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Residential Tech Today

Residential Tech Today

June/July 2020

Residential Tech Today merges news and best practices industry leaders need, innovator profiles, exclusive interviews, and product reviews. With Jeremy Glowacki as the Executive Editor, the award-winning editorial staff from Innovation & Tech Today, and partnerships with leading organizations, this bi-monthly publication is injecting energy into the smart home market.

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from the editor

“When I found out the man who invented the Roomba had also created a solar-powered weed killing robot, I knew I had to meet this kindred spirit!” I would never call myself an “outdoorsy” person. I’m not much of a camper, and I have always preferred air-conditioned malls to humid hiking trails. But maintaining my lawn is an entirely different story. I’m not really a “gardener” either. But, what I really love are the satisfying results of perfectly mowed lines in the grass, the cleanest edging along the sidewalk and driveway, and the meditative process of shaping trees and shrubs. When it comes down to it, I’m basically a control freak who carries a similar insistence on keeping the interior of my house free of clutter to the areas outside my home. So,…

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Brandon White is the director of new product development at Vanco, a supplier of home theater and low-voltage electronic accessories. In this issue, he writes about how he shares a mutual interest in AV technology with his father and his own son. At St. Louis-based Integration Controls, Jamie Briesemeister leads sales and marketing and is actively involved in business development, including industry outreach and education. She speaks about the smart, connected home at several national events. This month, Briesemeister describes how working from home, schooling from home, and enjoying a Netflix and chill have never been needed more… and have put more strain on the internet than ever before. Sam Cavitt is the founder and CEO of Paradise Theater, a company that provides comprehensive private cinema design, engineering, and project management. He…

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by the numbers

To paraphrase song lyrics from the Disney+ video release of the Broadway smash Hamilton, with COVID-19 the world is upside down. Not only have introverts finally found the upper hand over extroverts by being better at staying home and keeping clear of coronavirus, but the act of streaming video content has completely replaced the once-popular pastime of going out to the movies. Beyond Ozark, Floor is Lava, and old episodes of Dance Moms, what has the world been watching most when curling up in the basement with popcorn and their new, 70-inch smart TV? Let’s take a look at some intriguing COVID-19 quarantine streaming stats.…

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we ask industry insiders one question

With people spending more time at home – conducting remote meetings and homeschooling – we’ve had quite a few clients bring us in to improve their home network and Wi-Fi. We’ve also had lots of requests to install streamers like Apple TV and Roku, so they could have more viewing options. We never had to close our doors because of the virus, but we took extra precautions such as having our techs wear masks and asking how many people will be in the home, how everyone is feeling and requesting that homeowners basically leave our techs alone in the room/area where they are working so they aren’t exposed. – John Sciacca, Custom Theater and Audio, Myrtle Beach, SC New construction work has been steady – really no change for that part of…

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a remote system monitoring makeover

SnapAV has released a major update to its OvrC remote management and monitoring platform, adding support for Pakedge products and hundreds of enhancements across all aspects of the platform that make it faster, easier to use, and provide critical information at a glance, all within a mobile app or web-based interface. With the expanding support for Pakedge, OvrC includes one of the largest ecosystems of integrated products from both SnapAV and leading third-party manufacturers. “SnapAV has led the industry in enabling pros to do more with less via remote monitoring and management with OvrC, BakPak, and Ihiji. Remote management is an essential part of our pros’ businesses, and we obsess over their feedback” said Charlie Kindel, chief product and technology officer. “The new OvrC is now our single remote management platform for…

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a smarter soundbar

For many consumers, Sonos is synonymous with home audio. So, when the respected manufacturer of speakers and multi-room audio solutions launches a new product, it’s likely that people who care about home tech will take note of what’s new and why they might need to upgrade or add to their home system. With smart, adaptable, cinema-quality sound, support for Dolby Atmos, and multiple voice assistants, the new Sonos Arc soundbar and its companion Sonos Sub and Sonos Five speakers have been designed to set a new standard for premium home theater sound from the well-respected brand. Sonos Arc (MSRP $799) is a premium, smart soundbar that can deliver an ultra-wide soundstage from 11 high-performance drivers, including two that are upward-firing for 3D audio. Tuned in partnership with Oscar-winning mixing engineers, Arc adjusts…