspire others to achieve optimal wellness. From a very young age, I've always felt relaxed and peaceful around water… especially in the ocean. Even though I live in the desert, I try to visit the ocean as often as I can, and am always mesmerized by this "other-worldly" eco-system that thrives beneath the surface. Floating and drifting among the waves, letting the currents lead the way, is so meditative, and has a calming, soothing effect on my mind.…

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sos – save our seas!

As the health of the ocean goes, so goes our own—and our planet’s—health. For this special Ocean issue of the Spotlight, we wanted to showcase some of the passionate people, businesses and organizations around the world that are working hard to protect Earth’s most precious resource in various ways: Sylvia Earle’s (called the Jane Goodall of the Sea!) lifetime love for the sea culminated in her creating the Mission Blue nonprofit to preserve critical “Hope Spots” in the ocean [PAGE 38] Eco-conscious and compassionate companies trying to create seafood alternatives that are better-for-you and the planet, but just as delicious as the “reel” thing [PAGE 24] Businesses making creative and stylish products out of discarded “ghost” fishing nets [PAGE 70] The inventive “accidental” chef who published a cookbook full of authentic seafood alternatives [PAGE 52] No…

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JOHN LEWIS “The Badass Vegan” Born to a crack-addicted mother, Lewis was adopted. During his childhood he became obese when he was only 13 years of age, weighing in at 315 pounds. He credits becoming a lot more active for his “first” transformation - losing all the extra weight and going on to excel at both high school basketball and football - eventually playing Division I College basketball on a full scholarship. WHEN AND WHY DID HE BECOME VEGAN? “My mother was diagnosed with colon cancer [while he was in college] and it really made me research the causes of the disease.” According to Lewis, his mother’s physician suggested that too much animal protein, along with fatty fried foods, and not heredity, was to blame. He has said “I’m a big believer in…

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some of john’s accomplishments include:

EARNED an MBA SELECTED AS one of Miami Herald’s “40 under 40” innovative business owners CREATING A gaming app company IS COMPLETING his first book APPEARED ON The Daily Show on NBC WAS A GUEST ON THE Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family show APPEARED IN music videos FEATURED IN MAGAZINES: Delux, Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Fitness, Fitness Rx, Exercise for Men, Vegan Health & Fitness, Thrive, Origin, Mantra, Planet Muscle, Maxim and Sports Illustrated FEATURED IN THE P90X Television ads CO-DEVELOPED THE PLANT-BASED NUTRITION LINE: VeganSmart CO-DIRECTED THE FILM Hungry for Justice CO-PRODUCED AND CO-DIRECTED the upcoming film They’re Trying to Kill Us CREATED AN apparel line Find John on his website and on Instagram @badassvegan…

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hydrate hydrate hydrate

Dehydration can cause havoc in our bodies, but many people get tired of drinking the same old water every day. Sometimes all you need to do is spice up your water by adding a little extra oomph! The easy solution? Infused water! You can use whatever you have on hand in the kitchen or growing in the garden. Adding different combinations of herbs, fruits, veggies, spices and edible flowers to your water can give you endless combinations. Slice, cut, chop or muddle whatever you’re adding to your container. Then fill it with water, let it sit for about an hour to infuse, and store it in the fridge. ENJOY THESE FLAVOR COMBOS FOR INFUSED WATER Cucumber • Strawberry • Kiwi Melon • Cucumber • Mint Raspberry • Blueberry • Lemon Kiwi • Strawberry…