February 2022

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dear reader

When pulling together the index for the January issue of profi, one category really stood out — muck and slurry equipment. Over the past six years, we have done lots of features on tankers, manure spreaders and applicators, to the point that since the mag started in 1996 there are almost the same number of articles on muck-related kit as there are on fertiliser spreaders. Which would seem apt, because, with the increasing cost of artificial fertiliser for 2022, farmers are going to have to make better use of organic manures and slurry, where it’s available. And there’s no real let-up in this issue as our German colleagues focus on three different types of cultivator that can be called on to incorporate either slurry or digestate directly behind the tanker. With…

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first four-rotor rake

The extendable arms on the ZKP1400, Pronar’s first four-rotor rake, allow the working width to be adjusted from 11.30m to 13.50m. The six-wheel running gear below each rotor is said to result in good ground contour following, and tensioning springs transfer some of the weight of the front two rotors to the main frame. Slip or overload clutches protect the gearbox and shafts from damage, and individual arms can be replaced without having to disassemble the transmission housing. With a tractor power requirement from 59kW/80hp, the ZKP1400 folds to less than 3.00m for transport. Options include air brakes and road lights. The 1400 is the ninth rake in the ZKP range, all of which are designed and produced by the Polish manufacturer. The company also makes mowers (the widest of which is…

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unia discs and harrow

The Ares XM semi-mounted disc harrow and Buzzard straw harrow developed by Polish manufacturer Unia can both be equipped with three different front tools: hydraulic levelling board, straw harrow and knife roller. Available in working widths of 5.00m and 6.00m, the two rows of 560mm diameter (4.00mm thick) serrated discs on the Ares XM are spaced at 80cm. Designed for working at speeds of up to 15km/hr, power requirement is said to be 160hp+ for the 5.00m version and 170hp or more for the 6.00m model. The chassis is equipped with 480/45-17 tyres and pneumatic brakes. Weights vary from 4,700kg to 5,100kg. The Buzzard stubble harrow is also new to Unia’s arable kit portfolio. Available in widths of 7.50m and 9.00m, surface residue is distributed by five rows of 16mm x 700mm spring…

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precision spraying investment

AGCO has secured a 2.9% equity investment in Greeneye Technology, a Tel Aviv-based (Israel) company that has developed an AI-based precision spraying system to detect and spot spray individual weeds at speeds of up to 20km/hr. The system is claimed to reduce chemical use by up to 90%. Designed for work with any sprayer brand or size, the technique uses a combination of AI and deep machine learning for the real-time detection and spraying of crop weeds (green on green) with a claimed accuracy of 95.7%. AGCO, the parent company of Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Valtra, is not the only investor in the recent US$22m round of funding, which also includes investments by Syngenta. The cash will be used to support the commercial roll-out in the US this year and…

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making big bales into small ones

Spread-a-Bale has found a new use for its Feed-a-Bale defector plate. Instead of distributing straw directly into the tub of a mixer wagon, it is blown directly into the hopper of a base unit and fed into the pick-up of a conventional rectangular baler. Called Re-Bale, the technique is claimed to reprocess one large rectangular and round bale within a minute into a dozen smaller bales. Developed to meet global demand from the expanding equine, smallholding and pet marketplace, the speed and direction of the conveyor in the base unit are controlled hydraulically from the baler tractor. Ideally suited for use in conjunction with the company’s M range machines, it is also possible to build the system into a static plant capable of reprocessing up to 100t of straw or hay per…

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heliodor with slurry kit

Lemken’s Heliodor compact disc harrow can now be configured to accept a Vogelsang DosiMat DMX slurry distributor. Available on new machines from next season, the kit can also be retro-fitted to existing Heliodors. Designed to fit behind a trailed or self-propelled slurry tanker, slurry flows from the tank to the macerator blades in the distribution head. The liquid is then forced through hoses to the sides of the first row of Heliodor discs. Incorporated by the second disc row, the job is completed by a twin set of rear crumbler rollers. Lemken’s first slurry machine will be available on folding mounted and semi-mounted Heliodors up to a maximum working width of 7.00m (4.00m model in the picture folds to below 3.00m).…