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Reason March 2020

Reason is the monthly print magazine of "free minds and free markets." It covers politics, culture, and ideas through a provocative mix of news, analysis, commentary, and reviews. Reason provides a refreshing alternative to right-wing and left-wing opinion magazines by making a principled case for liberty and individual choice in all areas of human activity.

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6 min.
the war on porn is back

“IF YOU WANT better men by any standard, there is every reason to regard ubiquitous pornography as an obstacle,” declared New York Times columnist Ross Douthat in a 2018 column bluntly headlined “Let’s Ban Porn.” In this, as in many things, Douthat was ahead of the conservative intellectual curve by a year or two. And in this, as in many things, he was dangerously wrong. In due course, Douthat has been joined by the folks at the Christian journal First Things, who have taken up the anti-pornography banner as part of their peculiar subvariant of a resurgent interest in nationalism among traditionalist conservatives. In last year’s manifesto, “Against the Dead Consensus,” a clutch of First Things friends and familiars reject “economic libertarianism” and “the soulless society of individual affluence” and add that…

3 min.
‘specialization is for insects’

AFTER I DROPPED out of law school many years ago, my dwindling bank account and I stumbled into the anemic job market of a recession-battered Boston. Did anybody care to offer a soft landing behind a desk to a former financial editor who’d dabbled with a legal education? Not so much, it turned out. Fortunately, I wasn’t a one-trick pony. I was able to make a buck in a variety of ways—most of them legal. For the next year or so, I put food on the table and rent checks in my landlord’s pocket by taking temp gigs, working as a paid experimental subject for the city’s many medical researchers, and transporting the tools required by a handyman on my motorcycle. Could I repaint your house? Of course! Did I mind…

4 min.
michael bloomberg and the imperious presidency

IF DONALD TRUMP could shoot somebody in the middle of Fifth Avenue and get away with it, what brazenness might we expect from his fellow septuagenarian Manhattanite presidential candidate, Michael Bloomberg? The then–mayoral candidate gave us a glimpse back in 2001, when he was dumping his first tranche of $74 million into a late-in-life political career and a reporter asked him whether he had ever smoked marijuana. “You bet I did,” the media mogul enthused, at a time when politicians tended to be much more reticent about such things. “And I enjoyed it.” Talk about do as I say, not as I did. During Bloomberg’s three terms as mayor, the Big Apple became the marijuana arrest capital of the world, thanks to the notorious stop-and-frisk searches conducted largely in neighborhoods where billionaires…

2 min.
can senseless gun regulations be constitutional?

NEW YORK CITY’S uniquely onerous restrictions on transporting guns were so hard to justify that the city stopped trying. Instead, it rewrote the rules after the Supreme Court agreed to hear a challenge to their constitutionality in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. City of New York. The justices should drop the case, the city said, because it was now moot. Despite the dubiousness of New York’s regulations, the city successfully defended them for five years, obtaining favorable rulings from a federal judge and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit. Under New York’s rules, licensed pistol and revolver owners were not allowed to leave home with their handguns, even if they were unloaded and stored in a locked container, unless they were traveling to or from one…

2 min.
hemp is legal. what if cops don’t care?

THE FARM BILL Congress passed in 2018 brought an end to the federal prohibition of hemp, a variety of cannabis that contains almost no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound in marijuana that gets you high. At the time, many would-be hemp farmers anticipated a bright future of legally growing the plant for use in paper products, rope, construction materials, clothing, and nutritional supplements. Jason Amatucci, founder of the Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition, predicted to Reason that the farm bill would “help to clarify any legal gray areas that federal and state agencies have towards hemp and their end consumer products.” A year later, the hemp industry is withering on the vine for want of clarity. After the farm bill was signed into law, Montana-based Big Sky Scientific LLC was transporting a 6,701-pound…

2 min.
the fbi’s sloppy fisa surveillance is exposed

IN DECEMBER, THE Office of the Inspector General (OIG) at the Justice Department released a highly anticipated report on the FBI’s investigation of the 2016 Trump campaign’s Russia connection. The findings shared by Inspector General Michael Horowitz didn’t tell us anything new about President Donald Trump’s campaign, but they did reveal some rotten practices at the FBI and a major media blindspot. Most outlets focused on the OIG’s failure to turn up evidence that the FBI launched its investigation into Trump and Russia in order to help Hillary Clinton or to undermine his presidency, as Trump has long alleged. Many of those same outlets acted as if nothing else in the OIG report mattered. A CNN article, for instance, called the Russia probe “legal and unbiased” before conceding that a “low-level…