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May 2021
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Our “I Remember” feature is a highlight for me in most issues—a place for celebrities to take us with them on a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about the highlights of their lives and careers. This month, however, we decided to do things a little differently. May’s star isn’t an actor or singer, but Dr Edith Eger: Holocaust survivor and psychologist specialising in post traumatic stress disorder. Hearing Dr Eger’s account of her time in concentration camps including Mauthausen, alongside her relentless positivity is something truly special. Eger’s story is one of extreme endurance, and the power of the human mind to not only survive, but thrive after escaping a darkness most of us can only imagine. I urge you to read her story: it’ll leave you humbled, thankful and in…

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over to you

We pay £50 for Letter of the Month and £30 for all others LETTER OF THE MONTH “Loneliness, Our Other Health Crisis” was an upsetting read. I couldn’t agree more that maintaining regular social connections is essential, not just for our self-esteem but also our all-round health. There is definitely a stigma surrounding loneliness, and older people tend not to ask for help because they have too much pride. The problem is the feeling of loneliness or being detached from others is not just a human emotion, it is a complex emotional response to a lack of companionship. And, sadly, during the pandemic, loneliness has increased. People are engrossed in virtual social communities and networks and don’t have the urge to stay in touch with family, friends or neighbours. During the pandemic and…

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see the world… …differently

What do you get when you combine cross-stitch and graffiti? These fantastic murals! Portuguese artist Ana Martins witnessed her grandmother cross-stitching and realised that both her graphic design studies and grandma’s tablecloth were based in pixels. Now the young woman‘s artwork can be seen on the streets of Portugal. The one pictured is on the wall of a nursery in Apelação near Lisbon and is titled “No Glass to Hold Me Back“. This amazing work is 7,5 x 5m and uses 10km of wool and 15,000 screws!…

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rocket science

THE BEST TOYS of your childhood are everybody else’s. When I think back now to the impressive collection of playthings in my playroom (I had a dedicated room, for heaven’s sake), my heart does not start racing. Yes, there was the Matchbox garage passed down from Mum, and my beloved pop-dice game, Frustration, and my vintage toy soldiers and wooden fort. I can visualise these things in detail, so presumably spent many happy hours with them. But it’s only when I get to remembering Ben Walker’s space hopper, or Neil Savla’s roller-skates, or Olly Sloboda’s copy of the boardgame Mysteries of Old Peking… only then do I feel a true pang of nostalgia. My friends all had cooler toys than me. Except, of course, they didn’t. Space hoppers look cool, but…

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dame helen mirren “i’ve had to stand my ground in my career”

SAY THE WORDS, “I’m worth it” out loud and I defy you not to flick your hair over one shoulder, lift your chin up a fraction and give an imaginary camera your most promising smile. Because as beauty taglines go, L’Oréal Paris’s is the most famous of them all, rising above mere slogan to be part of our everyday lexicon. This year marks the brand’s 50th year of championing and celebrating a woman’s worth and it’s for this anniversary that I’m granted a rare interview with one of the brand’s ambassadors, Dame Helen Mirren. Speaking to me from her US home in Lake Tahoe, on the border of California and Nevada, where she lives with her film director husband Taylor Hackford, Mirren’s mind isn’t far from her British roots. “There’s a…

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dr edith eger i remember…

…MY MOTHER TELLING ME, VERY SERIOUSLY, "I’M GLAD THAT YOU HAVE BRAINS BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO LOOKS". I had two beautiful sisters, Magda and Klara, both older, and I took what my mother said to heart, and I was not angry with her. I wanted to prove how smart I was, so I did really well in school. Just because someone tells you that you’re not pretty, or you’re not smart doesn’t mean you have to give up, because the only one you have for your lifetime is you. …MY FIRST BOYFRIEND, ERIC. He told me that I had beautiful eyes and beautiful hands when we were separated at the transport to Auschwitz. We met in Kosice when I was 14 and we were together for two years before being taken…