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Retro Gamer Annual

Volume 4

In the Retro Gamer Annual, we’ve gone through the last 12 issues of your favourite magazine and picked the best of the year's content. So enjoy this selection of awesome features and fantastic interviews covering some of the industry’s defining games.

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collector q&a

What are your reasons for collecting Codemasters titles? I started collecting for the Spectrum about 15 years ago. I used to download games from the World of Spectrum website, but none of the Codemasters games are available for copyright reasons. This inspired me to start picking up the odd game from eBay. Before I knew it, I was going after a complete set. Which 8-bit formats do you collect for, and how close are you to getting full sets? I have a full set of Codemasters games for the BBC/Electron, Commodore 16, Atari 8-bit and MSX. My Spectrum set is one tape (Sergeant Seymour Robotcop) and one disk (Rock Star Ate My Hamster) away from completion. I’ve just recently started grabbing a few tapes for the Amstrad CPC as well, and have around…

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q&a: michael latham

During early reporting on the 32X, the press seemed split on whether or not Virtua Fighter would actually be coming to the system. Was there ever any concern over the hardware being able to handle the game? I think that split came from the fact that the core Virtua Fighter team had little interest in doing 32X as a platform. I think they viewed it as a platform that mattered more for the US/Europe than Japan, which wasn’t unfair given different market conditions. So the project was given to a B team within Sega which would use the core code from the arcade team. They were instructed at this point to do a proof of concept, and once the Virtua Fighter team saw it came close enough, and under pressure from…

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evolution of motorcycle games

3D DEATHCHASE 1983 Mervyn Estcourt’s stunning Spectrum racer remains one of our favourite games on the system. Taking charge of a weapon-equipped motorcycle, the aim was to weave through a densely-packed forest of trees while trying to take down rival bikes. Each new stage brings further challenges due to the increasing number of trees found there. EXCITEBIKE 1984 Arguably the grandfather of modern motorcycle racers, this 1984 Nintendo classic packs quite the 8- bit thrill. Presented with simple controls and a practical side-view perspective, the game is easy to grasp and contains plenty of jumps to conquer and obstacles to dodge. You can experience it on the Nintendo Classic Mini: NES. HANG-ON 1985 In some ways the spiritual and completely unofficial precursor to Road Rash, Sega’s 1985 arcade groundbreaker is easily one of the industry’s…

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burning across america

ALASKA ROAD RASH 2 Easily the most difficult track in Road Rash 2, this frigid environment showcases powder-capped mountain peaks and snowmen. Lucky riders may even catch glimpse of a meandering moose. REDWOOD FOREST ROAD RASH Try not to be too impressed by the coniferous giants lining this scenic roadway, which can grow up to 350 feet in height. The turns are especially sharp here, so one false move can quickly spell disaster. GRASS VALLEY ROAD RASH A city that dates back to the California Gold Rush, this hotspot makes for excellent racing fodder. Make sure to wave at the farmers and their livestock while burning copious amounts of rubber. VERMONT ROAD RASH 2 This cozy expanse of New England roadway is awash in reds, golds and greens – the quaint backdrop for aggressive motorbiking. Just don’t…

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tomb raider

In the mid-Nineties, the videogames industry was short on icons, but there were plenty of characters to go around. You were hardly a developer if you didn’t have your own ‘hero’ – and Core Design had just spun the kart racer BC Racers off from its Chuck Rock series. Save for the loose tie of ancient history, that game might not have much to do with Tomb Raider but for a single name: Toby Gard. As a talented young designer, Toby Gard had moved on from BC Racers with the vision to create a project unlike anything else at the time, and something that would become truly iconic. Tomb Raider was to be a 3D action-adventure game, distinguished by its female protagonist. Initially conceived as a South American adventurer by the…

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the ivalice alliance

FINAL FANTASY TACTICS • This PSone tactical RPG was the first game set in Ivalice, as envisioned by Yasumi Matsuno, although here it’s represented by some simple isometric backgrounds. The original Tactics features a deep job system, as well as a cameo from FFVII’s Cloud. It was later rereleased as Final Fantasy Tactics: War Of The Lions on PSP. VAGRANT STORY • A true cult classic, Vagrant Story is an RPG with puzzle elements thrown in, too, as well as specific targeting of enemy body parts, giving it a bit of a dungeon crawler feel. It’s a more complicated game than FFXII, but no less beloved. Vagrant Story’s character designs are unmistakably the work of Akihiko Yoshida as well. FINAL FANTASY TACTICS ADVANCE • A cutesy-looking (but no less hardcore) tactical RPG from Square, FF…