Retro Gamer Annual Volume 3

In the Retro Gamer Annual, we’ve gone through the last 12 issues of your favourite magazine and picked the best of the year's content. So enjoy this selection of awesome features and fantastic interviews covering some of the industry’s defining games.

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welcome to retro gamer annual

The interest in classic computers and consoles has exploded over the last few years, and gamers are keen to go back to their roots. We all have classic gaming memories, whether it’s clearing the first stage of Donkey Kong or remembering the first game we purchased for our ZX Spectrum. It’s these moments that stay with us forever. With that in mind, we’ve decided to scour the last 12 issues of Retro Gamer and have compiled the best content from that period, just for you. From the history of Out Run and Quake to the story of the Commodore 64 and Mega-CD, we’ve left no stone unturned to deliver the greatest retro content. Enjoy the book!…

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25 anniversary sonic the hedgehog

There aren’t many games that could be described as revolutionary, and far fewer series – yet the quartet of Sonic The Hedgehog platform games on the Mega Drive can justi fiably be described as such. At the highest level, the Sonic games had a wide impact that both drove and reflected the changes the videogame market was undergoing in the Nineties. The original game intensi fied the rivalry between Sega and Nintendo, bringing the two companies to an even footing for the first time, as well as providing an early example of celebrity involvement in game development. The sequel signi fied the growing globalisation of the videogame market – the game was the result of collaboration between Japanese and American developers, and a full global launch was managed within a week.…

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the mod scene

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG MEGAMIX This ambitious team project is a complete overhaul of the original Sonic The Hedgehog game, featuring new visuals, music, bosses and gameplay mechanics, as well as a range of additional characters. What’s most impressive is that the entire thing has been ported to Mega-CD, allowing anyone with a blank CD-R to play it on actual Sega hardware. SONIC VR Do you consider yourself an expert on everything Sonic? Beating this fiendish mod without cheating will prove it. This ‘virtual reality training’ game gives you a variety a short challenges which test your speed, problem-solving skills and mastery of Sonic’s physics. Highlights include challenges such as ‘The Pain Train’ and ‘Roadkill Factory’. BIG’S FISHING DERBY This might just be the craziest mod that we have ever seen – not…

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ring collector

What was your first encounter with Sonic? I was eight or nine years old and I begged my mum and dad for a NES one Christmas, but my best friend was getting a Master System, so I got one as well with Sonic 2. That’s where it all began. What was the first piece of Sonic merchandise you picked up? Very first was a plush that a friend gave me at school, which I still have. It was Fleetway’s Sonic The Comic where I really got into the character of Sonic. What is it about Sonic in particular that drew you to collecting? I used to collect everything from Nintendo to Xbox and had so much that one day, I thought I’d just like to concentrate on one particular character. Sonic has always been my…

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the gang’s all here

ROUGE THE BAT A treasure hunter and spy who stakes a claim on all the world gems , the only thing more obnoxious than Rouge herself is her painful hotter/colder Easter-egg hunt gameplay. Do yourself a favour and don’t Google her without SafeSearch on. SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG If you’ve ever wondered what Sonic would look like if drawn by a Linkin Park fan, wonder no more. Shadow is Sonic’s edgy nemesis and even got his own game, in which he uses guns and glitches through stuff. CHARMY BEE ‘Why not Charmy The Bee?’ we hear you cry. While we’re not entirely sure what Sega’s line of thinking was, we’d suggest it’s because the little fool doesn’t deserve it and anyone who has heard him witter on in Sonic Heroes will probably agree.…

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summer of sonic

How and when did Summer Of Sonic originate? Svend Joscelyne: Summer Of Sonic originally started in 2006 as a one-off fan project I created to celebrate Sonic’s 15th Anniversary. Back then, it was just a website, not a live convention – a collaboration between different fan sites that wrote interesting articles, interviewed Sega and Sonic Team celebrities, and held contests. We even had a virtual birthday card for Sonic that users could sign. What prompted you to turn it into an offline convention? SJ: It wasn’t really our intention to pivot from an online website to a live convention; we just reused the name for the 2008 event because it was too good to use for a two-week project! The idea for a live event came when a meeting of like-minded Sonic fans, who…