SA4x4 August 2019

SA4x4 magazine is written for anyone who loves to travel to wild places in their 4x4s. Covering beautiful routes in southern Africa and beyond, this title also deals with gear selection, vehicle reviews, and trail driving. This magazine contains everything you need to know about self-contained, vehicular travel in wilderness areas.

South Africa
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ed’s letter

Strong words were spoken. Not quite fists drawn, because we are civilised here, and there was sobriety. The occasion was deciding on our Images competition. Out of more than 1 500 entries on Instagram, we narrowed the best down to 35 images – with quite a few from the same photographers. Then we got four respected judges to give us their opinion. Of course, they disagreed: no one opted for the same personal winner. Leaving us with the problem and a couple of firmly-backed opinions of our own. Thanks to all of you for your superb contributions, and congratulations to the great travel photographers who cracked the final nod, from page 58. In keeping theme, we’ve packed this issue with travel. Our stories cover quite a spectrum of destinations and ways…

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THE RIGHT CONNECTOR I will be installing a National Luna battery box to run the fridge on an everyday basis in my Ford Everest. I will run a 16mm cable with an in-line fuse from the battery to the back. My predicament is that I will need to have a point to connect to the caravan, as well as a plug that needs to go in the car for the NL box. What is the best way to join the cable in order to run it to two points? – Black Bear Ranger BEST FARM SUV? I am looking for advice on the purchase of a used vehicle to be used by my wife. We have moved to a farm where there is a 6km dirt road, which is quite stony in parts,…

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write in & win!

It’s the first line of attack when it comes to recoveries, and every 4x4’er should have one. It’s a long-handled shovel, and it’s a R1 995 gift from Ironman 4x4 for Dr Sibiya, who wrote this month’s winning letter. This brilliant Australian-designed three-part Combo Shovel provides a two-in-one option: either combine just the steel reinforced PVC ‘D’ handle and the heat-treated blade for a shortie, or add in the threaded handle (the joining sleeves are made of 304-grade stainless steel) for a long shovel with more reach. Perfection. The supplied storage bag protects your vehicle from sharp edges and stray dirt.…

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NO PLACE FOR SOFTIES I read the article about BMW X3s tackling the dunes of Namibia in the July 2019 edition with a medley of mild amusement, concern and pity for the untutored in off-road matters, who might be confused by the article. A professor of mine once said that many things are like a bikini: what it reveals is interesting, while what it hides is vital. Neither the X3 nor the X5 are true off-roaders. They certainly are not in the class of a Nissan Patrol, Toyota Land Cruiser, Mitsubishi Pajero, or (until lately) a Land Rover. They may do well in the dunes due to their sophisticated traction systems, just like the Volvo XC 60 and XC 90, the Renault Duster, and other soft-roaders, but woe awaits those who think…

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overlander’s code

In response to a growing number of complaints about how we conduct ourselves in the wilderness, we decided to draw up and promote a code of conduct for overlanders. We’d like to include your input, comments and debate, so please send your suggestions to FIREWOOD In Take your firewood in with you; don’t chop down trees or gather dead wood within parks or wilderness areas. KEEP QUIET We go to the bush to appreciate the sights and sounds of the bush. No music, and nothing louder than a spoken conversation. RESPECT LOCALS – LAWS AND PEOPLE Obey the rules of the place you’re travelling through. Respect locals and their traditions; if they don’t like having their photos taken, don’t take photos. SUPPORT LOCAL TRADE Your spending money at the local shops and lodges…

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antelope of the sun

“Eland. May I continue to see you in the bush. May your kind never disappear from the face of the Earth! … You are the Eland, the one who knows all” - CREDO MUTWA The kalahari is one of those special places that captures our imagination beauty. s an ancient landscape of rolling, windblown dunes that form the largest continuous expanse of sand on earth. A semi-desert – it receives more annual rainfall than the 50mm maximum which defines a true desert – the Kalahari supports a unique assemblage of fauna and flora. The focus of this article, however, is on one Kalahari inhabitant in particular – the Eland (Taurotragus oryx). Legend has it that the first animal created by the San trickster deity Kaggen, and the one which remained his favourite,…