SA4x4 February 2019

SA4x4 magazine is written for anyone who loves to travel to wild places in their 4x4s. Covering beautiful routes in southern Africa and beyond, this title also deals with gear selection, vehicle reviews, and trail driving. This magazine contains everything you need to know about self-contained, vehicular travel in wilderness areas.

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ed’s letter

So here we all are again, kicking off a new year full of promise and expectation. Of course the wags have come out with plenty of then-and-now jokes, one of the better ones being, “may the worst experience of 2019 match the best of 2018”. Eina. That was a tough year for the economy, for business in general, and for national pride. We have some of the best landscapes in the world, plenty of natural resources, motivated people… and total disasters when it comes to things like unemployment and the politics of the last decade. But our brief is enjoyment. Leisure. Talking up the myriad ways to escape the daily grind, and in particular by travelling to new (and even old and well-known) destinations. Places where you can get into the…

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SERVICE WITHOUT LIMITS My wife and I (Marietjie and Charl Theart) are Honorary Rangers from the Boland Region, which is affiliated to SANParks. We Boland region HRs have been allocated the unique opportunity, with six other HR regions, to be involved by hosting a monthly bush camp in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. To get the camps started, 12 of our HRs went up to the KTFP in July and have now been to the park four times in the past five months to finalise everything. In July 2018 I had an upgraded full suspension lift kit fitted to my Ford Ranger T6. This was done by Johann Viljoen from 1st Alignment Centre in Stikland. In November, the Boland HRs hosted our first true Wilderness Camp with eight guests who we took up to…

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overlander’s code

In response to a growing number of complaints about how we conduct ourselves in the wilderness, we decided to draw up and promote a code of conduct for overlanders. We’d like to include your input, comments and debate, so please send your suggestions to FIREWOOD In Take your firewood in with you; don’t chop down trees or gather dead wood within parks or wilderness areas. KEEP QUIET We go to the bush to appreciate the sights and sounds of the bush. No music, and nothing louder than a spoken conversation. RESPECT LOCALS – LAWS AND PEOPLE Obey the rules of the place you’re travelling through. Respect locals and their traditions; if they don’t like having their photos taken, don’t take photos. SUPPORT LOCAL TRADE Your spending money at the local shops and lodges…

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note to digital subscribers

Earlier this year you should have received a notice from Media24 that they are closing down the MySubs platform. This means that as of 1 December 2018, you will no longer be able to get SA4x4, in digital format. So what now? We have teamed up with one of the biggest international e-magazine platforms in the world, Zinio, to ensure that you get your monthly overland adventure fix. PLUS, we have arranged that all previous MySubs subscribers to SA4x4 get a FREE 3-month subscription to Zinio. To take up this offer, simply go to their website and click on on top right- corner register a new account. Once you have created your account, log in and enjoy reading your interactive digital magazine with Zinio. Zinio also has an App for your desktop, mobile…

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the wild guide

Having been privileged enough to spend time with these majestic animals, I can certainly concur with Mitch Reardon’s view that there is indeed something extraordinary about them. It is difficult to pinpoint, but perhaps their clear family bonds, the way in which they look after their young and infirm, and the complexity of their communication may go some way to explaining it. Elephant behaviour is multifaceted, comprising greeting and courtship ceremonies, mother-calf interactions, play, predator response and aggression acts, and dominance and submission displays. Each of these behaviours has its own unique set of actions and vocalisations, the knowledge of which is passed down the generations from mother to calf and from matriarch to matriarch. Understanding the body language of elephants can enhance your viewing experience, while also ensuring the comfort…

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inside, outside or on top? the path to peaceful sleep...

Whether you’re a weekend camper, holiday adventurer or hard-core overlander who stays out for months at a time, your sleeping solutions will vary widely. Ground tents, roof-top tents or interior sleeping accommodations all have their pros and cons. In this column, we discuss some of the issues faced by campers and how to deal with them. Interior camping I remember a horrific story my father told of a French family that he knew who were camping in Zaire (now the DRC) on a Cape to Europe trip. The parents slept in a roof-top tent, and the two kids below in the Land Rover. Needless to say, they were attacked in the middle of the night and the parents were helpless, as men with machetes stood at the base of the ladder. The…